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Nikita Scott-Naylor\'s PR Portfolio

A brief portfolio of my personal PR work completed during my university career. This is by no means comprehensive and other examples are available.

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Nikita Scott-Naylor\'s PR Portfolio

  1. 1. N ikita Scott - N aylor Public Relations Portfolio
  2. 2. C ontents By Project N C N ikita Scott - aylor Mrs Henderson Presents Fan Film Premiere Year Two – Speech Writing Skills Communiction Objectives and Learning Opportunities 3 Speech, Frequently Asked Questions and Fact Sheet 12 Literature Design and Online Publicity 4 Online Publicity Cont. and Invitation Letters 5 Placement Projects Year One – Funki Ink Client Work Daily Express and The Guide Coverage 13 Communiction Objectives and Learning Opportunities 6 Initial Contact and Contact Report Consultancy Report and Press Pack 7 8 Year Three – Biography Writing Three Sample Biographies 14 Year One – Press Release Exercise Wings Holidays 9 Year Three – UK Progress Projects iTunes Podcasts and RSS Codes 15 Year Two – Fusion Client Work Video Tour 16 Comms. Objectives, Learning Opps., Campaign Plan Press Release and Photo Call 10 11 Learning Reflection 17 P ublic R elations P ortfolio 2
  3. 3. F an F ilm P remiere M rs. H enderson P resents N F F P M H N ikita Scott - aylor Communication Objectives The objective of the Mrs. Henderson Presents Fan Film Premiere was to raise money for the charity, Women’s Aid. In order to raise as much money as possible, it was crucial that communication about the event reached as wide an audience as possible. In order to achieve this, the following objectives P were put in place: • To utilise the internet to reach the 2,250 members of the Will Young online community. • To generate awareness of the event as well as the film itself in order to raise maximum funds for Women’s Aid. Learning Opportunity Throughout the planning and organisation, I was able to utilise the skills that I had gained in my first few months at UCLan. This ranged from the techniques learnt in the Effective Writing Skills module to Public Relations Theory and practice. This meant that I was able to transfer my university skills to an external project at an early stage of my university career. This gave me a boost in confidence with the more practical elements of my degree course that would be introduced later on. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 3
  4. 4. F an F ilm P remiere M rs. H enderson P resents N F F P M H N ikita Scott - aylor Between January and November 2005, I worked as part of a team on the planning, organisation, and implementation of a Will Young fan film premiere for his acting debut in Mrs. Henderson Presents. This process involved securing the film from Pathé for a dual screening in Leeds and Basingstoke two days before the official worldwide premiere, planning all aspects of the screening and after show party, organising a ticketing system, designing and printing all literature and publicising the event. Publicity of the premiere was conducted solely on two large online forums dedicated to the artist as seen below – The Official Forum (http://forum.willyoung.co.uk) and Devoted (http://www.williamyoung.biz/forums). This reached the 7,250 (approx.) members who were signed up to the forums and ensured that the event was completely sold out, achieving the communication objectives. My specific role within the team was to write the promotional P materials, devise new ways to pique interest in the event and arrange all of the literature for the night. Above is an example of the tickets which I designed and distributed to the attendees of the exclusive screening and the after show party. The design concept was chosen to fit with the theme of the film, which is set in a London theatre during WWII. The tickets were kept as simple as possible whilst keeping visual impact. Over 150 tickets were produced which was time consuming as one of the tickets required hand backing onto a silver card mount. This is something that I would avoid in the future as when producing tickets in such large numbers as time may be better spent elsewhere. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 4
  5. 5. N F an F ilm P remiere M rs. H enderson P resents F F P M H N ikita Scott - aylor The letter below was sent out electronically to all of those who had previously expressed an interest in attending the fan film premiere. (See Appendix A) It contained the all of the details of both the film screening and after show party. It was decided that this was the best way to officially invite potential attendees as it added a personal touch and ensured that as many people read it as possible. By making certain that the letters were delivered to each member of the mailing list, the worry that people would not check the details on the forums was eradicated. P Above is an example of the online publicity produced. The numbers represent the number of days remaining until the premiere. The images were then posted on the online forums each day to help gather momentum. A separate themed image was produced on Halloween, which subsequently attracted many more views to the forum threads, which in turn attracted much more attention for the event. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 5
  6. 6. C lient W ork Y ear O ne – F unki I nk N C W Y O F I N ikita Scott - aylor Communication Objectives Funki Ink was a Preston based beauty salon and semi- permanent tattoo studio with a main target audience of women. Since this was a fairly new concept, I took it upon myself to contact them to see if they would be willing to work along side me with their PR efforts for my first year project. The communication objectives were as follows: • To increase awareness of semi-permanent tattoos • To spread knowledge of the brand new Funki Ink salon • To increase footfall to the salon from both the student and local populations. • To ensure that Funki Ink were informed of all activities at all times. Learning Opportunities Working with Funki Ink was my first experience of working along side an experienced PR team. It gave me the opportunity to not only put into practice what I was continuing to learn at university, but also to lean new techniques and strategies from an external source. I was also able to draw upon my event management skills that I had acquired during the planning and execution of the Mrs. Henderson Presents Fan Film Premiere. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 6
  7. 7. C lient W ork Y ear O ne – F unki I nk N C W Y O F I N ikita Scott - aylor After an initial informal enquiry as to whether teaming up with me and my part time colleague would be something of which they would be interested in, I sent a contact letter to Ms. Stevens, the PR and Marketing manager for Funki Ink. (See Appendix B) I received a response straight away and all members of the Funki Ink team were highly enthusiastic about the collaboration. Following this, a formal meeting was set up to discuss my opening ideas. I constructed a contact report template to distribute to the other casual member of my team and the internal employees of Funki Ink. (See Appendix C) This detailed the date of the meeting, the names of all in attendance, items covered, action to be taken and the date of the subsequent meeting. Due to there being two teams working on PR activities for the company, this ensured that all parties were kept in the loop at all times to avoid duplicate work or missed opportunities. This also achieved the fourth objective of keeping Funki Ink team members fully informed. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 7
  8. 8. C lient W ork C lient W ork Y ear O ne – F unki I nk Y ear O ne – F unki I nk N C W C W Y O F I Y O F I N ikita Scott - aylor After much planning and research, a basic consultancy report was drafted. (See Appendix D) This detailed all aspects of the event organisation and Public Relations campaign. Information varied from the company’s background information and general strategies and objectives to specific tactics that would be employed in the implementation of the event and campaign. This was a document that would help to achieve the fourth objective of informing internal team members of all activities at all times by providing them with an at-a-glance report that detailed exactly where the project stood. A press pack template was produced for the planned event and presented to the PR team at Funki Ink. This included a press release, a photo call and a photo brief (See Appendices E, F and G) that could be sent out to their media list whenever they were ready to execute the plans put in place for the tattoo fashion show. Unfortunately, after my involvement with the company came to an end, a new PR team took over and due to a lack of communication the event plans were not utilised. However, it was felt by both myself and the Funki Ink team that had the press program and planned event gone forward, the objectives set forth would have been successfully achieved. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 8
  9. 9. E xercise Y ear O ne – P ress R elease N E Y O P R N ikita Scott - aylor During my first year at UCLan, a timed press release was set as an assignment in order to judge our progress from day one. We were given a block of raw information which we then had to transform into a press release. (See Appendix H) Since starting the Public Relations course, I had written many press releases but had never worked to such a strict time constraint. This was a learning curve as in the professional world you may have to write media releases under pressured time. This exercise demonstrated how far we had come since starting the course in terms of being able to write and structure a release unaided. However, it also established how much more work we had to do before we could create a fully ideal release in a short space of time. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 9
  10. 10. C lient W ork Y ear T wo – F usion N C W Y T F N ikita Scott - aylor Communication Objectives In year two, we were once again required to work as teams for a real client. My team, Premier PR, worked for the independent fashion boutique, Fusion. It was their wish to fulfil the following objectives: • To increase awareness amongst the student population of their boutique and increase knowledge of their student discount offer. • To increase student footfall to the store. Throughout the project, a consultancy report was created, Learning Opportunities and regularly updated, to be presented to the client for them to take forward the plans should they so wish. (See We were able to draw upon our experiences working for Appendix I) This contained strategies and tactics, a a real client that we had built in our first year at UCLan financial budget, a press release, a photo call, full detailed and take these forward with a new organisation. plans of an event to be held within the UCLan student union and a list of contact reports. However, we were working in much bigger teams and therefore it was important to ensure that the workload Upon reflection, there are many gaps in the report and the was evenly distributed. Also, due to the larger nature of objectives set forward were not SMART. Although the client the teams, it was possible – and expected – for more to originally stated that they wanted to target students, they be done within the group. later changed their mind during the final stage of the project and therefore did not utilise the information For the first time, we were presented with a tangible provided to them. budget and had to plan our activities around this. This was the first time that we had been given such an Upon evaluation of the project, it was agreed that although opportunity and so it pushed us further to look at the the plans would have achieved the objectives given to the smaller details of the campaign. team, the client was not sure enough of their own position to be able to call the project a success. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 10
  11. 11. C lient W ork Y ear T wo – F usion N C W Y T F N ikita Scott - aylor Below is an example of a photo call provided to the client to be sent out if they implemented the plan set forth in the campaign plan for a Student’s Union event. (See Appendix K) Again, this a very simplistic piece of work which I feel could have had improvements if the client had had more involvement with the project. Above is an example of a press release provided to the client to promote their boutique to the student population. (See Appendix J) Although there was a vast improvement from the media releases produced in the first year, there were still many areas of weakness to be improved upon. On reflection, I feel that I did not pay as much attention to detail with this project as it slowly became clear that the client was not dedicated to the idea. This proved that you must feel that your work is worthwhile in order to produce quality materials. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 11
  12. 12. S kills Y ear T wo – S peech W riting N S Y T S W N ikita Scott - aylor During year two of the Public Relations course, we were required to research and write a speech on a set topic. I chose to write a speech on consumer debt issues as a representative of the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). (See Appendix L) We were also asked to supply Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a CAB and consumer debt fact sheet. (See Appendices M and N) This was an area that was completely new and required me to write in a different style to that I was accustomed to. It has been a large help and has aided me in adapting my writing style to suit different purposes. It also highlighted the need for imagery when the communication is spoken, especially if there are hard to grasp concepts. In completing this project, I was more confident with my public speaking and I was able to draw upon my past experiences presenting in groups in various other modules throughout my time at UCLan. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 12
  13. 13. P lacement P rojects N P N ikita Scott - aylor During my time on placement working for Lancashire County Developments Ltd, I was able to put into practice all of the skills I have acquired in my first two years of P university. From my first press releases of my university career, there was a marked improvement in my placement work. Whilst carrying out project work for Hawkshaw’s Birds of Prey Centre and their venture, Hex in the Harvest, I was able to secure several pieces of coverage including a half page piece in the Bank Holiday issue of the Daily Express as well as a write up and competition in The Guide which covers leisure, shopping and tourism in the Southport, Sefton and West Lancashire areas. This vastly boosted visitors to the farm, not only increasing visitor numbers to the birds of prey centre and the haunted attraction, but also boosted their home-made ice cream sales by almost 100% on the previous year. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 13
  14. 14. W riting Y ear T hree – B iography N W Y T N ikita Scott - aylor B Upon returning to UCLan after my placement period, I was much more confident in my writing and PR skills. This encouraged me to get involved in writing biographies of UCLan alumni for the Lancashire Business School (LBS) marketing department. (See Appendix O) This involved being given a completed questionnaire that had been presented to past graduates and turning this raw data into a full feature to promote the LBS externally. This gave me fantastic experience in writing for different purposes as well as an opportunity to draw upon what I had learnt on placement. It also helped refresh my memory of the skills I had gained in years one and two so that I was able to integrate back into university quickly and efficiently. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 14
  15. 15. P rojects Y ear T hree – U K P rogress N P Y T N ikita Scott - aylor As part of my third year, I was required to work as part of a team on PR campaigns for the Vajravarahi Buddhist Centre. The team and I were given the object of educating the publics about meditation and its benefits and well as increase footfall to the centre. In order to do this, we decided to utilise the new equipment available to UK Progress students and create a new media campaign consisting of a series of podcasts available on iTunes and a video tour of the centre to be published on You Tube and Facebook. U P The podcasts were recorded by the team and I in person at the centre using the Marantz and transferred to the computer to be hosted on the internet. However, in order for the podcasts to be published on iTunes, I had to learn the complex computer script, RRS Code. (See Appendix P) Through research, I found that iTunes do not host the podcasts, only make them available for download. Therefore, I was required to create an RSS feed to be externally hosted online. This feed was then in turn sent to iTunes who use it to automatically update your podcast’s availability each time the feed was updated. This was an area that was brand new to me and so through a large amount of research, online tutorials and much trail and error, the podcast was made internationally available through iTunes. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 15
  16. 16. N P rojects Y ear T hree – U K P rogress P Y T N ikita Scott - aylor U P The team and I again made the most of the new equipment available and filmed a tour of the Vajravarahi Buddhist Centre to enable those unsure of visiting the centre the opportunity to gain an idea of what to expect. Once the tour was filmed and uploaded to the computers, I once again had to rely on online tutorials and trial and error in order to successfully edit the piece into a completed video for publication on the internet. For this process I used the Mac Pro software, Final Cut Pro, to achieve a smooth and visually pleasing tour, emulating the style of MTV Cribs. (See attached disk) During these new media projects I have significantly improved my technological knowledge in areas of which I think will greatly benefit me in the future. I have no doubt that the new equipment secured for UK Progress students has helped me to develop in this way. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 16
  17. 17. L earning R eflection N L N ikita Scott - aylor R Professional Development I have repeatedly seen a marked improvement in my work at a steady rate since the beginning of my university career. UCLan has provided me with both the knowledge and opportunities to develop new and diverse skills that will certainly help not only in my future career, but in my immediate employability. I feel that I would be able to fully research, plan and execute a successful Public Relations campaign, something which would definitely not have been the case four years ago. I also feel that my time at university has shown me how rapidly the world of PR changes and how you must develop new skills all the time in order to keep up. This means that my professional development is still in progress. Personal Development I have seen my confidence in both myself and my abilities go from strength to strength since beginning at UCLan. Through the varied program of modules, I have gained a much clearer idea about where my strengths and weaknesses lie which has encouraged me to take forward those areas that showcase my skills. I feel that I have vastly progressed as both a professional and a peer and that I will continue to develop long after I graduate thanks to the skills and encouragement gained from my time at UCLan. P ublic R elations P ortfolio 17