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Lies about productivity

  1. Everyone has been preaching and coaching others on what productivity i1s or is not. Let me set things straight Visit
  2. Productivity depends on time management. You do not need to have strict and control freak Franklin Covey planners to achieve stellar performance at work. In fact you need a little wiggle room. A marginal error allowance. Or you will become a zombie robot.
  3. That takes us to Lie #2  Successful people are workaholics. Mother of God. What happened to the Pareto principle. Remember 20% input affects 80% output. You just have to determine the 20% and your life will be running on autopilot. Its called streamlining ,baby. It may be painful to cut your input, your presence; yet it pays in the long run.
  4. Productivity equals creativity. Let me warn you: the fastest way to kill creativity is to focus so hard on results. Focus on the process and all will flow amazingly.
  5. Lie #4  We will always be Productive  Even the most energetic people, Archers aka Sagittarians, have down time. The bad news therefore is that we will not always work like Hercules.  Downtime is a blessing in disguise. It is then that priced ideas arrive while they were absent in those strenuous strategic meetings.
  6. A productivity coach is a personal trainer. If your coach feels like this, fire him now. That is because productivity is human. It must embrace human limits. Or you will end up having a work life imbalance.
  7. Reading 101 tips on productivity makes us productive Based on my experience this will drive you crazy and confused.
  8. Lie #7  Productivity workshops are the remedy for slackness  The best remedy for slackness is a work/life balance coach. That’s because they will not leave you damaged. They will handle performance at work in a way that will not leave you stressed.
  9. Productivity is measured in terms of hours slogged in the office. Liar! The most effective and trusted way to measure productivity is results. Success. Follow me.