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Trends + Trendsetters: The Best in Beauty Content Marketing

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Our Industry Landscape guides aim to educate marketers on trends, opportunities, and content strategies that best-in-class brands are utilizing to engage their audiences.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at content marketing in the beauty industry. We'll also walk through the content hubs for Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Birchbox, L'Oreal, Maybelline, and Aesop and share key learnings from each.

Interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out at strategy@newscred.com.

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Trends + Trendsetters: The Best in Beauty Content Marketing

  1. Trends + Trendsetters: The Best in Beauty Content Marketing
  2. Welcome! NewsCred’s Strategy Team helps brands build and hone their content strategies, taking into consideration marketing goals, brand positioning, and the competitive landscape. Our Industry Landscape guides aim to educate marketers on trends, opportunities, and content strategies that best-in-class brands are utilizing to engage their audiences. In this guide, we’ll take a look at content marketing in the beauty industry. Interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out at strategy@newscred.com. - Caitlin Domke, Brand Strategist, NewsCred
  3. Some good news for brands: Shoppers are purchasing more beauty products online than ever before, across all categories.
  4. Source: A.T. Kirney study, 2014 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% Skincare Personal Care Hair Care Nail care Color Cosmetics Fragrances Beauty product categories consumers regularly buy online: 2012 2014
  5. Source: eMarketer, 2014 31% of consumers research makeup online before purchasing
  6. About 50% of beauty product consumers are open to different brands when they begin their online research. Source: Google/Millward Brown Digital Beauty Study, July 2013
  7. That’s a huge opportunity for beauty brands! Source: Google/Millward Brown Digital Beauty Study, July 2013 “I was not sure what brand I would purchase” “I considered multiple brands” “I knew what brand I would purchase” 54% 24% 22%
  8. “When it comes to growing an online shopper base for consumable categories, knowing what drives behavior is vital to increased engagement. - NIELSEN- ”
  9. 49% of undecided shoppers search exclusively for non-branded terms when they begin their research Source: Google/Millward Brown Digital Beauty Study, July 2013
  10. What are beauty buyers searching throughout the research process? Awareness Evaluation Purchase #thinkcontentSource: Google/Millward Brown Digital Beauty Study, July 2013 Research Phase 50% searching category terms 21% searching retailers 28% searching brands Final Query Before Purchase 37% searching category terms 39% searching retailers 39% searching brands
  11. Source: Google/Millward Brown Digital Beauty Study, July 2013 Beauty shoppers use mobile devices as research tools Beauty researchers tend to use smartphones (34%) and tablets (43%) to research their beauty purchases, and they’re more likely to do so when compared to the general U.S. population (30% and 28% respectively) Millennials and affluents (HHI $100K+) are more likely to research on mobile Beauty Researchers General U.S. Population 34% 43% 30% 28%
  12. Source: Google/Millward Brown Digital Beauty Study, July 2013 Beauty shoppers turn to online video to research their beauty purchase To find more info Even on the go 55% of beauty shoppers that watched a video did so to gain general information 64% of mobile and tablet researchers use video while shopping for beauty products
  13. Source: Google/Millward Brown Digital Beauty Study, July 2013 Shoppers seek specific product information and how-to advice most often Product feature videos 48% How-to videos 37% Customer testimonials and reviews 37%
  14. The beauty brands that are succeeding in content marketing: •  Get in front of shoppers early in the research process •  Truly connect with their audience •  Provide useful information at all stages of the purchase funnel
  15. Best-in-class Content Marketers in the Beauty Industry: 1  Bobbi Brown 2  Chanel 3  Birchbox 4  L’Oreal 5  Maybelline 6  Aesop
  16. Bobbi Brown
  17. Brand Characteristics •  Fresh-faced •  Sophisticated •  All-American •  Driven by its founder, Bobbi Brown About the brand
  18. “A blog based on truth, beauty, & being amazing.” •  Tumblr-like •  Written in 1st person through Bobbi’s voice Voice: Casual and approachable while maintaining expertise Content Pillars: •  Not just makeup and beauty •  Content speaks to not just about how a woman can get the Bobbi look, but how she can live the Bobbi lifestyle •  Personal photos and content from Bobbi •  Culture & Celebrity •  Travel •  Fashion The blog:“Everything Bobbi”
  19. Fashion coverage (Note: Not just Bobbi Brown products)
  20. Recipes + Cooking Healthy, clean, simple – and on-brand
  21. Helpful Advice + How To’s
  22. Profiles of Inspiring Women
  23. Tutorials and Beauty Lessons Approachable tone Includes links to purchase products
  24. Imagery The site includes mostly photos of the product, versus the product on models/people
  25. Social Media •  Same broad content as blog (lifestyle– not just beauty) •  Interacts with its customers •  Channels: Facebook posts, Pinterest boards, Instagram photos, and tweets
  26. •  Decide if it serves you best to position yourself as a singular expert in the beauty industry, or if it makes sense to branch out into complementary categories, like Bobbi’s brand strategy. •  Reflect on the subjects that your target audience is interested in. Does it make sense for your brand to discuss topics ranging from manicures to Mandela, as Bobbi’s blog does, to capture the attention of its sophisticated and informed target audience? Takeaways
  27. Chanel
  28. Brand Characteristics •  Luxury •  Elegant •  Parisian flair •  Contemporary •  Classic About the brand
  29. Chanel News •  Reads like the New York Times Style section •  Strictly promotional in nature Voice: Aspirational tone of elite aloofness Content Pillars: •  Behind-the-scenes •  Celebrities •  Events & Shows •  Chanel brand history The Blog
  30. Behind-the-scenes videos
  31. Celebrities at Chanel shows
  32. Private Events
  33. Products No links or product info
  34. Fashion Show Playlists
  35. Imagery •  Highly-editorialized photography •  Lots of models and celebrities •  Vintage Chanel photos •  Beauty products on a model vs. the product itself
  36. Social Media •  Chanel-specific •  Doesn’t follow anyone – adding to exclusivity
  37. •  Always consider your brand’s audience and identity when determining whether to keep content broad or narrow. Think about what relates to your industry or company directly. •  For a pedigree brand like Chanel to remain slightly aloof in its blog content and social tone aligns with the aspirational lifestyle the brand represents – that’s what consumers expect from it as a status symbol. •  Do your product shots represent the buying process or the fulfillment process? Which is more appealing to your audience? Takeaways
  38. Birchbox
  39. Brand Characteristics •  Fun •  Feminine •  Playful •  Youthful About the brand
  40. •  Blog brands itself as a magazine •  Has monthly issues Voice: Like a magazine, Birchbox’s team of editors are featured to give it a personal tone Content Pillars: •  Haircare •  Home •  How-tos •  Makeup •  Trends •  Wellness •  Food The Birchbox“magazine”
  41. Beauty How To’s Written by a beauty influencer Includes links to purchase products
  42. Lifestyle content
  43. Celebrities & Culture with a beauty spin
  44. Features content from its fans/users
  45. Imagery •  Use “real women” to show off products – including staffers and Birchbox fans •  Editorial but playful product shots •  Young and cool celebrities
  46. Social Media •  Same tone as magazine/blog •  Same content •  Interacts with fans w/ very casual voice •  Huge Pinterest presence and following
  47. Takeaways •  Think of your customer first – how can you help them? And how can you feature them and include them as a source of content? •  Remember that to retain audiences and to keep them coming back, you’ll need to create a brand personality, tone, and atmosphere that is familiar to your fans. This will help your content stand out as well. •  Know your strengths on social – if visuals are your strong suit, going all out on Pinterest and Instagram can help you stand out and acquire followers in a less traditional way.
  48. L’Oréal
  49. Brand Characteristics •  “L'Oréal stands for beauty, innovation, sustainability and scientific excellence.” •  Global audience •  Approachable and aspirational products for hair, skin and nails •  Range from affordable drug-store buys to high-end luxury products About the brand
  50. “Open, apply daily, and prepare to be informed, inspired and delighted.” •  Editorial e-commerce Voice: In-the-know BFF, a mix of Refinery29 and Glamour Content Pillars: •  Beauty News •  Giveaways •  Looks •  Product Picks •  Tips & Tutorials •  How-To Videos The blog:“Makeup.com”
  51. Beauty News •  What’s Trending •  Celebrity Interviews Pinterest-ready images Different product lines side-by- side, displayed the same way they would be in a magazine. Editorial but friendly tone
  52. Giveaways •  Same feel as magazine giveaways
  53. Looks •  Organized by occasion •  Wearable styling
  54. Product Picks
  55. Tips & Tutorials •  Step-by-step guides for makeup, hair, nails and skin •  Videos bring ideas to life
  56. Social Media •  Same content on all channels except Instagram •  Friendly tone but they don’t really interact with audience •  Most cohesive presence on Pinterest
  57. Social Media
  58. Takeaways •  Create content with social channels in mind. Approachable DIY pieces are well-suited for Pinterest and eye-candy shots are best on Instagram. •  Focusing on the outcome instead of the product can be a great way to build brand loyalty. •  Positioning your content marketing as a women’s lifestyle site or magazine allows you to represent a wide range of products.
  59. Maybelline
  60. Brand Characteristics •  Bold •  Colorful •  Experimental •  Urban •  Young •  Hip About the brand
  61. “Reporting live from Maybelline’s headquarters in New York City.” Voice: Edgy and artsy similar to Refinery 29 Content Pillars: •  What’s New •  Makeup Products •  Makeup Videos •  City The Blog: City
  62. What’s New •  Total e-commerce integration •  Navigation takes you back to “Makeup Explorer” not to content site
  63. Makeup Products •  More e-commerce •  Includes reviews •  Searchable by eyes, face, lips, nails, brushes and accessories •  Standard product shots
  64. Makeup Videos •  Highly stylized videos •  Use models and professional artists •  Includes makeup tips and featured videos of runways Plug fashion week sponsorship
  65. City •  Fashion content •  Beauty tutorials •  Street style shots •  Interviews with Brooklyn-based stylists •  Voting on looks
  66. City •  Content is optimized for social sharing
  67. Social •  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr •  First-person, conversational tone •  All channels portray the idea of a cool, hip, fun-loving urban woman •  Guided by the sort of things the audience would publish
  68. Social •  Best presence on Instagram •  Makes “City” a lifestyle •  Shots aren’t overly stylized •  Images showcase the product as it is sold
  69. Takeaways •  Find where your audience spends the most time and create community there. •  Focus on the user’s beauty experience. •  Be authentic. If your product is sold in drug stores, own it!
  70. Aesop
  71. Brand Characteristics •  Established in Melbourne in 1987 •  Honest and simple products for skin, hair and body •  “The cult beauty brand that tries not to be.” The Cut About the brand
  72. •  Blog takes the form a monthly magazine Voice: A cross between a literary magazine and NYT Style section Content Pillars: •  Shelf life •  Fable •  Free Radical •  Essential •  On Beauty The Fabulist
  73. The Fabulist
  74. Why?
  75. Shelf Life •  On living the literary life
  76. Free Radicals •  Interviews with designers, artists, writers, etc.
  77. Essential •  Interesting, must-have products for better living
  78. On Beauty •  Not just physical beauty but aesthetics
  79. •  Twitter is used by the brand for cultural exchange •  Some mentions of product but mostly articles Social
  80. •  Instagram showcases the brand’s in-store experiences Social
  81. Takeaways •  Consider engaging the audience’s interests beyond the scope of your product. What else are they passionate about? •  Should different social channels focus on different aspects of your brand? •  What is the strength of your brand? Make it the center of your content marketing strategy.
  82. Key Learnings and Questions for your Brand
  83. Tips + Takeaways for your Brand 1  It’s important to know and define your brand voice -- personality, tone, atmosphere 2  Make sure you know your target audience. Deliver what they’re interested in + what your brand stands for. 3  Consider if you want e-commerce integration 4  Utilize influencers to create compelling content and build in an amplification plan 5  Tap into your fans with UGC 6  Create content that can be incorporated into a reader’s daily routine to create loyalty 7  Employ visual consistency 8  Consider buying vs. fulfillment process with images
  84. Key questions for your brand to answer about your content 1  Do you want this to look like a magazine? 2  How broad will your content be? is it specific to beauty or is it lifestyle? 3  Who are you including photos of? •  “Real” women? •  Celebrities + models? •  Mostly products? 4  What are your product shots like? •  Glossy/editorial? •  Inspired by your fans’? •  Playful? Serious? Luxurious? Flirty? 5  How much product integration do you want? 6  List three adjectives that describe your target consumer 7  What is your brand personality?
  85. Want to learn more? Our team of strategists can help your brand build a marketing growth engine. From ongoing support and program management, to customized strategy sessions and workshops, we’ll set your brand up for success.
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