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[SiriusCon 2020] Sirius Overview and Roadmap

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In this talk I will present the fundamentals of Eclipse Sirius : its objectives and principles, illustrated with examples of usage in several different domains.

We will also see how Sirius integrates with other modeling components to provide a complete stack for creating advanced modeling workbenches.
We will end with a presentation of lastest new features and an overview of the current roadmap.

speaker : Pierre-Charles is the Product Lead on Eclipse Sirius and the maintainer for GMF Runtime and EMF Services, two Eclipse projects Sirius relies on.

He holds a PhD in Software Engineering from University of Nantes.

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[SiriusCon 2020] Sirius Overview and Roadmap

  1. 1. Sirius Overview and Roadmap 18th of June, 2020 Pierre-Charles David Eclipse Sirius Project Lead pierre-charles.david@obeo.fr @_pcdavid #SiriusCon
  2. 2. What is Sirius?
  3. 3. Easily and rapidly create custom modeling workbenches Your Business Domain Your UsersYour Modeling Workbench
  4. 4. An active Open Source project Created in 2007 by Thales and Obeo, the project has been made Open Source in 2013 20202013 … 2018 2019 v0.9 First Release on eclipse.org by Obeo & Thales v6.3 Latest Major Release Web Going to the web
  5. 5. Model-Based Systems Engineering
  6. 6. Enterprise Architecture
  7. 7. Diversity https://www.eclipse.org/sirius/gallery.html
  8. 8. Structured Domain-Specific Models Interactive Domain-Specific Representations
  9. 9. End Users Tools tailored to their vocabulary & processes Tool Developer Reduce cost & complexity (3 hours hands-on session to produce first results) Benefits
  10. 10. Specification Environment Runtime Environment Tool Developer End Users Domain concepts Configuration Diagrams Matrices Tables Principles
  11. 11. Demo: Mindstorms Designer The tool created with the Mindstorms tutorial: https://wiki.eclipse.org/Sirius/Tutorials/Mindstorms
  12. 12. ● Synchronized Editors ● Conditional Styles ● Layers & Filters ● Navigation tools ● Validation Rules ● ... Customizable features to deal with complexity
  13. 13. The common API to integrate your complete modeling workbench
  14. 14. Editing the same models both graphically and textually
  15. 15. Diff and merge at the model level
  16. 16. Diagrams visual differencing
  17. 17. Template-based code generation
  18. 18. Template-base document generation
  19. 19. Resources www.obeodesigner.com/resources Documentation Forum Bug Tracker Tutorials Gallery Best Practices
  20. 20. We can help you www.obeodesigner.com/services Training Custom Development Professional Support Consulting & Coaching
  21. 21. Sirius Desktop & Sirius Web
  22. 22. Sirius Desktop is Here to Stay ● A mature project ○ many products depend on it ● Focus on maintenance work ○ do not break existing modelers ● Stay up to date ○ new versions of Eclipse ○ new versions of Java ● Some new features will still be added ○ sponsored development ○ interop with Sirius Web
  23. 23. Same Principles, Different Technologies ● Generic platform ○ Applicable to any domain ● Multiple ways to represent your models ○ Leverage modern web browsers for more advanced representations ● Low-code modeler definition ○ Compatible with existing modeler definitions ● Extensible and customizable ○ Integrate in the web and could ecosystems
  24. 24. Roadmap
  25. 25. Past Releases ● Actively maintained branches ○ 5.1.x, 6.1.x, 6.2.x, 6.3.x ● Two major versions in 2019 ○ 6.2.0 & 6.3.0 ● Focus on stabilisation work ● Ensure compatibility with recent Eclipse ○ Sirius part of all release trains ● Sirius 6.3.1 just released yesterday! ○ part of Eclipse 2020-06
  26. 26. Improved Rendering for Exported SVG (6.3.1)
  27. 27. "Tunnel" Rendering for Edge Crossings (v6.3.1)
  28. 28. Operand Labels Always Readable (v6.3.1)
  29. 29. What to expect next? ● July: Obeo Designer CE & TE ○ based on the latest Sirius 6.3.x ● Autumn: ○ next major release (6.4 or 7.0) ○ compatible with Capella 5.0 ○ move to Java 11 ● First contribution of Sirius Web ○ before the end of the year
  30. 30. Conclusion
  31. 31. Easily and rapidly create custom modeling workbenches Your Business Domain Your UsersYour Modeling Workbench
  32. 32. Two flavours ● Sirius Desktop is here to stay ○ focus on stability and compatibility ● Sirius Web for a cloud-native experience ○ leverage modern browsers ○ simplified deployments ● The same vision and principles
  33. 33. Getting Started www.obeodesigner.com Documentation Forum Tutorials Gallery Professional Support Training
  34. 34. If you want to keep talking with the speakers of actual talk, you will have to come back to this session by opening the SiriusCon agenda menu in the top left-hand corner Thanks for listening to Pierre-Charles David Any questions? Please wait a few seconds before we automatically bring you to the next session Pushing Limits in Automotive Model Visualization at BOSCH