education oecd higher education skills creativity innovation critical thinking pisa education and skills students teachers career guidance career readiness conference disrupted futures schools andreas schleicher governance reform education systems ceri knowledge skills strategy vocational education and training cuture vet early childhood education and care piaac teaching webinar oecd education open education talis equity learning skills beyond school education policy education at a glance tertiary education ecec assessment trust data literacy oecd pisa school leaders costs covid-19 measuring education future of education teaching profession trends teaching practices making online collaboration work learning from our spain financing education webinar science accountability numeracy technology school oecd webinar covid education resources inclusive growth school systems globalisation social cohesion labour market postsecondary vocational education and training digital revolution complexity digital pisa for schools 15-year-olds learning environments higher education institutions learning outcomes non-member economies mihaylo milovanovitch secondary education cele school_design designing_for_education funding early childhood investment early childhood and care edu webinar schleicher covid school closure covid pisa 2018 education at a glance 2020 coronavirus school resources digitalisation diversity itel teacher knowledge results teaching and learning international survey upper secondary educators school choice life skills comptetencies employment sweden colombia latin america pre-school children childcare covid school reopening early learning oecd talis pisa test university artificial intelligence curriculum socio-economic status labour markets digital transformation digital literacy global competence careers fair access financial literacy mathematics global trends educational institutions work-based learning tvet high performers gender policy classrooms innovation strategy productivity education policy outlook survey norway apprenticeships pedagogy education statistics ict the oecd review of post secondary education and tr vocational education employers school evaluation student assessment disadvantaged students school improvement primary education teacher appraisal student outcomes classroom policy makers imhe management higher education economic crisis japan australia childhood child empowerment pisa 2022 edu webinar 26 october 2023 rethinking assessment education research ukraine recovery duncan crawford ukraine education ukraine pisa creativity oecd webinars oecd_education creative thinking education recovery education finances job market job ready education reform kindergarten digital age teacher interconnected world pisa results future of schooling efficiency implementing education policies state of education around the world talis 2018 francais cognitive ageing and modern cultures security democracy challenges facing education social and technological trends affecting educatio political economic education and skills policies education policies education priorities resilience science teachers socio-economic disparities immigrant background financial decision-making educational goals digital skills adult learning skills development higher education policy lifelong learning china distance education collaborative problem solving science education modern governance policy development attainment targets debate flemish education communities participation and progression in education quality migrants parents academic achievement social well-being social capital class rooms computer literacy social mobility costa rica education and training social and emotional skills low-educated adults big data tracey burns 21st century philippa cordingley dirk van damme workplace training vocational programmes main report questionnaires teaching in focus beatriz pont school assessment scotland canada economic and social outcomes établissements d’enseignement education indicators the oecd review of postsecondary vocational educat digital learning indicators intes corruption integrity corruption prevention directorate for education teacher policy policy implementation school leadership monitoring national tests / testing evaluation. teacher appraisal / teacher evaluation inspection / inspectorate learning goals / learning outcomes decentralisation curriculum / syllabi grades / grading principals educational reform school performance quality teaching internet internationalisation cali imhe conference lachec educational attainment tests national standards chile austria tezuka_architects fuji_kindergarten social media making online collaboration work pre-school education school funding pisa iii launch pisa yidan foundation iván bornacelly linkedin skills centre global teacher prize shari irfan maría francisca elgueta caitlin faye maniti jordan hill francesca gottschalk digital devices policy maker mathias cormann covid 19 absenteeism q&a webinar ai & cheating shivi chandra 4 april 2024 gender equality el iza mohamedou vet oecd webinar 4 march curricular choice 29 feb 24 webinar 20 february 2024 learn english english skills outlook learning resilience climate ppt pisa teach for all wendy kopp 26 jan 2024 adriano linzarini lego social and emotional learning pisa education 5 december 2023 webinar 23 november 2023 webinars hannah kitchen 31 october improving math future of vet ana carrero dg empl vet ready oecd webnar abel schumann 13 october 2023 research-engaged webinar 20 september evidence-informed education 12 september 2023 eag 2023 backtoschool 7 september 2023 ukraine narratives education 2030 oecd edu webinar 27 june joao costa valentina patrini marta encinas-martin fiona rayment oecd nuclear energy agency iv william d. magwood stem stem and nuclear science oecd nea nea eag unhcr frederik smets ulrike storost student creativity teacher profession webinar 31 may tony hall john fischetti debbie pushor ambition loops empowering young children starting strong network 16 may 2023 oecd education and skills oecd webinar april 5 transforming pathways education policy outlook 2022 social and emotional schools as hubs hannah ulferts education interconnected oecd_webinar 9 march 2023 global teaching insights education webinar7 february 2023 strength_through_diversity andreas_schleicher disadvantaged équitable fair international data climate change environment economy job shadowing skill development jobs creative potential oecd webinar 26 october 2022 improving early equity child well-being covid-19: education recovery tertiary education at a glance 2022 pandemic future education strong teachers education equity demographic trends education trends environmental trends societal trends social trends economic trends megatrends trends shaping education ece inclusion covid recovery curriculum reform teacher well-being education funding covid learning losses écoles systèmes éducatif education during covid compare education covid recession early education infodemic disinformation preschool future aspirations dream jobs when i grow up high achieving students teaching survey hybrid learning future classroom recession unemployment handbook talis starting strong 21st century children observation video study global issues intercultural communication pisa 2018 results school governance school policy united states schools united states education eu education education european union united kingdom schools united kingdom education infographics enseignement fillière professionnelle regards sur l'éducation school closures country education policy profiles teacher study teachers' professional learning study financial skills financial education like student boys and girls; career choices; oecd aspirations labour demand infrastructure education transformation human resource policies technology-rich environments. numeracy and problem-solving adult's proficiency survey of adult skills interpersonal skills labour market demand the digital age emotional well-being helicopter parents children's well-being children’s development development and well-being children’s learning pierre gouedard higher education and lifelong learning education policy developments french tertiary completion rates tertiary admission systems education at a glance 2019 ocde professional development school segregation competition among schools school-choice policies demographic developments and social and emotional skills teaching approaches oecd‘s study of the teaching profession early childhood staff early childhood learning and well-being environmen social and emotional capabilities prepare children for the future world bank science performance skill acquisition skills migrants possess migration implementing education policy students’ learning and well-being economic inequality education and training systems school-to-work transitions apprenticeship systems statistics recursos escolares educacion rural rural education labour career management digital world risks and opportunities workplaces skills needs learning spaces high-quality teaching efficiency and equity of schooling better teachers education expenditure labour market relevance norwegian economy trade unionis portugal school leavers training apprenticeship system apprenticeship programmes emotional and motivational resilience social academic adversity immigrants economic well-being societies critical and creative thinking autonomy and personal development reasoning and problem-solving digital competency gap imagination human advancement technological developments standardised assessments knowledge capital universal basic skills economic growth educational under-performance educating students cultural values cultural identity sustainable development collective well-being intercultural issues problem solving well-being socio-emotional skills progress new zealand indigenous students indigenous communities education outcomes culture cultural heritage universal participation in secondary education institutional capacity performance monitoring participation in education indicadores de la ocde 2017 educacion l’organisation scolaire. l’environnement d’apprentissage la participation et la progression au sein des sys l’accès ressources financières et humaines investies dans résultats des établissements d’enseignement données consacrée à l’éducation l’état de l’éducation dans le monde ecec primary education budget planning funding allocation models civil and social engagement economic prosperity health productivity and growth industry 4.0 italy oecd skills strategy teacher education systems teacher eduction l financial products money management money whole-of-government qualifications skills action workshop stakeholders national skills strategy for portugal skills demand action phase inequality skills challenges trade and innovation policies information and communication technology skills-related policies global value chains trade liberalisation economy and society growth and prosperity economic and labour market participation mental health taxes student loans financial costs of skills investments foregone after-tax earnings scholarships tuition fees tertiary and adult education teacher training technological change public trust learning achievement in schools preferential access to school merit-based education system policy shortcomings integrity violations work labour-market relevant skills social cohesion and well-being knowledge-driven global economy research and innovation economic competitiveness access and equity health professionals science-related career occupations engineering professionals 21st century society china's education system competency-based higher education digital education refugees keywords: innovation : innovation racial aspects social inequities pisa 2015 results l’apprentissage eleves acquis des élèves gabriela ramos mas resistente a los cambios externos adaptable a competencias adecuada andreas scheicher high performing systems methodology monocentric polycentric constructive role vision critical role professionalism goverance learning challenge realisation challenge targets attainment marketing strategy empowerment leadership management school inspection assurance measures centralised policy dutch system policy reform control school development demographic tags/keywords: accountability empowering curriculum standards school standards public debate keywords: education complex world maths programme for international student assessment school_leaders school_leadership learning environment and organisation of schools long term vision participatory governance strategic thinking capacity building constructive accountability knowledge and governance equity and quality preparing students for the future disadvantaged students and schools ystem leve policies cognitive skills technological revolution information-processing inequalities oecd review zu schulressourcen länderstudie für policy-makers monitoring education teachers and the education research community governing education education leaders complex education systems models of governance capacity building and strategic thinking dutch school system quality of early childhood education and care professionalism of teachers and school leaders equity and efficiency of education systems economic social demographic issues economic and social capital economic inequity social division multi-cultural classrooms active learning special needs mentoring programmes teaching force student assessments education reform. educational policies and practices effective teachers education system professional honor and collaboration school environment policy low performers refugees and education integration immigration immigrant students human capital government individual growth interpersonal trust learning environment economic and social change society public policy strategies for innovation education industry educational resources educational outcomes global education industry summit educational technology innovative learning environments learning leadership clarifying focus culture change and change agents communication technologies & platforms redesigning schools capacity creation collaboration & co-operation assessment tool oecd survey of adult skills computers digital texts technicians tvet economic development highereducation access and quality economic and social well-being classroom innovation 21st-century global economies. andreas schleicher emotions well-being and social progress confidence aptitude equality low achievers transparency data protection educational data mining learning analytics eis electronic assessment bank qualitative data quantitative data assessment results self evaluation tools quality development system monitoring tags/keywords: assessment data gcses financial data data exchange key stage test results data analysis analytic learning value added analysis : data collection data initiative capacity social institution use of data gibbs outlook pont photo dfe investment in education. global economies successful economies economic climate test scores upper secondary educatiion social consequences of the crisis upper secondary education younger adults policy policy makers education reform effective skills systems using skills activating skills developing skills insights outlooks concluding remarks lucie cerna mart laidmets ehis information system christian reimsbach-kounatze angela wilkinson foresight governing complex education systems gces dianne turner delta school district inquiry alenoush saroyan microsoft kirsten panton education endowment foundation james richardson italian digital plan leonardo tosi fondation la main à la pâte david jasmin zemira mevarech critical maths teacher education anne sliwka Øystein johannessen alexa joyce lord david puttnam dahle suggett gábor halasz collaborative learning rien rouw social innovation eag2014 webinar school-based training on-the-job learning work-oriented skills school failure equitable education dropout rates improving equity unite for quality education achievement high-quality teachers disadvantaged schools high-quality teachers disadvantaged schools south africa labour force turkey perú sistema educative estudiantes engagement self-belief educations systems pisa 2012 drive workforce adult literacy basic skills employer engagement governance models united kingdom problem-solving key skills skills supply professional learning communities classroom teaching practices teacher collaboration résultats financières environnement pédagogique participation à l’éducation accès à l’éducation organisation scolaire apprentissage enseignement progression à l’éducation ressources humaines education finances. skill strategy education system evaluation. the appraisal of school leaders policies and practices education analysis the oecd review of postsecondary serbia edu/ appraisal quality and equity in education evaluation growth and productivity évaluation du système éducatif évaluation des enseignants évaluation des élèves évaluation des établissements scolaires youth knowledge economy high-definition television education and training social partners daf/acd anti-corruption integrity assessment integrity of education systems anti corruption network for central asia and easte gov quality of education acn assessment framework bangkok disability-inclusive mdg‘s and aid effectiveness mdg’s resource based model leonard cheshire disability aid effectiveness quality in education sen senddd unescap children with disabilities; millenium development united nations convention on the rights of persons special needs education inclusive education improving schools education policy reform school evaluation evaluation and assessment secondary education. system evaluation teacher survey international recent trends in educational governance changing skills policies impact of the recession on education transition from school to labour market governance of education systems rising demand for education school autonomy key competencies timms school access education corruption quality of learning environment surveys reading literacy assessement pirls research and innovation in higher education ahelo global knowledge economy education professionals digital reading differences between boys and girls students. schools university futures porto allegre higher education scenarios brazil innovation congress educational expansion changing demands on education organisation for economic co-operation and develop student performance public cost economic outcomes social outcomes test results cristian_cox education_reform 21st_century_learners christian_kuehn learning_environments dandenong_high_school martin_culkin julia_atkin andreas schleicher; education at a glance 2011 belgium future child care child development public spending school financing ecec childhood schools ecec schools school buildings school environment elementary education slovak republic early childhood and care
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