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NOÉ Program is the first startup-large corporate business platform in Hungary, already making successfull business deals between CEE startups and large global companies.


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  1. 1. THE STARTUP - LARGE (ORPORATE INNOVATION PLATFORM OF HUNGARY OBJECTIVES NOÉ Program is the first startup-large corporate business platform in Hungary, already making successful business deals between (EE startups and large global companies. Aim of the members is to form profitable businesses to increase their competitiveness in today's fierce global markets. We help our partners to put innovation into their key focus by providing professional advisory, EU project management and business development. KEY SECTORS Ea Fintech: Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and investment funds are among our key partners. We provide big data, security, business intelligence, loyaltv, front and back end and other financial related solutions tailored to their needs. l/ Sales/ Marketing: Retail, pharma, FM(G, HORE(A, agriculture and marketing are the focus of the joined partners in this . | l segment. We help them to increase their market share by deploying various marketing and sales enhancement innovations. 23 Design: At NOÉ Program we believe in design ideas that can foster employee retention, increase (SR activities or provide a sustainable office or building design. We use these ideas in our own office as well- and we can really say they are amazing. (o; otp Hungaro-Prqełrt Ffėnzuqyeúben együn múłrocýunłr llmcsolattartó: Varna Dávid - üzletteilesztési és lronmunikációs vezetôl Mphil: 436 10 ISO Zl61 I E-rnail: vamdavidiotntnhu l nmmenroaramm
  2. 2. THE STARTUP - LARGE (ORPORATE INNOVATION PLATFORM OF HUNGARY VALUE PROPOSITION Customer segments: We work in a double sided model, focusing on technology or capacity providing innovative (EE ventures and large corporation, with an aim of innovating in an effective manner. Q Relationship: Maintaining a personal and dedicated touch with our partners is our key philosophy. We resonate to their needs in a fast and reliable way, and for this we need to work with the people who are dedicated intrapreneurs and believe in Noé Program's goals. ~<-`, .L Channels: We usually have a cup of tea or coffee at a nice place to discuss details with our partners. Events, demo days and our dedicated NOÉ Program blog are also important channels for keeping in touch. Éñ Value proposition: We believe in simplicity. We don't ask for upfront fees from our partners. First we deliver the result. ' " ïhen if the cooperation was successful we get a success fee for our efforts. (o; otp Hungaro-Prqełrt Pėnzuqyekberl : gym: múłrodunłr llmcsolattartó: Varna om - üzletfeilesztési és lronmunikációs vezetôl Mphil: 436 10 ISO Zl61 I E-rnail: varnadavidúïíotntnhu l nmmepronramm
  3. 3. WE PROVIDE . '~ *_l__I_5 `1IUJI' THE STARTUP - LARGE CORPORATE INNOVATION PLATFORM OF HUNGARY INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS Q; B 'T @ Fintedr Marketing “Hmm-I Big Data Security W” 3 lpyalty software lol , ... “ g, _-. ~_ vi . ..ãá IT CAPACITY . -. . , (s e: UnnnJ^` 9 Ałxiuï" * è-: I Argi- ` "S VrsuaIO* Vi5ualC++ Mgšt. Jdvuåçrjpt pųthon t “my CJOIP: in u. vv egyun lTIuH Kapcsolattartó: Varna David ~ Ilzletleilesztési és lrommunikaciós vezelöl Mohi: ~36 70 330 Il61l E-mail: varnadavida plphphu | wwwmeproaramhu
  4. 4. THE STARTUP - LARGE CORPORATE INNOVATION PLATFORM OF HUNGARY STORY & ACHIEVEMENTS R : Ham azs Launch of Fintech 8. Sales , am , Wouw First BZB businesses g not Program Demo Day HUFID+ Million 2014 February May 30th July September November Start of fintech platfonn % ©MISYS (O) Otp Mobil ' (O; otp HurrgøraeProyekl mnųamæe- nømucauųmt BE PART OF IT There is no entry or any other type of upfront fee in NOÉ Program. We are motivated to achieve real results for our partners. We are happy to welcome you in our platform, if you pledge active participate. (o; otp Hungam-Prqekr Pėnzugyekben egydm máłrodunł Kmøplattartó: Varna om - Uzletfeilesztési es linnmrnikaciós vezetôl Mphil: 436 10 330 Zl6`l I E-rnail: varnadavidkiïptnlnhu l nmmeprpnramtm
  5. 5. THE STARTUP - LARGE CORPORATE INNOVATION PLATFORM OF HUNGARY PARTNERS e-an Aag-sum @ MISYS gia) ('ÊOFP Mob" ('JMPÊQQÊ ('ÊOÊPHUWUNFPCO/ ėh MorganStanley Hėnzugyeltben egyffl makoøunt R l (Z H T E R G li D l; 0 N Qšłqãłïłłėåøołnł l | v^l~u<^ Q outometrix TMFFI HlJlllER Qg, ,ttrtï: .ct; -:) ne? Qggyggjętjł: ųtguajmg únovunmn MAKE VOUI DATA WORK M iï“; *jl iCatapu| t å H PMC (O; otp Hungam-Prqėkt Aénzuqyeúbęn : gym: múłrodunl llæxsplattartó: Varna David ~ Orletleilesztési és lipmrntrnilraciós veretöl Mphil: 036 70 330 Zl67 l Email. varnadavidkiïntnlnhu | wwmepronramlui
  6. 6. ílZ-Élęïctlsillilgili ti ETÊIEÉSISIEÊEFIF' Gili: llIlÉIlíI-ÊII ïïli IIIÉIÊI ÉIEIIÉÉI, , Irlsllllšllllislïllilljl rill_lïtrrilçlralrl PREPARE BACKGROUND CONDITIONS Sign uie NOE NDA contract with ore Hungaro-Projekt, to be sure about the secrecy of the information you share with us. we are reputable for our exclusive partner relationships. KICK-OFF MEETING BASED ON SWOT To quick start your activity in NOÉ Program we only need to understand the company's need. The kick-off meeting is essential, as this is the step where we overview the company's SWOT analysis and strategic needs By identifying real problems, we can deliver real solutions DEMO From the long list, the chosen innovative solution pmviders are invited to a demo to your company. We organize the whole process, you only have to define a date and invite the major stakeholders. , junij ætlt; ,litliitl litlillllïliilïicl Illïlsi-Êll LIIIEIÊ , .,]eï. « _PROGIIMU INCLUDE STAKEHOLDERS ' NOÉ Program is a great opportunity to meet with new ideas outside of the company. Usually it is the C-level business development, innovation, product development, sales and marketing director who can drive processes and and intrapreneurship within in the company. LONG LIST REVIEW After we identified the company's needs and problems, we start to pre-screen the most innovative and deployable Hungarian or CEE startups The long listing process is an iterative approach, not all the companies will fit the needs. By internally reviewing the long-list we can discuss which companies to step further. . PILOTING We recommend to perfonn a pilot project with the , best ideas to see the results they can provide. Vou can rely on our help to define the scope of the ' project and to follow the whole piloting period.
  7. 7. BENEFIT THE MOST OF NOE OPEN INNOVATION PLATFORM - TECHNICAL GUIDE FOR LARGE CORPORATE PARTNERS Q GETTING IN TOUCH IS JUST A CLICK At NOÉ Program we believe in the amazing community we work together with. n """ 'a, _ , r "" " Q As the ñrst startup-Iarge corporate innovation platfonn in Hungary we organize events, 'L ---- -- , Â ----- -J meet-ups and various exclusive C-level gatherings to our partners. By clicking on any of m _____________ __ y _ bvł b u . ... ... ... .. . . A the icons to the right, you can pick the most convenient channels to follow our activity. we recommend, and ask from our partners to have a regular monthly personal meeting with us, to follow on our activities and to let them impress them with the innovative solutions to their needs. beert! ! Qcwettalk 9 f= š:~ Pottie ME : g `l Q cutometrlx IVANKA Qseañlėeeeøln* cona by onu t.