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OW2con'14 - XLcloud, a demonstation of 3D remote rendering in the cloud

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The XLcloud project strives to establish the demonstration of a High Performance Cloud Computing (HPCC) platform based on OpenStack that is designed to run a representative set of compute intensive workloads. Two Use Cases will be demonstrated during this presentation. First, the interventional radiology use case of the XLCloud project has the goal to show that the XLCLoud platform can be used to leverage an application requiring both interaction and high performance computing. This simulator, developed by CEA and Esprimed, allows medical staff to prepare or replay an intervention in a 3D interactive environment (manipulation of the radiological system, position of people and their protections) while having the benefit of precise estimation of the dose they are exposed to through a 3D monte carlo simulation optimized in order to provide results in interactive time. The second use case will be based on cloud gaming and 3D visualization. XLcloud is a three-year long collaborative project funded by the French FSN (Fonds national pour la Société Numérique) programme.

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