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Social media for small business

  1. Social Media for Small Business Nicole McLaren Langham Chamber of Commerce February 26, 2015
  2. Getting Started What is social media… • “websites or applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking” • Examples: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr Source: ages/Internet-Computer/Social-Media-Wheel- m.ashx?w=350&h=263&as=1
  3. Reasons to use social media. • Branding - create an identity for your product or service.
  4. Reasons to use social media. • Establish yourself as an expert – Use forums and message boards to answer questions professionally, honestly, and correctly, which will earn you respect as an expert in your niche. People will look to you for answers. • Word of mouth – Customers need to trust before purchasing – people trust their friends and loved ones more than anyone else. So, if they hear from someone trustworthy about your product, chances are higher that they’ll buy. Market your products using word of mouth virtually.
  5. Reasons to use social media. • Your company is more accessible – An accessible company means a more trustworthy company. • Provides another way for potential customers to find you – If you’re not high enough in the search engines for potential customers to find you, they can still find you through social media.
  6. Getting Started. Social media need not be so intimidating! “With one in three small businesses using social media, its no longer enough to just have a website, small businesses must have a social media presence too. Don’t know where to start? The following cheat sheet will help you navigate the major social media sits on the web.”
  7. Types of social media. Source: t/files/whatissocialmedia.png
  8. Popular types of Social Media. Don’t be intimidated! Source: content/uploads/2014/09/13/social-media-cheat-sheet.png
  9. Facebook Pros: Great for brand exposure and customer relations. Source:
  10. Source: at-everything/the-best-and-worst-times-to-post-on-social-media- infograph#7
  11. Twitter Pros: Ability to quickly respond to clients and customers. Source:
  12. Source: at-everything/the-best-and-worst-times-to-post-on-social-media- infograph#7
  13. YouTube Pros: Great way to build your brand through video blogs and tutorials. Source:
  14. Tips! • Pick your focal point! • Pictures & Infographs