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We want zoomed in, we want high detail; wrinkles, textures —
the nitty-gritty. We want to go beyond pixels, we want to smell
and touch. A striking image strikes for just that very reason.
The more senses a visual is able to engage, the more attention it
receives and the more information is retained. Our minds are full
of an endless visual library, one that influences everything we see
and how we see it. All-encompassing visceral exposure draws on
a viewer’s memories, past sensations and experiences, building
stronger connections in the brain.
Our culture has succumbed to information overload, but our senses
still yearn to be stimulated. What happens to real meaning in an
age of digital excess? Technology has developed around us at such
a break-neck pace that few have had a chance to catch their breath.
But there is a growing clarion call to return from where we came—
we want the feel of handmade, we want the details of the precious
moments of our everyday lives. We want what’s real—or at least,
what feels real.
40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.
Source: webmarketinggroup.co.uk/Blog/why-every-seo-strategy-needs-infographics-1764.aspx
NewsCred + Getty Images present The Power of Visual Storytelling

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