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  1. 1. NICOLE DEAN Logos and Branding Print Design Web Design and Maintenance Marketing Strategies Project Management Social Media Management Event Planning/Management Office Management Office Skills MARKETING MANAGER+ GRAPHIC DESIGNER XO MARKETING Senior Graphic Designer 06/11-06/15 EAGLE GATE COLLEGE ASSOCIATES IN GRAPHIC DESIGN 801-259-6564 I love to be challenged. I’m committed to finding a stable career in design/marketing. I have over 12 years of experience and a degree in the field. I’m looking for a company where my experience will be an asset and make a difference. nicci.kallas@gmail.com niccidean.carbonmade.com AMERICAN FORK HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA TAT-TOES Marketing Director/ Graphic Designer 06/10-11/13 MIRACLES RETREAT Graphic Designer 10/14-11/15 SWAG DESIGN GROUP Director 10/09-11/11 PRUDENTIAL REAL ESTATE/EXIT REALTY Marketing Department Manager 10/06-11/09 • Conceptualized and designed projects for a wide variety of clients under strict agency deadlines • Helped clients reach specific goals by creating custom brochures, logos, branding pieces, mailers, print and online ads and websites. • Collaborated on planning and executing large events from brainstorming ideas, creating graphics and marketing pieces to follow-through. • Created customer base and increased sales by directing marketing and design efforts for a retail line of nail wraps • Designed product and package design, photography, in-store displays and marketing materials • Coordinated and excecuted company events and tradeshows • Directed marketing and design efforts for a renound fitness retreat • Designed new website, mailers, emails, brochures, online and print ads, that increased leads and bookings • Updated social media with custom graphics and content • Worked with several clients and customers in a variety of industries providing graphic design and marketing strategies • Managed two salesman and a web programmer. • Provided clients with event planning, coordination, advertising and execution. • Managed the day-to-day operations and staff of the marketing department, which included 2 graphic designers and a web programmer • Provided marketing and branding on a corporate level for the brokerage and owners increasing agent count, listings, and brand awareness • Provided marketing, design and branding services for 200+ agents and their listings in the 3 offices • Increased agents listing appointments and home showings • Planned and oversaw the planning and advertising of training and recruiting events I provided marketing on a corporate level for the EXPERIENCE (Real world, on the job experience) EDUCATION (14 yrs experience & a degree) SOFTWARE SKILLS(Name dropping) WHAT I CAN OFFER (Besides creativity) GOALS (Challenge me) AdobeIllustrator AdobeInDesign AdobePhotoshop PowerPoint MicrosoftWord MicrosoftExcel Keynote