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Chor Bane Mor

How Governance in Indian companies can change over the next couple of years due to lack of avenues for Unaccounted Black Money.

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Chor Bane Mor

  1. 1. www.nooreshtech.co.in Chor bane Mor The Indian Promoters Nooresh Merani www.nooreshtech.co.in
  2. 2. www.nooreshtech.co.in Why I call Indian Promoters as Chor • More than 3,000 listed companies have disappeared over the years. Even after a massive exercise and expenses, by the executive, Parliament and High Court's order, investors continue to be in a lurch • “In the years immediately after liberalization, 1.5 crore new investors, small investors as we call them, came into the market between 1992 and 1996 through IPOs. They were duped. At that time Rs86,000 crore were raised in four years through public issues and right issues by four thousand odd companies. Most of these 1.5 crore investors who came in for the first time in the stock market were duped…… Till date 229 companies (only) have been identified by the Government appointed monitoring committee, as having made public issues and disappeared. No one has been arrested and no money has been recovered. There has not been even an action plan as to how to recover that money.” BSE NSE 3000 1800 For every wealth creating company there are 10 that have vanished !!
  3. 3. www.nooreshtech.co.in Cut Taxes / Forget Shareholders • 35% Tax add to that Indirect Taxes. • This was way higher in the 1990s. • Only 1-5% of population pays taxes. • Less than 20k people with taxable income of 1 cr + in India. • A lot of Listed Companies/Promoters would want to avoid paying taxes just like everyone else. Funny Part - We as Investors are the privileged ones who pay zero tax on returns and can blame companies which try to evade taxes 
  4. 4. www.nooreshtech.co.in Save Taxes / Forget Shareholders • Show lesser profits so lesser tax. • Siphon of money from company to benefit himself. • Show huge capex to siphon off. • Sell Land/Factor/Subsidiary at dirt cheap prices. • Essentially most of it is not minority shareholder friendly !! • Why should the Promoter be grateful to a partner who he does not know and has not been from the start and will runaway in bad times !!
  5. 5. www.nooreshtech.co.in What Changes Today !! • Tougher to Hide Taxes. • Tough to Invest Black Money. ( Real Estate/Gold) • Tough to Siphon off Money. • Black to White – Tougher. • Tough to Raise Money without Tax Record. • Sooner it would be even tough to store Physical Notes  with rising Real Estate Prices  • Next Generation and also Love for Market Cap !!
  6. 6. www.nooreshtech.co.in Change from Chor to Mor Promoter Cash Flow Change to Mor • Increase shareholding in company through open market, warrants, preferential allotment. • Change company structure ( merge subsidiaries in same line of biz ) , show sales and actual profits, improve efficiency. Recruit Professional Management, Young generation etc. • Improve return ratios, reduce cash business, siphoning of money, reduce debt etc. • Conduct conference calls, Investor Relations, Increase dividends. Salary and Dividend 2 cr Siphoned Profit 10 cr
  7. 7. www.nooreshtech.co.in Accumulate Shares and Then Raise Money/QIP • Increase stake in company from open market. 5% of equity. • Raise fresh money or sell stake through QIP, Place shares to Funds, Individual Investors, HNIs at 400 cr mkt cap. • Continue on further high growth part. Stick to good governance. MOR Limited Sales 200 cr Profit 25 cr Sales Growth 33% Profit Growth 150% NPM 12.5% Valuation 15-16 times . 400 Cr Market Cap Promoter Cash OutFlow Shares bought 4 cr Company Cash Outflow Additional Taxes 3.5-5 cr •SELL 5% Stake to MFs/DOMESTIC/FII S. /ETFs •4 cr now 20 cr. •5 x increase in Mkt Cap. •Stick to Good Governance
  8. 8. www.nooreshtech.co.in Strategy • Must be bought at statistically cheap prices. Low P-E , Low Book Value, High Sales to Market Cap. • Dividend Paying , Promoter increasing stake, Merger of Subsidiary and other indications is a must. • Classical Graham where we buy a bunch of such plays but add a catalyst in form of management changing stance. • Add on seeing quarterly results showing expected trends. • Tough decision is When to Sell. Ride till there is no bad governance action is one way or goes well beyond expected value. • Cannot be a concentrated style of investing and can be kept to a part of the portfolio basket.
  9. 9. www.nooreshtech.co.in Signals to find - Chor to Mor Companies • Insider Buying • Preferential Warrants. • Buybacks. • Rights to increase promoter shareholding. • Next Generation is also a Major Trigger at Times. • Investor Relations improvement – IR, ConCalls, Analyst Meets. • Merger of Subsidiary in same line of business. • Dividend distribution policy change. • Balance Sheet Cleanup. • Recruitments of Professionals. • Professional Management. • Business Triggers/ Special Situations.
  10. 10. www.nooreshtech.co.in Thank You • Nooresh Merani • 9819225396 • Twitter --- @nooreshtech • nooreshtech@analyseindia.com • www.nooreshtech.co.in
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