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How to Save a Lifeless Presentation

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Four words could save your pitch. Created by Bruce Kasanoff, author of How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk, available here: goo.gl/xP6F3Z

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How to Save a Lifeless Presentation

  1. Are you stuck with a deadly boring presentation?
  2. Do you feel like the odds are against you?
  3. Can you remember four words?
  4. ZOOM IN
  5. Replace generalizations with compelling details…
  6. Cite interesting and enlightening research…
  7. Tell stories how this impacts real people.
  8. Yes, you will have to get out from under your desk and actually use your brain.
  10. Look at your subject from a fresh perspective…
  11. Try taking a global view of your topic…
  12. Put yourself in different shoes: those of another person, company, country, religion, political party or opinion.
  13. To be interesting, vary your perspective.
  14. Zoom Out Zoom In http://pdg.web.cern.ch/pdg/cpep/meterstick.html
  15. A few quick fixes…
  16. Explore other countries and cultures online (and do it in real life after you fix your presentation.)
  17. Show others you have the range to cover both the details and the big picture.
  18. Create a sense of suspense about what you will say or do next.
  19. This is not the way to save your presentation.
  20. Bruce Kasanoff helps people get good ideas, and spread them. Get help at Kasanoff.com All images from Shutterstock.