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  1. 1. Ready To Get Started? Be com e an e sse ntial Re waRds m e m Be R in a fe w e asy ste ps! 1 Choose your favorite young Living produCts* or essentiaL rewards premium produCt paCks. 2 enroLL in the program by + Visiting our website at www.youngliving.com.** Sponsor ID: 2421419 + Calling Distributor Network Services at 1-800-371-2928.** + Faxing your signed Essential Rewards Agreement (ERA) to 1-866-203-5666. 3 to manage your essentiaL rewards order, simpLy Log in to young Living’s virtuaL offiCe or ContaCt distributor network serviCes at the number Listed above.*** * to participate in essential Rewards, orders must total at least 50 pV per month. young living reserves the right to replace unavailable items with similar products of equal value. ** a signed eRa is required within thirty days of enrollment when enrollees have not agreed to terms and conditions online. *** to qualify for young living’s bonuses, your monthly essential Rewards order must be 100 pV or more. note products purchased with essential Rewards credits have no pV. credits are redeemed on full pV product only. other exclusions may apply. members are responsible for shipping, handling, and any applicable shipping tax. the cancellation or return of any essential Rewards order forfeits all unused essential Rewards credits and resets the monthly participation in the program to zero.
  2. 2. Start Today Taking advantage of Young Living’s Essential Rewards program provides the security ofknowing that the products you use and share most often will always be on hand. Simply choose the products you’d like delivered, and your order will be automatically processed and shipped on the date you’ve preselected each month! For more information, contact your local Young Living distributor or visit our website at www.youngliving.com. contact infoRm ation NICOLE HAYES SPONSOR ID: 2421419 YOUNGLIVING.COM BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR TODAY! SAVE 24% OFF ON EVERY ORDER. STARTER KITS, START AT ONLY $40.00! YoungLiving.com
  3. 3. I T E M NO . 4 3 0 0 V. 3
  4. 4. From Our Door To Yours At Young Living, we honor our stewardship as the champion of nature’s living energy—essential oils. With formulations based on the wisdom ofancient traditions and the most effective methods of modern science, our therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil-enhanced nutritional supplements represent the best wellness solutions on the market. Ensure you’ll always have the benefits ofyour favorite Young Living products on hand with our convenient Essential Rewards program— shipped hassle free from our door to yours! Essential Rewards
  5. 5. The Essential Rewards Advantage + guaranteed monthLy shipments of your favorite young Living produCt + disCounted priCing on exCLusive produCt paCkages + reduCed shipping rates + essentiaL rewards Credits redeemabLe for free produCts + QuaLifiCation for additionaL Compensation and bonus rewards + monthLy weLLness essentiaLs produCt training and support Cds Essential Rewards Credits With each and every Essential Rewards order shipped, members earn credits toward future product purchases. As your months on Essential Rewards increase, so do your rewards! months 1–6 Earn Essential Rewards credits worth 10% of order PV* months 7–12 Earn Essential Rewards credits worth 15% of order PV** month 13 + above Earn Essential Rewards credits worth 20% of order PV*** *maximum 30 credits per month **maximum 50 credits per month ***maximum 75 credits per month months enrolled in essential Rewards must be consecutive. month 1 begins at the time of enrollment. after participating in essential Rewards for two months, members can begin to redeem their essential Rewards credits for fRee products. Generally, 1 credit is equivalent to 1 pV. Redeem your points by calling order entry at 1-800-371-2928.
  6. 6. Members-Only Benefits DIscOuNTED shIppINg In addition to the security ofautomated monthly processing, all Essential Rewards orders qualify for reduced shipping costs. Members pay a $7.75 US/$9.75 CAN flat shipping fee on their Essential Rewards order’s first five pounds and a $0.70 increase per pound for ground and IGD shipments. For air shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, Essential Rewards members pay a $12.50 flat shipping fee on their order’s first five pounds and a $1.25 for each additional pound. note discounted rates are not applicable on reward credit redemption orders. DIscOuNTED prIcINg For added savings exclusively available through Essential Rewards, add one ofour Essential Rewards Packs—featuring NingXia Red,® Everyday Oils,™ Thieves,® A·R·T,® or Core Essentials Complete™—to your monthly order. Only available to participating Essential Rewards members, these favorite collections are substantially discounted off regular wholesale prices. BONus QualIfIcaTION Manyofthe generous bonuses offered in Young Living’s distributor compensation plan are designed to specifically reward Essential Rewards members. Our Matching Bonus, Team Performance Bonus, and Star Performance Bonus are just a few ofthe ways Essential Rewards members have access to additional cash rewards. To qualify for these bonuses, a distributor must have a minimum of100 PV Essential Rewards order.