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Ad Tech and Media Sales

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We provide a bespoke and intuitive recruitment service, delivered with in-depth knowledge of digital.

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Ad Tech and Media Sales

  1. 1. Ad Tech and Media Sales Media/ Technology/ Marketing& Analytics/ Creative Get in touch with us: Call 0203 728 2973 Email hello@spherelondon.co.uk Tweet @SphereDigRec Website www.spherelondon.co.uk Address Floor 5, Imperial House, 15–19 Kingsway, London WC2B 6UN
  2. 2. Hello and welcome to the world of Sphere, an award winning digital recruitment agency working across the entire digital sphere. Our dynamic team draws from many years of experience unearthing tough-to-find digital talent and helping businesses like yours grow. Roles we recruit: • Agency sales • Clientdirectsales • Businessdevelopmentandpartnerships • Publishersales • Creativesolutions • Cross-platform Our sectors: • Ad tech vendors • Mediaownersandpublishers • Mediaagencies Our awards
  3. 3. We know that the only way to deliver the best results is to apply a deep level of expertise to each of our markets. That’s why we have built a team who can bring a specialised, expert service to our fantastic client list. A client list we are hoping you will soon join. A small selection of our clients Our services Contract Permanent Graduate International Premium services Projects and teams interim Assignments Executive search
  4. 4. We provide a bespoke and intuitive service, delivered with in-depth knowledge of the digital and ecommerce market at every step. Our clients trust us to consistently deliver results beyond their expectations. Here’s what a few of them have to say about working with us. “Sphere have always achieved exceptional results for me. Their great strengths include their understanding of the digital space, their understanding of our specific needs and most of all the ability to react really quickly if we need something out of the ordinary. All this and they are thoroughly decent and trustworthy. We continue to work closely with Sphere and they continue to deliver outstanding results with a great attitude.” Chris Penfold, EMEA Sales Director “Sphere have been just fantastic to work with, they are extremely knowledgeable, personable, reliable, and have the right contacts. They are successfully helping me to build out a team in London, which is not an easy task to do from across the pond!” Ilana Wyler, Director “I’ve worked with Sphere since joining the business and am so glad we have them as part of our trusted suppliers… Sphere are a rarity – they genuinely care, manage to save us time, money and peace of mind but more importantly deliver and knows their markets inside-out.” Emy Rumble-Mettle, Head of Talent “Sphere have been a great recruitment partner to work with. They understand what we look for, screen candidates well and ultimately deliver. Sphere are able to fill challenging roles, keep the process on- track and provide great insight and advice along the way. Based on this experience, I would definitely recommend Sphere Digital Recruitment.” Andrew Moore, European MD