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Creating a Culture of GAS

  1. @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo Creating a Culture of GAS Lessons learnt in creating a culture where employees feel valued and Give A Shit (GAS) Sophia Boubal – Account Manager, Employee Engagement Asia Zolnierz – Director, Client Success Team
  2. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL Employee Perks Platform Recognition Tools Worldwide, 87% of employees are disengaged at work. Next Jump helps solve for the 2 most lacking employee experiences: Feeling cared for, valued & recognised Career growth & development Tools and programmes to foster growth & development 12 THE DISENGAGEMENT PROBLEM 2
  3. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL Next Jump Recognition BEST PRACTICES 23 YEARS IN THE MAKING Next Jump was named 1 of 3 Deliberately Developmental Organisations by HBR Worldwide Stats 90,000 Companies 30MM+ Employees 3.5MM Employees in UK @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo “I was sceptical at first, but this programme has increased associate engagement and given peers the ability to recognise each other. I even have my own award that I give out to colleagues!” – Chief Operating Officer, TSB
  4. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL Building GAS @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo We deliberately invest in … 1. Recognition (Culture of Servant Leadership) 2. Focused Employee Care (Perks) 3. Next Jump Community 4. Giving Back
  5. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL Is recognition putting our people off? THIS WAS OUR HIGHEST HONOR “BOS” AWARD @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo
  6. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL “Consistency is the DNA of mastery” @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo SERVANT LEADERSHIP
  7. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL Weekly: Coronitas @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo
  8. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL Monthly: Top 10 – who helped you succeed? @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo Key Lesson: Make award more than monetary • Public recognition • CEO Quickfire • Fitness Trainer • CEO Spotlight
  9. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL DEMO Top 10 App
  10. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL Annual: Avengers Ceremony @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo • 150 Nominations • 50 Nominators • 50+ Interviews “Alone we can do good, together we can do great”
  12. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL Investing deliberately in perks @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo Key programmes: • Physical Wellness • Healthy Food: breakfast, snacks, dinners • Fitness Competition, training, and more • Sleep Class • Life Events • Birthdays, anniversaries, marriages • New Baby Care Package • Chicken Soup • Saving Time (Laundry) Lessons Learned: 1. Be deliberate – what really matters? 2. Health - gamification, reward, captains 3. Employees remember feeling
  13. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL Investing in our community @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo Key programmes: • Annual dance battle • CEO happy hour • Hallways Lessons Learned: 1. Origin: Military (boot camp, deployment) 2. Bonding through suffering 3. Low risk way to grow leaders
  14. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL Giving externally @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo Key programmes: • Adopt a School • Academy Lessons Learned: 1. Crowd source 2. Not a cheque - time + expertise 3. Establish framework (movement)
  15. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL Conclusion @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo We build GAS by deliberately investing in … 1. Recognition (Culture of Servant Leadership) 2. Focused Employee Care (Perks) 3. Next Jump Community 4. Giving Back
  16. © Next Jump, Inc. 2017 CONFIDENTIAL Questions & Feedback @NextJump #NxJLeadership #LearnObserveDo

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  1. Key take away: Next Jump has learned a lot of lessons in 24 years about how to get employees to care about what our organisation does. Want to share some of our best practices and lessons learned. NOTE: NORMALLY GIVEN AFTER LEADERSHIP INTRODUCTION.
  2. Key take away: we run recognition programmes for many leading companies.
  3. Key take away: Beyond employee growth & leadership development there are ways to setup your environment to make your employees feel valued and cared for.
  4. Key take away: we have made a ton of mistakes. Highest honor used to be about achievement – we already pay & award leaders. Fitness competition, story with Nellen. Reached a new standard. So proud to recognize Nellen. Surprise narratives: - Only reason he got the award is because he’s the manager’s pet… - Or the only reason he got it was because he was a slave driver and forced everyone Despite the best intentions and despite the really great work by John, but the rest of his team felt demotivated and not recognized.
  5. Key take away: Doesn’t matter if you do one intense practice – it is consistency that builds the habits and bonds that drive change. Relentless consistency on the fundamentals is the pathway to mastery
  6. Key take away: in person (local), weekly, thank you, informal
  7. Key take away: everyone votes, expose voting, base on helping others. The award should beyond monetary --- public recognition, CEO quick fire, ability to spotlight people, access to personal training
  8. DEMO
  9. Key take away: highest award celebrates who helped the most. Servant leader driven, not hero driven
  10. Key take away: Be deliberate about perks you offer. Perks are not simply about throwing money at a problem – most companies (Next jump included) do not want to get into perks arms race. We had to decide what are perks that matter – very deliberately selected to support PEMS Lessons Learned: We value physical health b/c it is key to high performance culture. Not about time – about energy -> Jim L principle – GOAL: make healthiest choice is easiest. How can we do that deliberately – example: wanted to do something – asked experts who said providing breakfast is best start. Gym – built physical gyms how many going (participation) – started at 30% -> 90% (gamification, reward, captains) Life events – baby healthy food – not about money – what they remembered was the food (& not having to cook) (little thing that helped them at time of need) (£1K was good too)
  11. Key take away: investing in programs where employees can really bond through suffering will help create culture of GAS. Origin: Developed several initiatives based on stories from military. In boot camp what marines remember is the times they suffered – standing in cold water for 10 hours. Where truest friendships formed. When deployed on service they remember the bad and less the good. Bonding through suffering the key. Even in every day ‘normal’ service - 3-star Navy Admiral shared with us a weekly tradition from a ship he commanded – one hour where the entire ship would clean - ritual over time led to a place where everyone was proud of how it looked, how it felt. We took this, made monthly and called it CEO Happy Hour. Lessons learned: Bonding through suffering – (1) annual dance battle – shared suffering – not many of us are natural dancers. (2) Even doing chores to make sure we take pride in office can help – CEO Happy hour. Hallways - Build leaders: Low risk way to test younger employees at leadership (above waterline) way to test leaders (first think new employee – is hallways) James as example: new to organisation, wants to lead pod some day – great way for him to practice Olli – Newcross Health – son in Hallways at home
  12. Key take away: giving back is a key component of employees caring about what they are doing. Helps align to company mission/purpose (better you in our case – ‘spiritual’ from PEMS in broader framework) Lessons learned: Crowd source – we asked employees what charity they cared most about – answered children’s education. Tell crazy or awesome story. Not a check - We have made our giving back initiative less focused on money and more about sharing time + expertise. Some build houses … but probably bad builders. Each Next Jumper gives 4-6 working days at school annually. Establish framework (movement) – helps to think beyond own company. Especially as NxJ smaller, we look to share with other companies (academy / AAS) – create movements. No intellectual property. Academy - wasn’t mentioned in Culture Tour – explains why we’re so transparent, part of giving back
  13. Key take away: Beyond employee growth & leadership development there are ways to setup your environment to make your employees feel valued and cared for.