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Vision recognition tutorial

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A tutorial created by Jessica Eichberg on how to use vision recognition with NAO robot.
The .crg file to use with Choregraphe and this demo can be download here: http://goo.gl/sM7Dtb

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Vision recognition tutorial

  1. 1. How to use vision recognition Jessica Eichberg Behavior Architect for Special Education
  2. 2. 14/03/14 • This is a tutorial about how to use vision recognition in naoqi version 1.14 • You will learn: – How to record images in a database with Choregraphe – How to export and unpack the database using the opensource program TarTool (Windows) – How to import the database files and to test them in Choregraphe What is it about?
  3. 3. 14/03/14 • Why? You need it to unpack your image database • Where can I download it? Here • What next? Unzip the TarTool.zip file to a folder of your choice on your computer Before we start, please install TarTool on your computer
  4. 4. 14/03/14 Open Video Monitor in Choregraphe • View  Video monitor
  5. 5. 14/03/14 • Hold the image around 30 cm in front of NAO • Click on the “Learn” Button • Continue holding the image until the countdown is finished • Select the part of the displayed image you want to store in the database (click on the edges of the image) • Give your image a name and click on OK Record a new image
  6. 6. 14/03/14 And here you can watch a video…
  7. 7. 14/03/14 • Click on “Export Vision Recognition Database”, give your database a name and save it into the TarTool folder • Open a command window for your TarTool folder: – Press and hold the Shift key and right click on the TarTool folder – Click on Open Command Window here Export and unpack your database
  8. 8. 14/03/14 • Then you need to enter the following command (replace nameofyourdb by the actual name of your database): tartool nameofyourdb.vrd • Afterwards you will find the following files in your TarTool folder: database.ar1, database.ar2, database.ar3, database.ar4, database.ar5 Export and unpack your database
  9. 9. 14/03/14 To sum it up here is another video…
  10. 10. 14/03/14 • Open vision_demo.crg in Choregraphe • Open the Project content (View  Project content) • Click on Create directory, enter the name vision and click on OK • Click on Import file, select the 5 database.ar1..5 files and click on Open  Now the vision database containing your recorded images is imported in your application Import the database in your application
  11. 11. 14/03/14 vision_demo.crg
  12. 12. 14/03/14 Last but not least…
  13. 13. 14/03/14 Have fun!