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Event management

  1. A WEDDING & EVENT MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS Event Organisors: •Christnee Succaram •Kritika Dooyea •Dipincy Sunt •Karishma Jahazi
  2. RISK MANAGEMENT Uncontrollable Risks : Inflation of money Controllable Risks: Operating problems of management. Employee conflict. Accident cause during transportation. Competitive risk. Dissatisfied customer.
  3. DEALING WITH THE RISKMake a satisfactory working environment for employees. Offering the most attractive service for customer. Employing more experienced personnel. Maintaining & upgrading equipment. Shift the risk by obtaining suitable insurance policy. Make adequate planning to absorb the risks.
  4. Mission Vision To create a presence for you and with you. Strives to be the best choice for clients Ensure a worry free event at a reasonable price. Meeting up your requirements. Provide effective wedding coordination. Deliver service on prompt time. Make the company itself the ultimate product – be a clock builder, not a time teller Be one of the top three event planning specialists Make our company a successful example in the years to come. Who We Are . . .
  5. Wedding Planning Venue Bookings Gifts & Souvenirs Catering & Wedding Cake Wedding Car Designing Stage Decoration  Photography & Videographer Entertainment Coordination You Dream it, We Make it Happen!
  6. SWOT ANALYSIS:- Strength: Conceptualization, execution, planning, co-ordination, use of latest technology Only few companies in this field Accurate & cheap solution for the customers
  7. SWOT ANALYSIS:- Weakness:  Inexperience event team.  High cost structure Not a lot of brand recognition Opportunities: Little competition. Favourable economic conditions. Support from the local authorities.  Developing country & has a huge service market ahead
  8. SWOT ANALYSIS:- Threats:  A change in certain event related laws. Bad economic conditions. Political instability Entrance of newer companies every year with more variety, strong concepts & superior technology
  9. Target Customers:- Upper Class Upper Middle Class Middle Class
  10. Pre-Launching Promotion Advertisements Relationship management  After sale service Public awareness building
  11. ADVERTISEMENT:- Press Conference  News Coverage Banners Television Radio Bill Boards Open Air Concert
  12. Publicity:- Grand Opening Participate in various fairs Sign Board Business Cards Specialty Advertising, Ex: logo and slogan on calendars, note pads, ballpoint pens, T- shirts and will give them to prospective customers. Setting up Company Website
  13. SALES PROMOTION:-  Seasonal Discount*  Discount on Payment*  Free Edit Photo*  Free Wedding Diary Special Offer Seasonally
  14. Why Wedding House???  Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, a memory you want to live with for eternity. we will architect your dreams into reality and leave you with memories forever. We are strong, trustworthy and dependable people We promise you one thrilling idea that has your signature on it each time you do an event with us An idea driven approach and a process driven team We believe in relationships. We don’t work for
  15. Conclusion Every m om ent at your wedding will becom e a warm m em ory that stays with you for a lifetim e

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  1. So we chose wedding as our main forte & we the doers r today going to introduce u the business plan of AYOJON a ....
  2. So we chose wedding as our main forte & we the doers r today going to introduce u the business plan of AYOJON a ....