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North Shore-LIJ

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One of the nation's largest health systems, North Shore-LIJ delivers world-class clinical care throughout the New York metropolitan area, pioneering research at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, a visionary approach to medical education highlighted by the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, and healthcare coverage to individuals, families and businesses through the CareConnect Insurance Co. Inc. North Shore-LIJ cares for people at every stage of life at 21 hospitals and about 450 outpatient physician practices throughout the region. North Shore-LIJ’s owned hospitals and long-term care facilities house more than 6,600 beds, employ more than 13,300 nurses and have affiliations with more than10,290 physicians. With a workforce of more than 61,000, North Shore-LIJ is the largest private employer in New York State. For more information, go to www.northshorelij.com

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North Shore-LIJ

  1. 1. NSLIJCareers.com #NSLIJLife Succeeding By Leading “The goal of the North Shore-LIJ Health System is a simple one that has been the same since its inception: be better tomorrow than we are today.” – President and CEO, Michael J. Dowling
  2. 2. NSLIJCareers.com #NSLIJLife North Shore-LIJ at a Glance Join a Healthcare Leader largest healthcare system in US largest healthcare system in New York serving million + New Yorkers in the greater metro area hospitals system wide billion + in total operating revenue ambulatory and physician practices CareConnect 14 8 21 1st 7 450 over 61,000 employees Over 2,000 research studies at The Feinstein Institute of Medical Research North Shore-LIJ Founded health insurance Company
  3. 3. NSLIJCareers.com #NSLIJLife North Shore-LIJ Employee Population Where do you fit in?
  4. 4. Data based on North Shore-LIJ 2014 Operating Stats. For more info visit: https://www.northshorelij.com/sites/default/files/NSLIJAR2014.pdf NSLIJCareers.com #NSLIJLife A Career with Real Impact A career with North Shore-LIJ means, you’ll be transforming healthcare and people’s lives every day. Over 4 million patient contacts 27,570 Babies Delivered 276,495 Hospital Discharges 687,102 Emergency Visits & Admissions 670,958 Home Care Visits 147,731 Ambulatory Surgeries 101,960 Ambulance Transports 24,862 Health Professionals Trained
  5. 5. NSLIJCareers.com #NSLIJLife At a Location Near You North Shore-LIJ has locations through the New York metro area.
  6. 6. NSLIJCareers.com #NSLIJLife Visit NSLIJCareers.com to apply now. Connect with North Shore-LIJ Careers