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GreenCycles Sandton Central 20.07.16

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GreenCycles Sandton Central 20.07.16

  1. 1. Green Cycles Presentation Gary Kelly (Co-founder) July 2016 Shifting Gears for Greener Cities
  2. 2. Who Is Green Cycles? Green Cycles is privately financed and funded A Group of Investors with a passion for Environmental, Green & Social issues A team who together pioneered an eco led business which sold in 2015 for R350m Full time Operational Management by a major Stakeholder Employee Part-Ownership – Share Scheme Job Creation
  3. 3. What’s Our Mission? To successfully introduce Cycling as means of practical, sustainable and cost effective method of transport in Johannesburg - starting with a Corporate Bike Share Scheme To create a network of ‘Bike Stations’ throughout major cities & surrounding suburbs To provide this FREE to the users Full City, Corporate and Stakeholder involvement and endorsement
  4. 4. How will we Do This? Well….to start with Hard Work, Dedication and most importantly Passion about the project By being Flexible with our business approach and tailoring the needs of the City with the needs of our Partners To bring together a collective Private and Public Sectors approach to Cycling To facilitate the transition of Cycling in the City into the reality of a practical travel solution Partner, provider an integrated part of the solution to South Africa’s Eco-Mobility ambitions
  5. 5. The Bike Mountain Bike Format with Electric Assist Robust, Safe and Ready for the Streets NO sweat! Its ALL downhill ! Arrive on time and in good shape The Bike Station Docking for 12 Bikes – Expandable to 24 Bikes (in current format) Solar Powered! – All Bikes are charged with Solar produced Power In fact ALL operations within the Bike Station are Solar Powered FREE Hot Spot Wi-Fi (for registered users)
  6. 6. The Station Master! Every Bike Station will have its own Station Master He or She will be responsible for the running of the Station Facilitating Registration, Safety, Charging, Basic Maintenance, and help to the users Station Masters will be fully trained ambassadors of the GC concept and will be charged with promoting it
  7. 7. Our Proposal Each Station costs R 50,000 a month to run This includes; A full time ‘Station Master’ An interlinked booking system (www.greencycles.co.za) Bikes (12-24) Insurance Some Management Overheads Helmets, Repairs, etc.
  8. 8. Revenue We want to make this a FREE to the user experience. Station Sponsor (5 Years) Branding Sponsor (Annually) Corporate Employee User Scheme
  9. 9. Revenue Station Sponsor (5 Years) R 175,000 Includes Station Master Branded Uniforms Costs to be reduced on scale up Branding Sponsorship Rights (Annually) Bikes, Helmets R 20,000 annually Per 10 Bikes Corporate Employee User Scheme 0 – 10 Employees R 5,000 per month 10 – 50 Employees R 15,000 per month 51 – 99 Employees R 25,000 per month 100+ Employees R 35,000 per month
  10. 10. Some progressive thinking! Sponsor the Station Master Youth Unemployment remains a major challenge or South Africa Green Cycles partner with Harambee to facilitate recruitment and training Companies appoint the Station Masters as interns counting positively to BBBEE scorecards – skills development How do we pay the riders for usage Rewards schemes Example – Discovery vitality
  11. 11. Summary Practical, Sustainable, Eco Friendly Cycling Solution for Jo’Burg Job Creation & employee share scheme Flexible Approach to the Business Plan Start with Corporate Bike Share Scheme and build the Bike Station Network Public ‘roll out’ in time
  12. 12. Experience – 2 months of pilot scheme with Growth Point Standardisation of the bike – currently 3 types, reduce to 1 ‘Slicker’ booking process – registration to use Basic bike operation and usage safety Linking of key points around the CBD Hours of operation & accessibility Docking station types
  13. 13. Experience – 2 months of pilot scheme with Growth Point 287 bike hires to date 6 bikes average use per day 17 most hired in 1 day (last week Friday) Fridays usually the busiest day Main reasons of use so far meetings & trying out Achieved with minimum ‘PR’ 0 10 20 Mon Wed Fri Sun Tue Thu Sat Mon Wed Fri Sun Tue Thu Sat Mon Wed Fri Sun Tue Thu Sat Mon Wed Fri Sun Tue Thu Sat Mon Wed Fri Sun Tue Thu Sat Mon Wed Fri Numberofe-Bike Trips Days of the week e-Bike Usage log
  14. 14. Any Questions ? Shifting Gears for Greener Cities