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Botsociety.io - Landing Page Benchmark

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Botsociety.io - Landing Page Benchmark

  1. 1. Landing Page Benchmark
  2. 2. InVision
  3. 3. Above-the-fold Analysis •  Adaptive video header, Vimeo embed (high positioning) •  Strong opening line answering to punctual questions what? Design. how? Fast. and my team? Togheter. •  CTA “get started” also says it’s “free forever” •  Main brands stick at the bottom, immediately visible
  4. 4. 9-steps features presentation
  5. 5. Feature - Elements Firm title, focus on the job instead of showing feature’s name Feature description Review focused on the feature
  6. 6. Clean, minimal layouts
  7. 7. Big focus on brands as ambassadors
  8. 8. In-Page Sign Up Allows the user to sign up easily and fast
  9. 9. Perceived gain creators •  Design better and faster •  Be as good as big companies Tone of Voice Professional Direct to the point Premium They speak to •  Designers who work in big teams •  Companies
  10. 10. CONCLUSIONS Positive •  High quality UI •  Strong testimonials •  Clear features presentation Negative •  Strong testimonials might picture the service as not useful for a small company •  Slightly too long page, lot of scrolling Immediacy Design UX Copywriting Perceived standing 4/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5
  11. 11. Sketch
  12. 12. Above-the-fold Analysis •  Opening line very straight, not really answering any question •  Very long subhead, hard to read •  Video tutorial and features resumed in two CTA, not very visible •  Light CTA to free trial •  Bold CTA to buy now
  13. 13. Facilitators Framework layout and examples not so good
  14. 14. Testimonials big personalities among designers > real professionals Companies using Sketch – in the bottom Target users
  15. 15. Awards Newsletter subscription
  16. 16. Tone of Voice Undertone Objective Confident They speak to •  UI/UX designers •  Icon designer •  Product designers •  Web designers •  All kind of designers! Perceived gain creators •  Work faster •  Work better •  Easy to use
  17. 17. CONCLUSIONS Positive •  Message conveyed to a specific target •  Simple, clear Negative •  Effort on design and copy below expectations •  Weak or absent presentation of features and app’s look and feel •  Not expressing their real standing Immediacy Design UX Copywriting Perceived standing 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5
  18. 18. Figma
  19. 19. Above-the-fold Analysis Just an auto-play video inside a screen mockup that shows two people working simultaneously on the same Figma project. Functional approach: •  Quick and intuitive way to present features and functionalities •  Gives perception of an easy tool •  Entertaining to watch
  20. 20. Brutally minimal copywriting It says “this is the tool for people who don’t like to waste time and words, just like us”
  21. 21. Features + Testimonials Smart and modern-looking composition of features and reviews communicates a mature and creative approach to design
  22. 22. A nice GIF for every feature Again, quick and fresh content presentation
  23. 23. In-Page Sign Up Allows the user to sign up easily and fast
  24. 24. Tone of Voice Synthetic Effective Bold They speak to •  All designers (same as Sketch) Perceived gain creators •  Powerful and intuitive •  Collaboration is the killer feature •  Minimum effort to start sketching
  25. 25. CONCLUSIONS Positive •  Very strong message, direct-to-the point •  Modern, unique style. Designers love it •  Fresh and direct visual communication (gifs, video) Negative •  Way too concise copywriting, even brutal. Might scare potential user? •  High level visual identity, might not be accesible to everyone (just for designers?) Immediacy Design UX Copywriting Perceived standing 5/5 4/5 5/5 4/5 5/5
  26. 26. Walkie
  27. 27. Above-the-fold Analysis •  Extra-simple opening line •  Subhead assumes that user is a professional working with a dev team. It also communicates that it is a Slack-oriented tool •  CTA fast launches to the app, no registration needed
  28. 28. Quick video tutorial in auto-play
  29. 29. Features
  30. 30. Next release teaser good for a startup App’s Objective confusing, till this point the speaking subject was “we”
  31. 31. Tone of Voice Smart Fresh Nerdy They speak to •  Professionals working with dev teams •  Developers Perceived gain creators •  Accesible to anyone •  Team work facilitator •  Easy and rich
  32. 32. CONCLUSIONS Positive •  Pleasant to watch, fresh look and feel •  Easy, fast to scroll and read •  Nice video tutorial Negative •  Funny approach could affect the perceived professionalism •  They promise an ultra-easy experience, high expectations could lead to frustration if not fulfilled Immediacy Design UX Copywriting Perceived standing 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 3/5
  33. 33. Thanks! Botsociety www.botsociety.io O’LOW Design www.olowdesign.com