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  1. Eureka on Demand TRIZ : Theory of Inventive problem Solving A brief introduction to Systematic method of solving inventive problems. By Hemant Pardikar 1
  2. The Gold Medal winners • Last 20 years saw Global rise of South Korean companies. • Last 20 years , TRIZ is the Number 1 methodology of problem resolution used by Them.* • Samsung has 33000 employees trained in TRIZ. • Samsung files 200 patents every week !! * •What is that they are doing differently? • * Dr Oleg Feygenson Principal Engineer Global Technology Centre Samsung Electronics , Suwon, South Korea 2
  3. South Koreans are not alone!* 3
  4. TRIZ: Theory of Inventive problem solving • What is this method of Innovation which is based on study of millions of patents? 4
  5. TRIZ: Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch • Genrich Altschuler a Russian Inventor and patent Inspector developed TRIZ with his students over 30+ years. • They studied 40000 patents to understand underlying inventive principles. • TRIZ was only known to the world at large after Altschuler and others migrated to Boston, USA in 1990s (After disintegration of USSR). • 25 million patents have been examined till 2019 but the basic structure of TRIZ remains unaltered . • TRIZ is thus extract of inventive experience of millions of Inventors. 5
  6. What is an Inventive Problem? • The Crux of every inventive problem is one or more ‘Contradictions’. • In a technical system, trying to improve one function results in deterioration of one or more other functions. • The usual way is to find a compromise by ‘optimization’ methods. • An inventive solution solves the contradiction without compromise. • Central focus of TRIZ is to find methods to resolve the contradictions without compromise.
  7. Why is TRIZ a big accelerator of Inventions? • When problems are re-phrased in abstract terms, removing specific words and images, diverse areas of science and technology have very similar problems. • These problems can be solved by just 40 ‘Inventive Principles’. • These Inventive principles have not changed even after ongoing analysis of millions of patents over decades. • Thomas Edison used only 5 of these principles. • TRIZ has elaborate methods of rephrasing problems and overcoming psychological inertia before solving them. • ‘TRIZ method’ involves 2 ‘translations’ from specific problem to Abstract one and from Abstract solution to specific one. • Scientific knowledge is used at the last stage
  8. Other major TRIZ findings • All Scientific and Technical Knowledge exists in “Silos”. • Problem in one science or Technology is, most likely, already solved elsewhere. • Significant inventive effort is like ‘reinventing the wheel’. • TRIZ helps in breaking these silos for free flow of ideas. • Every kind of Technology evolves in definite trends making their future, highly predictable. • These evolve along “S” curves of birth growth maturity and decline. • Breakthrough is always jump to new “S” curve. • Within this path , there are 9 major trends of evolution and many sub trends.
  9. Why is Innovation difficult • Innovation is successfully implemented invention. • Only 6% patents get converted into commercially successful ideas. •Why • Research says that,75% of Companies do not have a systematic idea generation and idea conversion process. • Out of 3000 raw ideas only one succeed as a product in the market. • Global experience of “Corporate R&D” is mediocre commercially.
  10. 10
  11. Demands on Industry today • Due to globalized competition, industries need to have --- Products with better features ---Better quality ---Lower cost ---Lower Risk/hazard --- early time to Market ---Within regulatory and legal compliance • TRIZ is a big enabler under the constraints. 11
  12. Areas where TRIZ can benefit businesses • New Product Development. • Product improvement. • Process streamlining and removal of bottlenecks. • Adjacent market development. • Cost reduction . • Patent protection and circumvention. • Many more .
  13. TRIZ and other Innovation methods. • TRIZ has significant advantages over other innovation methods like , Six Sigma, Lean, SCAMMPER, Theory of Constraints , Value Engineering etc. • These methods are weak in idea generation process and mostly use brainstorming. • Central focus of TRIZ is Idea Generation by contradiction resolution. • This allows TRIZ to come up breakthrough solutions not only in same paradigm but transit to completely new paradigm.
  14. TRIZ in India • TRIZ is relatively new in India. • Till 2021,there are only 45 people in India who are certified ‘Level3’TRIZ experts and NO ONE is a level 4 or Level 5. • This is as per International TRIZ association website ( • Apart from South Korea, China has taken to TRIZ in a big way. • In 2021 alone, out of about 4500 TRIZ certification by (, about 3500 are issued to Chinese. • TRIZ is part of Engineering curriculum in Malaysia.
  15. Thank you. 15

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  1. *Darrell Mann , Presentation to Institution of mechanical Engineers
  2. Darrell Mann : Presentation to Institution of Mechanical Engineers.