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Pen portraits

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In this activity you will write 4-6 pen portraits which describe a series of student personas. You can use these to help inform and guide your design decisions.

1. Begin by finding some pictures of people who could be your students. Remember that if you expect to share these pictures with others you need to ask permission of the individual involved or use a Creatice Commons licenced picture (free to use and share). Having a picture will help you keep you pen-portrait as real as possible.

2. Next, complete in the sections below (add any you think are missing). Be descriptive but keep each section relatively short so that each of your pen portraits fits on one side of paper. Make sure that your personas represent the full extents of your student group (i.e. in terms of motivations, skills, expectations and needs) so that they properly test your design thinking. While these pen portraits are imaginary, it is likley that you will be using your memories of some real students; make sure that no real students can be identified!

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Pen portraits

  1. 1. Name: Ageanddemographic Educationalbackground Whyaretheystudying? Technologyuseandexpertise Literacyandnumeracyskills Softskillsknowledgeandexperience(e.g.communication, problemsolving,leadership,followership,timemanagement etc) Studyskillsknowledgeandexperience(e.g.locating information,referencing,notetaking,synthesis,analysis, evaluationofinformationetc) Assumptionsandperceptionsoflearning Relationshipswithotherlearners Whatmightputthemoff? Addyourpicturehere