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Welcome to Data Science

  1. Welcome To Data Science Training Program By 3RI Technologies
  2. YOU WILL LEARN What is Data Science? What is the job of Data Scientist? Why to become a Data Scientist? Tools for Data Science The growing demand for data science Data science as a team sport
  3. What is Data Science? Data science continues to evolve as one of the most promising and in-demand career paths for skilled professionals. Today, successful data professionals understand that they must advance past the traditional skills of analyzing large amounts of data, data mining, and programming skills. In order to uncover useful intelligence for their organizations, data scientists must master the full spectrum of the data science life cycle and possess a level of flexibility and understanding to maximize returns at each phase of the process.
  4. These professionals are well-rounded, data-driven individuals with high-level technical skills who are capable of building complex quantitative algorithms to organize and synthesize large amounts of information used to answer questions and drive strategy in their organization. This is coupled with the experience in communication and leadership needed to deliver tangible results to various stakeholders across an organization or business. They possess a strong quantitative background in statistics and linear algebra as well as programming knowledge with focuses in data warehousing, mining, and modeling to build and analyze algorithms. What is the job of Data Scientist?
  5. Glassdoor ranked data scientist as the #1 Best Job in America in 2018 for the third year in a row. 4 As increasing amounts of data become more accessible, large tech companies are no longer the only ones in need of data scientists. The growing demand for data science professionals across industries, big and small, is being challenged by a shortage of qualified candidates available to fill the open positions.The need for data scientists shows no sign of slowing down in the coming years. LinkedIn listed data scientist as one of the most promising jobs in 2017 and 2018, along with multiple data-science-related skills as the most in-demand by companies. The statistics listed below represent the significant and growing demand for data scientists. Why to become a Data Scientist?
  6. Data scientists use many types of tools, but one of the most common is open source notebooks, which are web applications for writing and running code, visualizing data, and seeing the results—all in the same environment. Some of the most popular notebooks include Jupyter, RStudio, and Zepplin. Notebooks are very useful for conducting analysis but have their limitations when data scientists need to work as a team. Data science platforms emerged to solve this problem. Tools for Data Science
  7. IT is often not able to manage both the increasing number of data sources and the exponential number of requests to explore data. Unfortunately, IT typically becomes a bottleneck where people within the organization can be left waiting days or even weeks to access the data they need for analytics, which is not acceptable in a world where faster time-to-insight separates an industry’s leaders from its stragglers. The need for data science experts is skyrocketing, and there is a shortage of qualifiedpeopleto meet the demand. Data Scientist has ranked #1 onGlassdoor’s list of the best jobs in Americaevery year since 2016. TheHarvard Business Review called thedata scientist the sexiest job of the 21stcentury. The growing demand for data science
  8. Classic descriptive analytics: An example is business intelligence. The anticipated product of BI is to get historical reports or dashboards that brilliantly illustrate trends or performance. Ad Hoc reporting: This involves performing interactive queries on a data set. For example: how many, how often, and where did a certain kind of item sell? And then when we answer those questions, we dig deeper and drill down, drill up, slice, dice, cube, to really understand what exactly is causing a dip in sales. Predictive analytics: Instead of waiting for things to happen and then acting (like the two building blocks described above), data can be analyzed proactively. Here’s a B2B example: you create finished goods that are based on all material that you purchased for a supplier. If the quantity of a particular material falls below a certain stock, an alert will trigger to notify the purchasing team to order more, so the production line working on this good won’t have to stop and wait for the material. Building blocks of data science
  9. Data engineers and architects can prepare and organize the data Business analysts can apply business strategy to the data Developers can write code to leverage the data science model and applying it into an application To be successful, data science requires contributions from others in the enterprise, and thus should be treated as a team sport: Data science as a team sport
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