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OS-Culture.org (ENG)

Slide on the Project OS-Culure.org
Editing by AC Minerva
OS-Culture.org is an Open Source CMS to comunicate archaeological and cultural data.

The project is accessible to all public or private institutions, research groups or any individual wishing to communicate data and information related to cultural and archaeological heritage.
To support us or for more information on the project, follow the Crowdfunding Campaign that we will launch on December 15th on Indiegogo.
More information on the Facebook group created for the campaign. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1472139106233249

OS-Culture Test:

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OS-Culture.org (ENG)

  1. 1. Edited by Minerva Cultural Association If you scan the code, you can access the project
  2. 2. Through OS-Culture we tell the story of Poggio San Marcello, presenting its cultural heritage directly accessible from any mobile device To access cultural content you do not need to download App or plug-in
  3. 3. The data was organized with a simple WebGIS and can be accessed free of charge
  4. 4. Through OS-Culture.org it is possible to access descriptions and images concerning the cultural heritage of the city
  5. 5. During "Ravenna Culture and Tourism" project we tested 3D modeling for cultural communication. You can browse, even in augmented reality, over 100 models related to the cultural heritage of Ravenna
  6. 6. In collaboration with Professor Maurizio Tosi (UNIBO) we have tested the technologies related to the project for the conservation and communication of data relating to the Archaeological Missions in OMAN and IRAN. We are confident of being able to present you again all the data on Turkmenistan in the near future www.oman.os-culture.org www.iran.os-culture.org
  7. 7. In addition to dozens of topographic and satellite maps, it is possible to access data relating to some of Prof. Tosi's Missions in Oman
  8. 8. For example you can consult all the data acquired at the Sinaw necropolis in 2014 and browse the 3D models even in augmented reality
  9. 9. You can consult the WebGIS of surveys carried out by the French-Italian Mission (JHP). Data were collected over 20 years ago. Our goal was to make them current again thanks to digital technologies
  10. 10. We have reworked data relating to the precious site of Shahr-i Sokhta (IRAN) in the GIS environment
  11. 11. We have reused the excavation images for the elaboration of a three-dimensional model of the site. The data were then integrated into the GIS environment
  12. 12. In 2017 the project was adopted by the Institute of Ethnography and Archeology of Yerevan (Armenia) for the communication of data related to the Karashamb necropolis www.iae-nas.com
  13. 13.  25 Gigabytes of space for the development of platform that you can manage independently;  5 customizable e-mail addresses;  1 Terabyte to manage and store images. The service does not reduce the size and resolution of archived images;  WebGIS integrated in the web platform
  14. 14. The lack of funds does not allow us to be in step with technological developments given the speed with which it evolves and the need to test modern technologies, despite that, there is a huge influx of users from around the world, which is why one of the main goals would be to translate entirely the site in English as well as providing it with a new face
  15. 15. minerva_archeologia Minerva Archeologia We thank you for your attention !!! If you wish to support us, follow the crowdfunding campaign that we will launch on December 15th 2017. Share with your contacts and follow us on social media Edited by Minerva Cultural Association If you scan the code, you can access the project