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Solar Powered Water Pump

This was part our ENGR493 Presentation where we had to do some research for concept and design generation and then possess the knowledge to create a solar powered submersible water pump using a parabolic solar collector, a gamma stirling engine and a pump for irrigation use in Senegal.

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Solar Powered Water Pump

  1. 1. Solar Powered Water Pumping in SenegalKristen WoznickAndrew KriebelAhmed Al HaddadCollege of EngineeringPenn State University3 December 2012 http://www.practica.org/services/r-d/thermal-solar-pumps/
  2. 2. This presentation covers two yields of the project that isused to provide solar powered water pumping to Senegal Interactive spreadsheet Prototype of a low cost alternative design2
  3. 3. A project schedule laid out the steps and timeline forproject milestones Research & Background Concept Generation Concept Development Prototyping3
  4. 4. The first task was to archive existing solar powered pumpsin a searchable database Archive company, model no., lift, output, etc4
  5. 5. Started with data base which archives 64 submersiblepumps from 9 manufacturers with important criteriaCompanyModel #Input Elec.Max LiftOutput @ Max LiftMax OutputLift @ Max OutputWeight5
  6. 6. What do these input values specify6
  7. 7. Changes to the database improved functionality withcriteria input with the searching function Drop-down menus for the input criteria Macro-enabled “find My Pump” buttonOutput of correct pumpthat matches the inputcriteria7
  8. 8. Future Considerations We ask: If someone enters a set of requirements that are above one capability, but below another, would you be able to suggest the one that has more than the asked for requirements?8
  9. 9. The second task is to innovate and prototype a solarpowered pump to meet the needs of a farm in Senegal SUN’S ENERGY ENGINE/P UMP 20 cubic ASSEMBLY meters 1.2 – 1.6 m per day CROPS 20 m 2m WATER10
  10. 10. Based around a gamma stirling engine, our design was touse the heat of the sun to create the work to drive a pump SOLAR GAMMA SUN IN HEAT TO STIRLING ENGINE ENGINE SOLAR DISH TO CROPS WATER COOLS HIGH SPEED ENGINE LOW TORQUE WORK PULLEY/GEAR LOWER SPEED HIGHER TORQUE WORK PUMP 11 WELL WATER
  11. 11. Using gamma engine models, a Solidworks model wasconstructed to study the motion Compression Ratios Critical Lengths 12
  12. 12. A non-walking beam gamma engine was settled upon andmodeled as our engine DISPLACER POWER PISTON EXPANSION COMPRESION HEAT WORK OUT COLD13
  13. 13. The gamma engine is incorporated into the assembly designwith the solar dish, ‘gear’ system, and pump15
  14. 14. The gamma engine is incorporated into the assembly designwith the solar dish, ‘gear’ system, and pump Solar Collecting Dish Hot End of Engine Cool Side with Water Gamma Engine ‘Gear’ System Water Pipe Mechanical Pump16
  15. 15. The gamma engine is incorporated into the assembly designwith the solar dish, ‘gear’ system, and pump17
  16. 16. The design is easy to assemble, features available materials,and only requires basic machining19
  17. 17. The design is easy to assemble, features available materials,and only requires basic machining20
  18. 18. The prototype is proof of engine function and pump design,but lacks the torque necessary to function as an assembly ✔ Gamma Engine Function – Heat to Work ✔ Pump Function – Movement of Water - Solar Collector X Connection Engine to Pump X Full Function21
  19. 19. To improve performance, it is necessary to make severalchanges to the design Higher Heat Differential HOT COLD Multiple Cylinders22
  20. 20. Ideal Carnot Engine Efficiency “A calculation using the Carnot cycle formula shows that an engine operating with a source temperature of 100 °C and a sink temperature of 35 °C gives a maximum thermal efficiency of about 17.42%.” Efficiency:
  21. 21. Real Engine Efficiency and Power OutputFactors to Consider:• Friction• Gas Leak• Temperature
  22. 22. Parabolic Dish Dimensions“The average energy flux at this distance on a surface perpendicular to the suns rays isabout 1353 W/m2.” ENERGY = POWER x TIME
  23. 23. Calculations Pwhp = q h sg / 3960 = (7.34)(65.6)(1)/3960 = .122 HP = 90.7 W 90.7W/.17 = 533.53 W Solar Dish: 1353W/m²/533.53 = .4m² 1443.K
  24. 24. Goal: Engine Efficiency Range: 30-40% (1000-1500K) (2000-4000 RPM) Lift Power: 110 W Future Teams?
  25. 25. The solar water pumping project is currently a rough proofof concept, but on track for further design iterations Interactive pump Database Developed a Concept and a Feasible Design Prototype and Test Concept Future Steps29
  26. 26. Questions?