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Presentation on Agile Testing Days 2018
Title: Agile Thinking drives digital Innovation
An integrated agile process model for digital innovation
Combination of effective agile methods and efficiency of process structure.
Guideline to implement an agile innovation process in organizations

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  1. 1. Norbert Kroth Agile Testing Days 2018, Potsdam, 13.11.2018 Agile Thinking drives digital Innovation An integrated agile Process Model for digital Innovation
  2. 2. How can a CEO of a midsize company organize digital product innovation efficiently based on Agile Thinking?
  3. 3. What means Agile Thinking? An ITERATIVE approach to create high value for users based on feedback and change! Commercial Solution Vision
  4. 4. What means Agile Efficiency? An ITERATIVE procedure with a short scope and solution convergence cycle! Commercial Solution ScopeConvergence Solution Convergence Vision
  5. 5. Agile Methods – Scrum Source: https://blog.itil.org/2014/02/allgemein/agiles-projekt-management-mit-scrum-das-erfolgsrezept-hinter-google-apple-co/ An ITERATIVE procedure to turn a set of requirements into code!
  6. 6. Agile Methods – User Centered Design Source: http://usabilitytesting.sg/blog/web-usability/user-centred-design-ucd-6-methods/ An ITERATIVE procedure to create valuable software for high user acceptance! Test Prototype Ideas
  7. 7. Agile Methods – Design Thinking Source: https://ideatehighacademy.com/design-thinking/ An ITERATIVE procedure to solve problems by finding creative solutions with high value for users!
  8. 8. Agile Methods – DevOps Source: https://blog.realtech.com/index.php/2018/05/09/klassische-sap-landschaften-mit-devops-zukunftsfaehig-machen/ An ITERATIVE procedure to build SW releases and push them to production!
  9. 9. Agile Synthesis Design Thinking User centered Design Scrum DevOps Integrated Agile Innovation Process Generate Solution Ideas Design the Solution Develop the Software Deliver the Release
  10. 10. Combine Methods Source: https://medium.com/@geertwlclaes/when-which-design-thinking-lean-design-sprint-agile-a4614fa778b9/ • Agile methods overlap • Duplicated activities • No clear handover points for results
  11. 11. Model Prototype model design build operate BUSINESS VISION BUSINESS CONCEPTS DESIGN ARTIFACTS CODE ARTIFACTS COMMERCIAL RELEASE MARKET FEEDBACK Value Completion Design Thinking User Centered Design Scrum DevOps low high high
  12. 12. Multi-Domain Structure VALUE DESIGN OPERATE MODEL BUILDADD BUSINESS VISION BUSINESS CONCEPTS PRODUCT BACKLOG CODE ARTIFACTS COMMERCIAL RELEASE DESIGN ARTIFACTS MARKET FEEDBACK 1 2 3 4 Separate agile Innovation Domain with dedicated Value adding Activities. Operated as an independent agile Sub- process. ►Effectiveness Entire agile Innovation Cycle. Connects the different agile Innovation Domains and describes the Handover of Backlog Items. ►Efficiency
  13. 13. Strategic Business Modelling VALUE DESIGN OPERATE MODEL BUILDADD Artifacts: • Business Plan • Business Model Canvas • Business Epics Activites: • Analyse Market & User Demand • Set the Business Goals • Generate Business & Solution Ideas • Create Business Model
  14. 14. User Centered Solution Design VALUE DESIGN OPERATE MODEL BUILDADD Artifacts: • Personas • User Interaction Map • Wireframes • Business Process Map • Conceptual Documents • User Stories & prioritized Product Backlog Activites: • Understand the User in detail • Define Interactions • Prototyping & Validation • Define Solution Architecture & Data Models • Plan Releases • Manage Product Backlog
  15. 15. Agile Software Development VALUE DESIGN OPERATE MODEL BUILDADD Artifacts: • Estimated Sprint Backlog & DoD • Implementation Tasks • Code • Test-Scripts • Detailed Design Documents Activites: • Plan Coding Iteration • Define detailed Design • Develop Code • Develop Tests • Manage Progress • Check Quality • Validate Results
  16. 16. Continuous Deployment & Operations VALUE DESIGN OPERATE MODEL BUILDADD Artifacts: • Operations Tasks • Scripts & Config-Files • Error-Tickets • User Analytics Report Activites: • Build, Test & Deploy SW Release • Administrate Test & Production System • IT Monitoring • Incident & Error Handling • Tracking of User Behaviour
  17. 17. Agile Organization (Strategy Sprints) (Design Sprints) (Coding Sprints) (Kanban)
  18. 18. Summary & Outlook 1. Digital Innovation needs Agile Thinking! • Powerful agile methods are available to drive digital product innovation efficiently 2. But something is missing! • None of the existing agile methods cover the digital innovation cycle entirely 3. INNOV8agile can give Guidance! • Integrated agile process model for digital innovation combines effectiveness AND efficiency 4. One Size fits NOT all! • Tailor your agile innovation process according to your own conditions and needs 5. And mind the Gap! • Process implementation is not only about structure – also about people, culture & leadership
  19. 19. Questions? Find more information about Agile Thinking on: www.INNOV8agile.com