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The Best Talent Is Bringing Out Talent in Others

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Based on the #1 most-engaging LinkedIn article of 2013: http://goo.gl/eeA3SU Created by Bruce Kasanoff, author of How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk, available here: goo.gl/xP6F3Z

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The Best Talent Is Bringing Out Talent in Others

  1. A superior leader is a person who can bring ordinary people together to achieve extraordinary results.
  2. This isn’t just true for leaders. It’s true for everyone.
  3. Can you recognize the look in someone’s eyes that says talent is burning inside?
  4. Creativity Intelligence Drive Can you see that – together - each of their strengths add up to an amazing combination?
  5. Here are four ways to bring out the best in others…
  6. 1 Really pay attention
  7. What are others not saying?
  8. What does body language tell you?
  9. Have you developed the patience to devote your full attention to others?
  10. 2 Magnify the quietest voices
  11. Do you have a strategy for bringing out the insights some people are reluctant to share?
  12. Make it easier for people to stay in their comfort zone but still contribute.
  13. 3 Mix things up
  14. Add an artist to the programming team
  15. Put a 60-yearold on a team with 23-yearolds
  16. Get a writer to draw
  17. The best ideas come from unique combinations
  18. 4 Look past your own biases
  19. SHY
  22. Involve others in a meaningful way, and then watch them blossom
  23. Spectacular progress requires disparate ideas and talent to come together in unprecedented ways
  24. Cultivate talent in others, even if you are not “the boss”
  25. Make others feel good about themselves
  26. Created by Bruce Kasanoff, based on his LinkedIn article of the same title. All images were created by Logan Campbell for his 100 Strangers project on Flickr. Logan is colinlogan on Flickr.