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Course adventure #4

  1. Community Adventure #4 Nicholas Blaga 300291525 (Canton)
  2. Public Sector: Fraser Heights Recreation Centre • I have been fortunate enough to work in the public sector, for the municipality of Surrey. The City of Surrey offers many services to their residents and some free of charge! For example, many city ran youth drop ins are completely free if the participant is under the age of eighteen. • Fraser Heights Recreation Centre can be located at 10588 160 St, Surrey, BC V4N 0A1 and is open Monday- Friday from 7:00-23:00. Saturdays and Sundays the recreation center is open from 8:00-20:00. (City)
  3. Why is the Rec a Public Sector Service? • The main goals of the Fraser Heights Recreation Centre is “[t]o provide recreation that because of its nature continually reinforces values and ideals of establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to the user” (Lunn, 2020, p. 3). • Services Offered at the Fraser Heights Recreation Centre: • Two gymnasiums • Drop-in sports such as pickleball, basketball, and volleyball • Weight room, options to get a personal trainer for an additional price (currently suspended due to Covid-19). • Youth drop-ins ranging from arts and crafts to sport tournaments. • Childcare; two preschool rooms and before and after school care. • Outdoor basketball court, two soccer fields, four tennis courts, and a skatepark. (FIFA)
  4. Why is the Rec a Public Sector Service? • Since the City of Surrey runs the Fraser Heights Recreation Centre, the rates are cheap for drop-ins and monthly passes. Plus many youth activities are completely free: “A trend that is occurring is for the municipal leisure services to work in partnership with public, non-profit, and commercial sectors to provide affordable and quality recreation programs” (Lunn, 2020, p. 5). • The City of Surrey recognizes the need for individuals to participate in meaningful recreation even during these unprecedented times. The city is still open for weight room reservations; participants must wear a mask though. This shows their commitment to a promote a healthy lifestyle to their residents. (Shape)
  5. How does Fraser Heights Rec Relate to 2205? • There are so many activities offered to the Fraser Heights community that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Often there are classes offered that as well can teach individuals healthy habits such as clean eating meals. Working with the rec center I can personally say that the one of the main purposes of the recreation center is to promote good social interaction while simultaneously engaging in some sort of physical activity. • Working with youth gives me and other youth workers to pass down some of our knowledge in sports. For example, I have the privilege of “coaching” some youth athletes when they ask how to do certain skill moves such as a rainbow in soccer. There are many opportunities for everyone to learn in a recreation center. (Family)
  6. Commercial Sector: Little Kickers • Little Kickers New Westminster is located at Simcoe park: 124 McInnes St, New Westminster, BC, Canada, V3M 3W8. During the winter seasons, the sessions usually move indoors! Little Kickers offers introductory soccer lessons to children ages one and a half to five years old. Little Kickers is a great steppingstone for kids to learn about sports and socialize with other children their own age! • Little Kickers is offered in thirty-four countries; franchising opportunities within the company. • Registration for Little Kickers is all year, which means that children can be enrolled at anytime! The cost to participate is $65 per month plus a one- time fee of $35 for the jersey and shorts (Little Kickers, 2020). (Little)
  7. Why is Little Kickers In the Commercial Sector? • Little Kickers are working for profit, they can access venues for relatively cheap and charge a good amount for children to participate month to month. A positive about Little Kickers is you can stop participating at anytime. Little Kickers is providing a service to both parents and students (Lunn, 2020, p. 8). • Little Kickers hires a head coach and assistant coaches to run drills that are premade my professionals in both soccer and early childhood education in order to ensure that the children are learning while having fun. The parents are paying for exactly that, for their children to potentially get a step ahead of others their age. (Little)
  8. How Does Little Kickers Relate to 2205? • Coaching and recreation is exactly what Little Kickers is about. The staff over there want to ensure that children are getting a fun start at sports which will then in turn create a child who is motivated to play throughout their lives. I personally worked at Little Kickers for a brief period and I can truthfully say that the main goal was simply for the children to learn and explore the world of sports. Parents were not motivated by competition, rather parents were learning how to support their children when they were not cooperative, and the kids were learning how to participate in a fun sport. (Little)
  9. Voluntary Sector: Ski Duck • Ski Duck is a non-profit organization that provides disadvantaged children and youth an opportunity to try skiing. Skiing and snowboarding is very expensive hobby therefore organizations such as Ski Duck are giving kids a chance to participate in something, they may have had the chance too. • Ski Duck is located in Lake Tahoe, California and mostly operate out of ski resorts in Lake Tahoe. Even though Ski Duck is not located in Vancouver, I believe that a program like this one would have so many beneficial effects on kids who have never gotten a chance to explore the mountains in their own backyard! (Ski)
  10. Why is Ski Duck In the Volunteer Sector? • Ski Duck is one hundred percent non-profit. They are tailoring to specific communities in Lake Tahoe to ensure that their own community is getting a chance to ski: “the voluntary sector is the area of service that has the closest ties to local communities, as organizations in this sector are operated primarily by volunteers” (Lunn, 2020, p. 8). • Ski Duck requires volunteers for their events to run successfully. Virtually the volunteers act as chaperones and help the kids figure out how to ski. Some requirements are a criminal background check and at least an intermediate skier (Ski Duck, 2020). Being a proficient skier as a volunteer will save some costs for the organization since they can help teach some basics to the newer students then simply chaperone the advanced skiers throughout the mountain. (Lake)
  11. How Does Ski Duck Relate to 2205? • The reason Ski Duck hopes that it’s volunteers will be somewhat proficient skiers is so they can help to teach/coach the children how to ski. Knowing how to communicate thoughts and instructions is key for these children to learn the fundamentals of skiing, but also to have a good first day on the mountain. • Ski Duck wants to give children a chance to participate in a recreational sport that is rather expensive compared to sports such as basketball and soccer. Skiing is a great way for children to connect with the outdoors while simultaneously taking part in physical activity. (Ski Coach)
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