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They have been used as The Power of Visual Storytelling

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They have been used as the main elements of storytelling
throughout human history. Carl Jung, who was the first to
explore and define archetypes, believed that all of mankind’s
most influential ideas boiled down to these character traits,
which allow us to use our senses to facilitate recognition and
foster connections.
The most relevant branding archetypes, for instance, are Caregiver,
Jester, Lover, Outlaw, Explorer, Creator, Hero, Magician, Sage, Ruler,
Innocent and Everyman. These have evolved from a traditional
set of classic characters and storylines that are still just as
powerful today and can be used as inspiration to build powerful
communication strategies. Through understanding the archetypal
stories that shape our culture and values, brands can create more
engaging content and better connect with their audiences.
83% of human learning is visual.
Source: hp.com/large/ipg/assets/bus-solutions/power-of-visual-communication.pdf
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