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Transcript shankar sharma april 02

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Transcript shankar sharma april 02

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  2. 2. 1:59:41 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute Time to start our todays session with Shankar rs.com Sharma and Alok Kumar now...1:59:57 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute Please welcome both of them... rs.com2:00:13 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute Hello Mr Shankar Sharma, welcome to Trading rs.com India2:00:14 PM Anil Kumar mecklai.com welcome sir Bhansali2:00:18 PM Shankar fglobal.com thanks Sharma2:00:34 PM Vignesh subhkam.com Hi Shankar! It’s been a while... Eswar2:00:37 PM Dipika thomsonreute Welcome to Trading India...Shankar and Alok Lalwani rs.com2:00:45 PM Shankar fglobal.com sure thanks Sharma2:01:07 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute Starting with a first question: your outlook on the rs.com Indian markets please?2:01:27 PM Shankar fglobal.com outlook is negative for India and overall, emerging Sharma markets2:01:50 PM Vignesh subhkam.com on what time frame are you negative Eswar2:02:00 PM Shankar fglobal.com this whole year Sharma2:02:16 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute we read your report released few weeks back on rs.com BRIC countries and it seems you predict a crash there? what makes you feel that way?2:02:16 PM Vignesh subhkam.com ok.... Eswar2:02:36 PM Shankar fglobal.com brics are standing the edge of a major growth cliff Sharma2:02:37 PM Anil Kumar mecklai.com sir a few months ago you were bullish on Indian Bhansali markets what has made you change your view?2:02:49 PM Shailendra universalsom which sectors could remain positive? Mehta po.com2:02:55 PM Shankar fglobal.com yes, we were very bullish all of 2012 Sharma2:03:10 PM Shankar fglobal.com but we changed our view in Jan this year Sharma2:03:38 PM Vignesh subhkam.com what were the triggers?
  3. 3. Eswar2:03:41 PM Hitesh Lad asia.bnpparib so to be clear on view Sir..are you not bullish as.com anymore? or you are bearish?2:03:48 PM Shankar fglobal.com we are positive on IT, pharma, consumers like Sharma united spirits, Tata coffee, nestle, etc2:03:51 PM Shaunpaul idbi.co.in What are the factors that led to this change - Kavalakatt political scenario/macroeconomics/global?2:04:12 PM Shankar fglobal.com triggers will be a terrible global macro Sharma environment, and very disappointing data from India and Bric pack2:04:16 PM Suresh sunteckwealth Good Afternoon Sir, Your name has been a Thanvi max.com synonym with the bearish stand for quite some time are there any asset class where u are bullish and what triggers would make u change your view on Indian markets ?2:04:47 PM Shankar fglobal.com we are neither bullish or bearish. Sharma2:04:53 PM Shankar fglobal.com we get paid to be right Sharma2:05:00 PM Deepan icicilombard.c Do u have any target for Indian Rupee? Bafna om2:05:08 PM Shankar fglobal.com so whichever side we play, we have to be right Sharma2:05:20 PM Shankar fglobal.com last year we were very bullish from Jan itself Sharma2:05:29 PM Shankar fglobal.com when everybody was very negative Sharma2:05:36 PM Shankar fglobal.com this year we turned bearish Sharma2:05:37 PM Vignesh subhkam.com are any of your relative strength models Eswar corroborating the bearish stance...2:06:00 PM Shankar fglobal.com when the whole street and foreign brokers start Sharma singing in joy, we turn cautious2:06:08 PM Sangameswar subhkam.com Hi Sir - any particular stocks in IT which u like Iyer2:06:20 PM Shankar fglobal.com hcl tech Sharma2:06:27 PM Shankar fglobal.com infy Sharma2:06:27 PM Amar hdfcsec.com your view on Indian politics ?early elections Margaje possible ?2:06:31 PM Shankar fglobal.com techm Sharma2:06:41 PM Suresh sunteckwealth what basic parameters u look into before arriving Thanvi max.com at a positive view..?
  4. 4. 2:06:49 PM Shankar fglobal.com no, I don’t think there will early elections, but who Sharma can tell in politics2:06:58 PM Santosh goodfortunec Good Afternoon Sir do u expect a early election Chandane apitals.com2:07:07 PM Pinky askchirag.co INR view? Lapasia m2:07:09 PM Shankar fglobal.com we have a very complex system, so kind of hard to Sharma say which parameters2:07:17 PM Shankar fglobal.com INR looks bearish Sharma2:07:29 PM Suresh sunteckwealth few basic ones if u can highlight it would be quite Thanvi max.com a lesson for us all2:07:41 PM Pinky askchirag.co any targets for 13-14 Lapasia m2:07:41 PM Deepan icicilombard.c any targets for INR this year? Bafna om2:07:47 PM Anusmit hsbc.co.in Hi Sir, what’s your take on PSU Banks would you Mazumdar look to be positive in the near term and any particular name you like or hate2:07:48 PM Shankar fglobal.com look at breadth as a good indicator Sharma2:07:58 PM Shankar fglobal.com banks we are negative on Sharma2:08:09 PM Amar hdfcsec.com view on interest rates, rbi policy? Margaje2:08:10 PM Shankar fglobal.com we see banks being the single biggest area of loss Sharma in this year, in india2:08:17 PM Dhiraj Papnai edelcap.com Hi Shankar, your take on the whole global rally and the broader underperformance of the emerging markets2:08:26 PM Shankar fglobal.com the rbi has messed up with the rate policy Sharma2:08:37 PM Shankar fglobal.com it is now too late to cut now and revive growth Sharma2:08:53 PM Shankar fglobal.com the emerging mkt story is over for now Sharma2:08:53 PM Amar hdfcsec.com do u see rate cut in coming policy / Margaje2:09:05 PM Ritesh spasecurities. Hi Sir, your view on India govt. Bond yields. Is at Badjatya com 8% 10 year bond is good 6 month investment based on expecting some more rate cuts and even if no cuts then at least no hikes ?2:09:12 PM Anusmit hsbc.co.in whats your take on SBI especially in the light of Mazumdar an impending chairman change and wage negotiation
  5. 5. 2:09:12 PM Shankar fglobal.com yes there will be a rate cut ahead but he has left it Sharma too late2:09:19 PM Santosh goodfortunec Sir what is your view on nifty keeping in mind big Chandane apitals.com FIIS buying2:09:21 PM Anusmit hsbc.co.in and low credit growth Mazumdar2:09:21 PM Amar hdfcsec.com hmm Margaje2:09:21 PM Shankar fglobal.com yes bonds are good investment Sharma2:09:41 PM Shailendra universalsom ur views on stocks like Core, HDIL, Aanjaneya Mehta po.com2:09:44 PM Suresh sunteckwealth whats more killing the growth prospects today Thanvi max.com delay in easing or bad governance..?2:09:46 PM Shankar fglobal.com what FIIs buy or sell has little meaning Sharma2:09:58 PM Santosh goodfortunec hum Chandane apitals.com2:10:16 PM Shankar fglobal.com I pay no attention to fii flows, etc etc Sharma2:10:17 PM Pinky askchirag.co which is the best assets to allocate funds ... Lapasia m2:10:28 PM Shankar fglobal.com bonds and fixed income Sharma2:10:52 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute what do you make of the recent mid-cap crash? rs.com fallen off the cliff down in the valley...2:10:56 PM Pinky askchirag.co Any stocks Like TataM which u picked last time Lapasia m ... Could be a bet for long term ...2:11:10 PM Shankar fglobal.com we are now short on tata motors Sharma2:11:25 PM Shankar fglobal.com now, tata coffee looks a great buy Sharma2:11:39 PM Shankar fglobal.com tata motors has peaked out in terms of jlr potential Sharma2:12:08 PM Kartik Mehta antiquelimite what views on Infra pls d.com2:12:09 PM Shankar fglobal.com tata coffee is underwoned, a grt consumer play, at Sharma 17x earnings, free cash positive, tata compny2:12:10 PM Ritesh spasecurities. so other than Govt bonds, is bonds listed on Badjatya com exchanges like IRFC , NHAI , PFC, SRTRANS etc. is good or stick to govt. bonds only2:12:20 PM Shankar fglobal.com infra we have been negatv for five years Sharma2:12:21 PM Vignesh subhkam.com Re - i pay no attention to fii flows, etc etc - I have
  6. 6. Eswar a study that maps the cumulative flows to market movement. its pretty well correlated on the Medium term moves....and is a reasonable good forecaster...with a 3-6 week lag2:12:23 PM Jinesh Sheth sharekhan.co Hi sir , what is your view on Reality & Gold ? m2:12:47 PM Shankar fglobal.com gold we are negative on Sharma2:12:51 PM Sangameswar subhkam.com Sir - what is your view on maruti & the auto space Iyer in general2:12:56 PM Amar hdfcsec.com saw your article on broking ind - crystal ball, Margaje what’s view ?2:13:02 PM Jinesh Sheth sharekhan.co Reality? m2:13:28 PM Shankar fglobal.com maruti is ok...but we see the car mkt being v Sharma challenging this...bear in mind we have been positive on autos for 5-6 years...but are now turning negative2:13:36 PM Pinky askchirag.co Crude oil WTI what’s your view , Last report Lapasia m From FG had crude targets of 8 $ ... after that not seen any update2:13:39 PM Dhiraj Papnai edelcap.com Shankar, looking at the CAD and other macro headwinds, what would be your one year target for Nifty2:13:55 PM Shankar fglobal.com the inr can be 56+ Sharma2:14:04 PM Shankar fglobal.com yes the view on the broking industry is what it is Sharma2:14:11 PM Sangameswar subhkam.com true that’s why I wanted to know - any particular Iyer event / trigger point which could make u change the stance2:14:19 PM Shankar fglobal.com oil looks bearish Sharma2:14:24 PM Shankar fglobal.com we see 80 on it Sharma2:14:25 PM Santosh goodfortunec what your view on pharma sector considering yest Chandane apitals.com SC decision on Novartis2:14:32 PM Shankar fglobal.com and all metals look terrible too Sharma2:14:41 PM Shankar fglobal.com domestic pharma is great Sharma2:14:58 PM Pinky askchirag.co bearish oil / metals / gold .. isn’t it good For india Lapasia m growth story ?2:15:11 PM Shankar fglobal.com in theory, that is good Sharma
  7. 7. 2:15:23 PM Shankar fglobal.com in reality, that’s a diff story altogether Sharma2:15:25 PM Dhiraj Papnai edelcap.com Shankar, looking at the CAD and other macro headwinds, what would be your one year target for Nifty2:15:37 PM Pinky askchirag.co Do u follow technical analysis ... ever? Lapasia m2:15:37 PM Shankar fglobal.com below 5000, for sure Sharma2:15:48 PM Shankar fglobal.com i follow everything Sharma2:16:02 PM Shankar fglobal.com idea is to get mkts right, so whatever it takes Sharma2:16:08 PM Priyanka edelcap.com Do you see similarity between south east Asian Shah currency crisis of 1997 & current Indian macro situation?2:16:23 PM Pinky askchirag.co bearish Stance is based on technical’s or Lapasia m fundamentals2:16:35 PM Shankar fglobal.com not really...but I see a big slowdown even in the Sharma coming year2:16:49 PM Shankar fglobal.com and bric pack looks toast Sharma2:16:56 PM Dhiraj Papnai edelcap.com lol2:17:00 PM Amar hdfcsec.com lol Margaje2:17:04 PM Pinky askchirag.co lol Lapasia m2:17:08 PM Sajjid Lala hdfcsec.com lol2:17:11 PM Shankar fglobal.com bearish stance is always based on entire reading of Sharma global macro and fundamentals2:17:26 PM Shankar fglobal.com as well as broad technical’s Sharma2:17:39 PM Ankit askchirag.co In how many years do u see NIFTY hitting new Chaudhary m life time highs?2:17:55 PM Shankar fglobal.com not for a long time Sharma2:17:58 PM Pinky askchirag.co EURO/USD Lapasia m2:18:03 PM Suresh sunteckwealth will u give a thumsup for return of UPA-3 after Thanvi max.com elections?2:18:10 PM Shankar fglobal.com euro looks very weak Sharma2:18:14 PM Ritesh spasecurities. so other than Govt bonds, is bonds listed on Badjatya com exchanges like IRFC , NHAI , PFC, SRTRANS
  8. 8. etc. is good or stick to govt. bonds only2:18:21 PM Ravi Sharma plindia.com What would be your call on FMCGs for this year ?2:18:26 PM Shankar fglobal.com no, u can buy other bonds as well Sharma2:18:38 PM Shankar fglobal.com I am a UPA voter so always want it to be in power Sharma2:18:51 PM Amar hdfcsec.com Other than Tata coffee & IT any other stocks to Margaje hide?2:18:53 PM Shankar fglobal.com fmcgs look good this year, as bear market plays Sharma2:19:10 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute despite what happened in UPA-1 & UPA-II rs.com tenure? No reforms that is?2:19:25 PM Shankar fglobal.com I disagree Sharma2:19:33 PM Shankar fglobal.com there have been major reforms in both periods Sharma2:19:38 PM Priyanka edelcap.com What’s your view on US markets? Shah2:19:46 PM Shankar fglobal.com negative on US markets Sharma2:19:50 PM Anil Kumar mecklai.com but what about the scams that have happened? Bhansali2:19:55 PM Suresh sunteckwealth and even lost opportunity in many cases Sir.. Thanvi max.com2:19:55 PM Shankar fglobal.com but US will outperform this year Sharma2:20:02 PM Shankar fglobal.com there are no scams Sharma2:20:09 PM Shankar fglobal.com thats a CAG created myth Sharma2:20:12 PM Dhairya Shah aifl.net which sector will lead the down fall?2:20:18 PM Dhiraj Papnai edelcap.com Any major market that you are bullish on?2:20:25 PM Shankar fglobal.com in 2g, there is no evidence till date that raja took Sharma any money2:20:36 PM Amar hdfcsec.com Agree Margaje2:20:38 PM Shankar fglobal.com the smaller marktes like Philippines etc look good Sharma2:21:03 PM Shankar fglobal.com banks will lead the fall Sharma2:21:14 PM Dhairya Shah aifl.net k. thx2:21:25 PM Shankar fglobal.com banks look shaky...poor deposit growth, in credit Sharma credit/deposit ratio2:21:28 PM Suresh sunteckwealth Sir for Indian investors..? Where should they be
  9. 9. Thanvi max.com heading Bank FD’s..2:21:34 PM Shankar fglobal.com yes bank FDs Sharma2:21:42 PM Ritesh spasecurities. thanx sir. Badjatya com2:21:49 PM Shankar fglobal.com return of capital is more important than return on Sharma capital2:22:02 PM Kartik Mehta antiquelimite how would the markets react to Narendre modi d.com becoming a prime minister candidate?2:22:21 PM Shankar fglobal.com the gujus will dance on the streets Sharma2:22:22 PM Suresh sunteckwealth agreed..so we might have better deposit ratios Thanvi max.com which is good2:22:29 PM Shankar fglobal.com am not sure about the rest of india Sharma2:22:31 PM Kartik Mehta antiquelimite lol d.com2:22:35 PM Sajjid Lala hdfcsec.com So sir in your view do u think that 2013 & 2014 Indian equity markets will go nowhere2:22:38 PM Anil Kumar mecklai.com so u don’t think that the fall out in the market is Bhansali because of the policies made by UPA or in fact no policies made by UPA2:22:42 PM Amar hdfcsec.com lol Margaje2:22:57 PM Shankar fglobal.com markets have been bad globally Sharma2:23:09 PM Shankar fglobal.com I ll give you three villains Sharma2:23:17 PM Shankar fglobal.com CAG, RBI and Supreme court Sharma2:23:21 PM Sajjid Lala hdfcsec.com Lol2:23:25 PM Shankar fglobal.com they are the reason why we r in this mess Sharma2:23:27 PM Priyanka edelcap.com Within banking what’s your call on pvt banks? Shah2:23:36 PM Dhiraj Papnai edelcap.com Shankar, how long do you think would India be in a bear phase...when would things likely to improve for us2:23:37 PM Suresh sunteckwealth mkts have been bad globally....????? sir markets Thanvi max.com globally are at multi year highs..2:23:43 PM Utkarsh rcap.co.in @ Shankar what is u outlook on MNC Pharma Maheshwari names post yesterdays verdict2:23:53 PM Shankar fglobal.com no...thats only the US Sharma
  10. 10. 2:24:11 PM Shankar fglobal.com and western markets have been given a supportive Sharma monetary policy2:24:15 PM Pinky askchirag.co what’s your u r view on MEDIA sector & Lapasia m education Stocks Like Mt edu / tree house ...2:24:24 PM Shankar fglobal.com in india, the rbi has screwed everybody by killing Sharma growth2:24:34 PM Shankar fglobal.com I don’t follow media or education stocks Sharma2:24:39 PM Sailesh Jain quantcapital.c what’s your view on OIL PSUs & Reliance ? o.in2:24:40 PM Santosh goodfortunec your view on reliance sir Chandane apitals.com2:24:54 PM Shankar fglobal.com been negative on reliance for 5 years now Sharma2:25:04 PM Shankar fglobal.com don’t know about oil osus Sharma2:25:04 PM Shailendra universalsom Sir your views on Aviation sector? Mehta po.com2:25:05 PM Pinky askchirag.co IVRCL? Lapasia m2:25:10 PM Sailesh Jain quantcapital.c and OIL PSUs sir o.in2:25:14 PM Rohan Gala subhkam.com what’s your view on the oil n gas sector after the steps govt has taken to curb the subsidy....2:25:16 PM Shankar fglobal.com aviation is a crap business Sharma2:25:21 PM Shankar fglobal.com so is infra Sharma2:25:28 PM Pinky askchirag.co MCX? Lapasia m2:25:34 PM Shankar fglobal.com Am ambivalent on oil and gas Sharma2:25:41 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute re: RBI, would say that Reddy was far better Guv rs.com as compared to Subbarao in taming inflation?2:25:42 PM Santosh goodfortunec h-lever and itc view sir Chandane apitals.com2:25:42 PM Tejas Shah edelcap.com Do you see Dr Copper catching a flu? ... seems to be on verge of making multi-month top2:25:47 PM Shankar fglobal.com don’t follow MCX, but am not bullish on stock Sharma exchanges2:25:53 PM Sailesh Jain quantcapital.c thanks Sir for your view o.in2:25:55 PM Shankar fglobal.com yes agree on copper Sharma
  11. 11. 2:25:55 PM Sangameswar subhkam.com Any particular names in Pharma where u feel Iyer comfort entering at current levels2:26:05 PM Jignesh Shah sunidhi.com unsp for 3 to 6 months view2:26:06 PM Shankar fglobal.com sun, lupin Sharma2:26:09 PM Priyanka edelcap.com Within banking what’s your call on pvt banks? Shah2:26:13 PM Shankar fglobal.com unsp is fine Sharma2:26:30 PM Amar hdfcsec.com tata global Margaje2:26:32 PM Shankar fglobal.com we are negative on pvt and psu banks...valuations Sharma of pvt banks r way too high2:26:41 PM Rohan Gala subhkam.com any particular stock one can see in the oil n gas sector2:26:43 PM Shankar fglobal.com no, tata coffe, i like Sharma2:26:48 PM Shankar fglobal.com not tata global Sharma2:26:54 PM Amar hdfcsec.com k Margaje2:27:03 PM Shankar fglobal.com no, I don’t like the oil n gas sector Sharma2:27:11 PM Santosh goodfortunec your view on itc and H-lever sir Chandane apitals.com2:27:23 PM Shankar fglobal.com both look like ok bets for this year Sharma2:27:29 PM Sangameswar subhkam.com Sir but does the valuation provide the comfort in Iyer these names (Sun especially)2:27:30 PM Jitendra edelcap.com So where do you sell Nifty again? Sell here? Mehta2:27:30 PM Shankar fglobal.com at least we won’t lose 40% in those Sharma2:27:36 PM Sajjid Lala hdfcsec.com your view on Nestle sir2:27:42 PM Shankar fglobal.com in good stocks, valuation is always high Sharma2:27:46 PM Shankar fglobal.com in reliance it is always low Sharma2:27:51 PM Shankar fglobal.com so you decide Sharma2:28:25 PM Ritesh spasecurities. true certainty always command premium Badjatya com2:28:31 PM Sajjid Lala hdfcsec.com your view on Nestle sir2:28:35 PM Santosh goodfortunec what u think on OFS policy of GOVT will govt
  12. 12. Chandane apitals.com able to garner the good amount2:28:35 PM Shankar fglobal.com good Sharma2:28:45 PM Gaurav Lohia hdfcbank.com Shankar.. over the past 5 yrs FII holdings has risen by ~500bps while DII and retail are out.... do you feel that this trend would change or they would continue to mop up all the available floating stock... and the govt would raise FII limits regularly...2:28:51 PM Shankar fglobal.com let’s see about divestment Sharma2:28:59 PM Shankar fglobal.com now all divestments go to LIC Sharma2:29:20 PM Shankar fglobal.com the FII’s are largely ETF driven Sharma2:29:30 PM Shankar fglobal.com so they can reverse very quickly Sharma2:29:53 PM Shankar fglobal.com let’s not start believing that FII’s are here for Sharma us...they r momentum driven ETFs2:29:54 PM Ankit askchirag.co Technically, what level on Nifty if crossed will Chaudhary m change your bearish stance completely??2:30:03 PM Gaurav Lohia hdfcbank.com yeah... but over 5 years they have only been rising... so reversal... would take some doing.2:30:08 PM Shankar fglobal.com 5% above all time high Sharma2:30:18 PM Jitendra edelcap.com Where do you sell Nifty now? Mehta2:30:18 PM Gaurav Lohia hdfcbank.com of you think that 5 yrs only ETF has come in2:30:22 PM Shankar fglobal.com you see...the beauty about India is this Sharma2:30:28 PM Shankar fglobal.com that Fii’s can never exit Sharma2:30:34 PM Shankar fglobal.com they can only enter Sharma2:30:37 PM Shankar fglobal.com but never exit Sharma2:30:44 PM Shankar fglobal.com it’s like the mafia Sharma2:30:49 PM Shankar fglobal.com u can join Sharma2:30:51 PM Vignesh subhkam.com like hotel California Eswar2:30:52 PM Shankar fglobal.com but never leave Sharma
  13. 13. 2:30:56 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute haha rs.com2:30:58 PM Shankar fglobal.com yeah Sharma2:31:03 PM Amar hdfcsec.com hahaha Margaje2:31:03 PM Sajjid Lala hdfcsec.com lol2:31:07 PM Shankar fglobal.com paresh rawal said this to sanjay dutt in Naam Sharma2:31:19 PM Gaurav Lohia hdfcbank.com so... would we again see retail coming back post new highs are made... as it happens always2:31:21 PM Shankar fglobal.com yahan par 1 billion bechega to lower circuit Sharma2:31:32 PM Shankar fglobal.com this market is a fraud market Sharma2:31:35 PM Shankar fglobal.com there is zero depth Sharma2:31:52 PM Shankar fglobal.com Emkay sold 600 crs by mistake we had lower Sharma circuit2:31:57 PM Suresh sunteckwealth Sir, would u advise govt to take some actions to Thanvi max.com revive this fraud markets..?2:32:15 PM Shankar fglobal.com so india very smartly made a market where Fii’s Sharma can only buy2:32:18 PM Shankar fglobal.com but never sell Sharma2:32:27 PM Suresh sunteckwealth as its bread and butter for all of us.. Thanvi max.com2:32:36 PM Shankar fglobal.com only that stupid institution called RBI can do Sharma something2:32:42 PM Priyanka edelcap.com What’s your call in Japanese Yen and Nikkei? Shah2:32:45 PM Shankar fglobal.com let’s find some other bread and butter Sharma2:32:49 PM Shankar fglobal.com or just bread Sharma2:32:55 PM Shankar fglobal.com forget about the butter Sharma2:33:05 PM Gaurav Lohia hdfcbank.com fraud... hmm... i would have said that when people were bullish at 21000 in 2008 Jan... but the very same guys have now turned bearish to the level of calling an end to the markets... time to change view shanker?2:33:25 PM Suresh sunteckwealth u did leave market last year or year before ..but as Thanvi max.com u say it’s like mafia u have to enter back can’t stay away from this..
  14. 14. 2:33:35 PM Shankar fglobal.com who has turned bearish now, who was bullish at Sharma 21k in 2008?2:33:38 PM Suresh sunteckwealth your personal experience Thanvi max.com2:33:55 PM Shankar fglobal.com I never left markets Sharma2:34:02 PM Shankar fglobal.com I only said I have stopped investing Sharma2:34:07 PM Shankar fglobal.com In the stock markets Sharma2:34:12 PM Shankar fglobal.com and do more bonds now Sharma2:34:33 PM Suresh sunteckwealth read an interview about u leaving markets and Thanvi max.com focusing on Education sector in popular financial Daily2:34:57 PM Priyanka edelcap.com What’s your call in Japanese Yen and Nikkei? Shah2:35:01 PM Shankar fglobal.com yes, but the reporter made it seem as if I have quit Sharma markets. I only said I don’t have the time for investing2:35:12 PM Shankar fglobal.com japan s run is more or less done Sharma2:35:41 PM Gaurav Lohia hdfcbank.com no1 in particular... but most of the sell side has turned super bearish... same guys were bllisgh then.2:36:01 PM Shankar fglobal.com I think sell side conciseness is fairly bullish even Sharma now2:36:05 PM Vignesh subhkam.com maybe they just got wiser since then.... Eswar2:36:08 PM Shankar fglobal.com it was v bearish in Dec 2011 Sharma2:36:23 PM Shankar fglobal.com now consensus is reasonably bullish Sharma2:36:33 PM Ankit askchirag.co Sir you will wait for 6670 on Nifty to cross to turn Chaudhary m bullish .. Isn’t that too far.. You will miss the whole rally if it comes2:37:01 PM Shankar fglobal.com no we wont Sharma2:37:05 PM Shankar fglobal.com We’ll play it Sharma2:37:06 PM Suresh sunteckwealth And adding to Ankit’s Question what upside will u Thanvi max.com look at post 66702:37:10 PM Shankar fglobal.com but we don’t have to believe it Sharma2:37:25 PM Amar hdfcsec.com long term view on Indian equities?
  15. 15. Margaje2:37:28 PM Shankar fglobal.com playing something and believing in it are too diff Sharma things2:37:32 PM Amar hdfcsec.com 3.-5 yrs Margaje2:37:39 PM Shankar fglobal.com I never take long term view in equities Sharma2:37:49 PM Shankar fglobal.com equities are a short term game Sharma2:37:57 PM Shankar fglobal.com I don’t keep a demat account Sharma2:38:06 PM Sajjid Lala hdfcsec.com LOL2:38:10 PM Ankit askchirag.co lol Chaudhary m2:38:13 PM Amar hdfcsec.com lol Margaje2:38:19 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute whoa! and we though money in equities can only rs.com be made in long term!?2:38:22 PM Atul Vitha eisec.com lol2:38:26 PM Shankar fglobal.com keep everything ready to go Sharma2:38:33 PM Shankar fglobal.com which is why i always escape bear markets Sharma2:38:45 PM Bharat Shah ventura1.com and view for FY 132:38:51 PM Dhiraj Papnai edelcap.com and miss the bull run too perhaps?2:39:10 PM Vignesh subhkam.com so in terms of diversification - from shallow Indian Eswar equities - which other markets look interesting to you from a trading perspective?2:39:11 PM Shankar fglobal.com manoj, the problem is that funds give this long Sharma term investing bs becos they want u to stay in their funds for years and they make fees2:39:19 PM Suresh sunteckwealth what would u advise your BIG BULL market Thanvi max.com friend..?2:39:20 PM Shankar fglobal.com all markets are tradeable Sharma2:39:30 PM Shankar fglobal.com who Rakesh? Sharma2:39:57 PM Shankar fglobal.com Haven’t met him for while lately Sharma2:40:06 PM Suresh sunteckwealth all BULLs fathers and god fathers. Thanvi max.com2:40:10 PM Shankar fglobal.com but midcaps have been crushed Sharma2:40:52 PM Suresh sunteckwealth 400-IPO now we don’t know...that’s a Scam
  16. 16. Thanvi max.com2:40:55 PM Pinky askchirag.co any midcap u would like to pick up ... Lapasia m2:41:07 PM Shankar fglobal.com which IPO? Sharma2:41:12 PM Pinky askchirag.co I mean midcap which are small cap now Lapasia m2:41:12 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute now that youve raised midcaps - what do you rs.com make of the recent mid-cap crash? Fallen off the cliff down in the valley...2:41:19 PM Suresh sunteckwealth A2Z..? Thanvi max.com2:41:20 PM Vignesh subhkam.com Shankar -you’ve been through a lot of tough times Eswar personally in the last 12 years - can you share the bif life learnings that have seen you through it and kept you shining?2:41:23 PM Tejas Shah edelcap.com Do you see any silver linings in Mid-cap and Small-caps?2:41:28 PM Shankar fglobal.com oh a2z Sharma2:41:41 PM Shankar fglobal.com Tata coffee is the only midcap we like Sharma2:41:55 PM Savio Shetty plindia.com @ ST - @ Least it was true to its name. Went from A to Z2:41:59 PM Shankar fglobal.com sound business, good governace, consumer play Sharma2:42:02 PM Shankar fglobal.com lollllll Sharma2:42:07 PM Shankar fglobal.com thats a good one on a2z Sharma2:42:11 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute LOL Savio rs.com2:42:21 PM Suresh sunteckwealth A groupt to Z group Thanvi max.com2:42:28 PM Shankar fglobal.com nice one Sharma2:42:32 PM Shankar fglobal.com hota hai boss Sharma2:42:38 PM Shankar fglobal.com markets are great levellers Sharma2:42:46 PM Dhiraj Papnai edelcap.com true2:43:08 PM Suresh sunteckwealth agree.. Thanvi max.com2:43:09 PM Vignesh subhkam.com and blue jeans...
  17. 17. Eswar2:43:10 PM Shankar fglobal.com idea is not to start believing in the market bullshit Sharma2:43:36 PM Shankar fglobal.com keep some distance from the hype Sharma2:44:31 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute and that’s what is I guess impossible.. can we stay rs.com away from the screen glamour?2:44:36 PM Suresh sunteckwealth whats are your key takeaways from Indian market Thanvi max.com in your past 15-16 years2:44:49 PM Shankar fglobal.com be sceptical Sharma2:44:57 PM Shankar fglobal.com about equities in general Sharma2:45:07 PM Shankar fglobal.com don’t become an evangelist Sharma2:45:11 PM Shankar fglobal.com it’s a movie Sharma2:45:14 PM Suresh sunteckwealth yeah about equities only i meant.. Thanvi max.com2:45:20 PM Shankar fglobal.com so leave after 3 hrs Sharma2:45:47 PM Suresh sunteckwealth do u see return of bull phase back anytime soon... Thanvi max.com2:45:58 PM Shankar fglobal.com dont see it this year Sharma2:46:03 PM Suresh sunteckwealth we never had a new high since past 6 years Thanvi max.com2:46:12 PM Shankar fglobal.com but we can make money even in a bear market Sharma guys2:46:16 PM Shankar fglobal.com so don’t get depressed Sharma2:46:31 PM Amar hdfcsec.com that only u made boss Margaje2:46:34 PM Shankar fglobal.com t20, 50 overs, 5 day Sharma2:46:38 PM Shankar fglobal.com we can play all formats Sharma2:46:53 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute IPL days here anyways rs.com2:46:57 PM Shankar fglobal.com jaisa market, waisa game yes Sharma2:49:08 PM Anil Kumar mecklai.com So to sum up nifty would go below 5000 this year Bhansali and INR will remain weak investment should be made in bonds and FMCG right?
  18. 18. 2:49:23 PM Suresh sunteckwealth and congress will be back in UPA-3 Thanvi max.com2:49:42 PM Anil Kumar mecklai.com hahaha Bhansali2:49:47 PM Suresh sunteckwealth right AKB Thanvi max.com2:49:49 PM Shankar fglobal.com yes Sharma2:49:56 PM Dhiraj Papnai edelcap.com we might not be on the same page on nifty, but m with you on sachin2:49:57 PM Amar hdfcsec.com who u would like to see as next pm - Margaje PC/namo/rahul ?2:50:12 PM Shankar fglobal.com I hope so Sharma2:50:55 PM Shankar fglobal.com guys we don’t have to agree on everything Sharma2:51:03 PM Shankar fglobal.com PC Sharma2:51:06 PM Suresh sunteckwealth yeah we agree to disagree on Nifty Thanvi max.com2:51:10 PM Shankar fglobal.com Rahul in 2019 Sharma2:51:17 PM Shankar fglobal.com let Namo first practise as head of bjp Sharma2:51:27 PM Suresh sunteckwealth or 2029 he is too young now Thanvi max.com2:51:37 PM Shankar fglobal.com usko pehle party mein consenus lanney do Sharma2:51:37 PM Anil Kumar mecklai.com what about manmohan singh sir? Bhansali2:51:49 PM Shankar fglobal.com yeah sure Sharma2:52:10 PM Shankar fglobal.com manmohan is great for the country Sharma2:52:14 PM Shankar fglobal.com but too old now Sharma2:52:48 PM Amar hdfcsec.com what about mulayam/sp/maya/jaya , they r in Margaje waiting since 19912:52:55 PM Bharat Shah ventura1.com In politics no old word2:53:11 PM Shankar fglobal.com true Sharma2:53:26 PM Shankar fglobal.com let’s see Sharma2:53:32 PM Shankar fglobal.com 2014 is far away
  19. 19. Sharma2:53:37 PM Shankar fglobal.com we have to survive April Sharma2:53:44 PM Ritesh spasecurities. old is gold in politics Badjatya com2:54:02 PM Shankar fglobal.com yes..even Advani wants to be pm Sharma2:54:02 PM Jitendra edelcap.com Coming back to markets, what are any new books Mehta you would recommend a trader to read2:54:22 PM Amar hdfcsec.com hanuman chalisa Margaje2:54:26 PM Shankar fglobal.com haven’t read a book on markets for a long time Sharma2:54:35 PM Shankar fglobal.com hanuman chalisa a good bet Sharma2:54:47 PM Shankar fglobal.com hedge funds off the record Sharma2:54:51 PM Shankar fglobal.com by steven drobny Sharma2:55:00 PM Shankar fglobal.com but one book all of u MUST read is Sharma2:55:07 PM Bharat Shah ventura1.com that is why your prediction are going right2:55:11 PM Shankar fglobal.com Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow Sharma2:55:20 PM Savio Shetty plindia.com Ill suggest one Shankar - Read Thinking, Fast and Slow: Daniel Kahneman2:55:20 PM Shankar fglobal.com read this book Sharma2:55:27 PM Vignesh subhkam.com yeah Eswar2:55:32 PM Shankar fglobal.com amazing Sharma2:55:37 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute hanuman chalis? LOL rs.com2:55:39 PM Savio Shetty plindia.com ha ha ..Weve read it both I guess2:55:41 PM Shankar fglobal.com after that, u ll stop watching cnbc Sharma2:55:54 PM Shankar fglobal.com and will laugh when somebody gives you a GDP Sharma forecast2:56:00 PM Bharat Shah ventura1.com time may come2:56:06 PM Amar hdfcsec.com lol Margaje2:56:31 PM Shankar fglobal.com guys, time to go Sharma
  20. 20. 2:56:40 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute Alright sir.. rs.com2:56:41 PM Amar hdfcsec.com thnx lot sir Margaje2:56:44 PM Anil Kumar mecklai.com thks for the view sirji Bhansali2:56:52 PM Shankar fglobal.com any time guys Sharma2:56:55 PM Suresh sunteckwealth Thanks a lot sir..Nice chatting with u Thanvi max.com2:56:55 PM Shankar fglobal.com have fun Sharma2:56:56 PM Pinky askchirag.co Thanks a lot... For your time & view sir Lapasia m2:56:59 PM Shankar fglobal.com take it easy Sharma2:56:59 PM Sajjid Lala hdfcsec.com thnx shankar2:57:02 PM Vignesh subhkam.com Tx Shankar! Eswar2:57:04 PM Sangameswar subhkam.com Hi Sir - it was agreat learning while working under Iyer you and great to catch up with you so many years later2:57:05 PM Ankit askchirag.co Thanks a lot sir.. Chaudhary m2:57:07 PM Dhairya Shah aifl.net grt to have ur vies sir2:57:07 PM Bharat Shah ventura1.com thanks2:57:12 PM Shankar fglobal.com and don’t take this market shit too seriously Sharma2:57:16 PM Manoj Rawal thomsonreute Thanks a lot for all your views and sharing your rs.com time with us2:57:19 PM Shankar fglobal.com or you will go mad Sharma2:57:22 PM Shankar fglobal.com bye Sharma