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Open Educational Resources for Professional Learning

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  1. 1. Opening Educational Practices in Scotland Open Educational Resources to support your Professional Learning 31 October 2015
  2. 2. Do you use any of these sites?
  3. 3. OpenLearn – www.open.edu/openlearn/ OpenLearnWorks – www.open.edu/openlearnworks/ Lots of material available
  4. 4. OER Free educational materials (and mainly courses) that are licensed to allow the 5Rs: reuse, revise, remix, redistribute and retain MOOCS are free to use but not necessarily open in the above sense
  5. 5. Creative Commons License
  6. 6. The OEPS project Cross-sector project in Scotland tasked to increase the awareness and use of OER. Led by OU in Scotland as part of its outcome agreement with the Scottish Funding Council. Currently working with around 50 organisations …
  7. 7. Origins An extensive range of partnerships between the OU in Scotland and other organisations: third sector, unions, employers, colleges and schools. An increase in interest in OER and the development of some partnerships to co-produce new material and practices. Adults, transitions and widening participation.
  8. 8. What we’ve learnt • Lots of material but this is both an opportunity and a barrier: • Too much? • Where do I start? • What’s the level and is it the right level? • Structure and motivation?
  9. 9. Put’s the onus on support, development of communities of use and communities of practice
  10. 10. Developing Practice Practice is about design, structure and support But also about partnership, networks and social models of learning
  11. 11. Contact Us: Email: OEPScotland@open.ac.uk Social media: @OEPScotland www.oepscotland.org