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Sweden: Lessons on Youth from an OECD review

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OECD Workshop on Workforce Development and Local Job Creation

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Sweden: Lessons on Youth from an OECD review

  1. 1. SWEDEN: LESSONS ON YOUTH FROM AN OECD REVIEW U.S. Department of Labor-OECD Workshop on Workforce Development and Local Job Creation Presentation by Lars Niklasson, Linköping University
  2. 2. Sweden: A strong legacy • Sweden has a strong reputation for active labour market policy and public investment in skills development. • But the transformation of the economy presents new challenges for skills development and a greater risk of exclusion (especially youth and immigrants).
  3. 3. Sweden: Strengths and good examples • Schools and local governments need to work with the Employment office • Apprenticeships introduced very recently • Unga in: a new way to reach the young • Ung Företagsamhet: entrepreneurial skills • Yrkeshögskola: higher vocational ed.
  4. 4. Sweden: Policy Opportunities • The public sector can: – collaborate more internally and with employers. – work on skills utilisation with employers – can allow greater local flexibility. • Employers can be more involved in: – articulating their needs for skills, – delivering skills training and education programs, – working with schools and designing career pathways.
  5. 5. Read more • The OECD review on Sweden will be published shortly • Questions and comments to: lars.niklasson@liu.se