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Orange County Arts Commission Grant Information

Information about the Orange County Fall 2016 Grant Cycle, including guidelines and tips on writing a strong narrative, how applications are evaluated and things our grants will and will not fund.

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Orange County Arts Commission Grant Information

  1. 1. FALL ARTS GRANTS Guidelines & Information
  2. 2. ABOUT OUR GRANTS • Funded by North Carolina Arts Council (Grassroots Program) and Orange County Board of County Commissioners. • 2 cycles: • Spring Application Cycle: • Projects happening in the next FISCAL year (July 1 – June 30) • Generally funded by NC Arts Council • Fall Application Cycle: • Projects happening in the next CALENDAR year (Jan.-Dec.) • Generally funded by Orange County BOCC • Fiscal Year 2016-17 Funds: $56,340 • Spring 2016 Application Cycle: $31k awarded ($22,350 Artist Program Grants, $5k Artist Project Grants, $3,650 Arts in Education Grants) • Fall 2016: Approximately $25k available
  3. 3. FALL GRANTS • Arts in Education Coalition Grants fund collaborative arts programming in 3 or more Orange County public or private schools. • Arts in Education Grants fund high-quality arts activities and programming in Orange County public or private schools. • Arts Program Grants help develop high-quality arts programming taking place in Orange County. • Artist Project Grants aid local artists in developing high-quality arts activities in Orange County (only funded through Orange County).
  4. 4. ELIGIBILITY ARTIST PROJECT GRANTS Professional artists coordinating arts activities that benefit Orange County citizens. All projects must take place in Orange County. Projects must take place between during the 2017 calendar year. Only complete applications received by 5pm on December 6 will be considered. ALL GRANTS
  5. 5. ELIGIBILITY ARTS IN EDUCATION GRANTS Public or private schools in Orange County; parent/ teacher organizations for Orange County schools ARTS IN EDUCATION COALITION GRANTS Coalition of 3 or more public/private schools (or parent/ teacher organizations) in Orange County. ARTS PROGRAM GRANTS Nonprofit organizations OR groups sponsored by nonprofit organizations (fiscal agent)
  6. 6. • Matching Requirement • One-to-one cash match • NC Arts Council Recognition: Logo and Credit Line • Orange County Arts Commission: Logo • Reporting Requirements • Final report to Orange County Arts Commission (Jan, 2018) • Thank you letters to Orange County Board of Commissioners REQUIREMENTS This project was supported by the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.
  7. 7. • Program expenses for projects of high artistic merit including artists’ fees and travel, space rental, advertising, publicity, scripts, costumes, sets, props, music, art supplies and framing, training, and equipment rental or purchase. WHAT THE GRANTS WILL FUND
  8. 8. • Deficit reduction or contingency funds • Food or beverage • Interest on loans • Fines or litigation costs • Lobbying expenses • Tuition for academic study • Indirect cost rate expenses • Capital expenditures • Programs with religious content WHAT THE GRANTS WILL NOT FUND
  9. 9. APPLICATION Now a fillable or printable PDF: Download at www.artsorange.org/grants
  10. 10. APPLICATION A one-two sentence overview of your project. WHO + WHAT + HOW EXAMPLE: “The grant will help support a free concert in December featuring faculty members from the UNC Music Department’s Vocal program in works by American composers. The grant will be used to partially fund the CHP’s music director, rent for rehearsal and performance venues, and music for the program.” Summary:
  11. 11. APPLICATION Info about YOU, the applicant WHO is the project going to serve? BE SPECIFIC! EXAMPLE: “We expect participation of 20 adults and 300 middle-school children, approximately 64% Caucasian and 46% African American.” HOW will it serve the targeted audience? EXAMPLE: “Each art camp student will engage in a rotating schedule of visual and performing arts classes. This includes 20 hours a week of instruction, with 10 hours of sculpture, drawing and painting and 10 hours of dance, theatre and musical instruction.” Narrative:
  12. 12. APPLICATION WHO is involved? –How were artists/instructors chosen (include credentials) –Rate of Payment –If the artists have not been chosen yet, describe the process for choosing artists. Is this a well thought-out plan that is likely to SUCCEED? How the project will be publicized and promoted? –Specific outreach to include intended audience? Community Partner’s newsletters? Press releases, website/social media, advertising, PSAs? How will the project be evaluated? –Surveys? Participant feedback? Revenue? Community Impact? Narrative: BREVITY is your friend! Stick to the facts; avoid flowery language and over-use of adjectives.
  14. 14. CHECKLIST & SIGNATURES Only one paper copy required! Online files ok!
  15. 15. Applications must be received by (NOT postmarked by) Tuesday, December 6th at 5pm Mail: Drop-off: Orange County Arts Commission Orange County Arts Commission P.O. Box 8181 200 S. Cameron St. Hillsborough, NC 27278 Hillsborough, NC 27278 WHERE & WHEN to submit your application
  16. 16. • Orange County Arts Commission Advisory Board reviews each grant • Board must base funding decisions on the quality of the grant application, not on their relationship with, or knowledge of, the organization • Panelists review overall completeness of the grant and score applications on specific criteria HOW APPLICATIONS ARE EVALUATED
  17. 17. • Artistic quality of the proposed project • Community impact of project or program • Ability to plan and implement project • Stability and fiscal responsibility of the organization HOW APPLICATIONS ARE EVALUATED Considerations…
  18. 18. 1st Priority: Arts organizations like symphonies, galleries, theaters, art guilds, choral societies, dance companies and music presenters that are not receiving any other funding through the N.C. Arts Council. PRIORITIES FOR FUNDING 2nd Priority: Arts learning and Arts in Education programs conducted by qualified artists. 3rd Priority: Civic, municipal or community-based organizations providing quality art experiences for the greater community.
  19. 19. • Grant Contract • Final report with • Audience numbers • Audience demographics • Demonstrated use of NC Arts Council logo and credit line and OCAC logo on promotional materials and programs • NOTE: Late final reports=no funding next grant cycle • Willingness to participate in activities that showcase your project, or contribute to the betterment of the arts community of Orange County. IF YOU GET FUNDED… EXAMPLE: Demonstration at a Board of County Commissioner’s meeting, or participation in Americans for the Arts’ Arts & Economic Prosperity Survey!
  20. 20. Need help? Have questions? Confused? Katie Murray, Director Orange County Arts Commission kmurray@orangecountync.gov 919-245-2335 Address: 200 S. Cameron St., Hillsborough QUESTIONS?