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SMEs, Entrepreneurship, and the Working Party

Presented by the OECD Cente for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development at the OECD Southeast Asia Regional Forum, 24-26 March 2014, Bali, Indonesia.

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SMEs, Entrepreneurship, and the Working Party

  1. 1. SMES, ENTREPRENEURS AND THE WORKING PARTY OECD Southeast Asia Regional Forum – Consultative Meeting: SME Policy 24 March 2014 – Bali, Indonesia Sergio Arzeni, Director of Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development (CFE) Head of the LEED Programme Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  2. 2. Participants: • 34 OECD member countries • Key partners, invitees • International Organisations (EIB, EIF, WB, IFC, ADB, IDB, MIF/FOMIN) Aims to increase awareness among policymakers about the importance of reducing the bias against SMEs in public policies • Tax treatment • R&D Financing • Export financing • Risk guarantees provision Assists countries in the design, implementation and assessment of policies The Working Party on SMEs and Entrepreneurs (WPSMEE)
  3. 3. SMEs • Higher cost of compliance with regulation • Face problems in access to finance • But, overprotect incumbents Entrepreneurs • New enterprises make economies and societies more dynamic Why do we care?
  4. 4. • Offers reliable data in an opaque topic • Participation is free to all countries • Need to nominate an expert with access to data on debt, equity and general framework conditions to SMEs to compile 13 indicators • 31 countries in the 2014 edition (from SA: Korea), forthcoming participation of China, Japan and Malaysia Scoreboard on SME and Entrepreneurship Finance WPSMEE Areas of work:
  5. 5. Recent ones: • Thailand (2011), • Mexico (2013), • Italy (2014), • Russia (2014) SME Country Reviews
  6. 6. • Seven SME policy assessments completed between 2007- 2014: – SME Policy Index: ASEAN 2014 – SME Policy Index: Middle East and North Africa 2013 – SME Policy Index: Western Balkans and Turkey 2012; – SME Policy Index: Eastern Europe and the Caucasus 2012; – SME Policy Index: Western Balkans 2009; – SME Policy Index: Middle East and North Africa 2008; – SME Policy Index: Western Balkans 2007. • In total, the SME Policy Index encompasses 32 countries , mostly medium income countries, which belong to four regions. Regional Reviews: The SME Policy Index
  7. 7. SME Innovation SME Internationalisation SMEs and Green growth Alternative sources of finance for SMEs and Entrepreneurs Role of PFIs in fostering SME access to finance Thematic studies:
  8. 8. Benchmark of SME policies Regulation and SMEs • Main barriers • Recent policy trends • Good policy practices • Recommendations Forthcoming studies
  9. 9. Knowledge Products for SMEs & Entrepreneurship Know-how and Policy Formulation Your Logo OECD Global Platform for SMEs Evidence-based studies on key challenges facing SMEs, with clear formulation of policy recommendations Comprehensive international dataset for monitoring SMEs’ and entrepreneurs access to finance over time Benchmarks of policies for stronger SMEs performance, based on binding constraint analysis and impact evaluation In-depth country reviews of SMEs policies and issues, both at national and local levels, with peer review mechanism SMEs Financing Scoreboard SMEs Policies Outlook Country Reviews Thematic Studies
  10. 10. THANK YOU Sergio.arzeni@oecd.org