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EU4Environment RA - Result 5

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EU4Environment Regional Assembly - Monitoring progress at environment-economy nexus (Result 5)

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EU4Environment RA - Result 5

  1. 1. RESULT 5.3 Monitoring of progress Lead partner: OECD  Country profiles using key indicators  Policy briefs and policy debates around key messages from GGI analysis  New country pilots and GGI reports  Connecting with EEA to build on the efforts in streamlining reporting and existing networks  Region-wide mid-term and final reports on progress with integration of economic and environmental goals in EaP countries  Information dissemination, incl. through int. databases
  2. 2. Action Governance National level  National Focal Points: Ministries of Environment and of Economy  National Implementation Committee  National Action Coordinator and Technical Topic Managers Regional level  Regional Assembly: six EaP countries, EU Members, European Commission, Implementing Partners, EaP Civil Society Forum, other IOs, IFIs and experts  Implementation Partners' Coordination Board: European Commission and Implementing Partners
  3. 3. RESULT 5.1: Action visibility and strategic communication Lead partner: OECD  Operationalisation of the Action Communication and Visibility Plan  Web-based platform  E-newsletters  Use of EC/EU communication channels  Factsheets, infographics, country profiles, leaflets, podcasts, short video on selected topics and key reports  Social media presence
  4. 4. RESULT 5.2: Regional coordination and oversight Lead partner: OECD  Coordination of kick-off/inception activities  Support to Regional Assembly (RA)  Communication with RA members on governance issues  Assistance to identifying relevant donor projects  Coordinating input on EU4ENV to monitor process "20 deliverables for 2020"  Coordinating side events with EaP meetings, as needed  Support to Co-ordination Board  Liaison with relevant regional/global initiatives