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Today, we have nearly 200 The Power of Visual Storytelling

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Today, we have nearly 200 years worth of
stunning photographs and moving images
that continue to construct meaning for
moments gone by, giving them life long
after they’re gone. The difference between
a great photo and a forgettable one is an
instant gut reaction—you know it when you
see it. That’s why it’s vital to keep on top of
the game and ahead of the crowd, delivering
localized content in real-time.
Know your audience and trust them to open
their minds. When it comes to marketing,
viewers need to feel a connection with the
brand through some regional or cultural
relevance, while the brand maintains global
appeal. How can you choose visuals that
highlight regional culture while tapping into
global human values?
To connect with audiences, choose images
that capture a moment in real time and make
relevant connections with how we live our
lives today. The best visuals are immediate
and timeless effortlessly and simultaneously.
The image that speaks to each generation
is constantly changing, and visual producers
need to be on top of that evolution. What’s
coming next? How can you connect with
your audiences to anticipate the next
visual trend?
44% of users are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures.
Sources: fastcompany.com/3000794/rise-visual-social-media, slideshare.net/performics_us/performics-life-on-demand-2012-summary-deck
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