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Demystifying MuleSoft

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Demystifying MuleSoft

  1. 1. Demystifying MuleSoft Connect any app, data, and device June 2020 K. Obidjon obidjon@i2max.co.kr
  2. 2. We Are All Connected Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution
  3. 3. Connected Experiences Require Integrated Systems An average customer transaction crosses 35 technology systems
  4. 4. Start the Connected Experience Revolution Connect any application, data or device to the Salesforce Customer 360
  5. 5. Service APICommerce API Web APIMobile API API-led Approach Accelerates Projects Through Re-use
  6. 6. Build a connected ecosystem Connect applications, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud Unlock data with APIs and integrations Design APIs and integrations faster using reusable assets on one unified platform Increase agility with an application network Develop secure and compliant integrations that scale as your business grows MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Single platform for APIs & Integration to connect any app, data or device
  7. 7. Develop Integrated Applications Power rich Lightning Platform or Heroku applications with third-party data Achieve a Single Customer View Integrate siloed 3rd-party systems with Service and Sales Cloud for a complete real-time customer view 57% faster app development 40%Increased agent productivity 66% faster delivery of new integrations Unleash the Full Power of the Salesforce Customer 360 MuleSoft unlocks your enterprise data, wherever it resides Integrate Front and Back Office Synchronize order, invoice, and product information from ERP and other systems to Salesforce using out- of-the-box connectors
  8. 8. Service API Shipment Status API Order Status API Order History API . Commerce API Web API System Layer Process Layer Experience Layer FedEx Shipments API Salesforce Customers API SAP Inventory API Orders API Call Center API Mobile API Order API API-led Approach Accelerates Projects Through Re-use
  9. 9. Source: Connectivity Benchmark Report 2019 Dramatically lower costs Lower development costs through reuse and self-service Fast and agile by design Pluggable, reusable building blocks supporting hybrid deployment Secure across endpoints Built-in security and governance at every node Realize Value from your Application Network Accelerate speed and agility, securely innovate at scale, and reduce costs 64% faster project delivery 94% fewer security incidents 63% lower maintenance costs
  10. 10. API Community Manager Leverage the power of Community Cloud to increase API adoption and developer engagement Best-in-class Connectors Accelerate delivery with hundreds of pre-built connectors and templates to Salesforce and third party systems IncreasedAPI Limits Benefit as joint customer with additional Salesforce API calls at no additional cost Better Together - Available Now Joint Salesforce and MuleSoft offerings currently available to customers
  11. 11. MuleSoft Accelerators for Salesforce Clouds Jumpstart Salesforce implementation with pre-built APIs, templates, and architecture POVs to accelerate use cases New Salesforce and third-party connectors Unparalleled partnership with Salesforce product teams to deliver connectors across clouds and industries One portal for all Salesforce APIs Unified API portal for all Salesforce Clouds via API Community Manager on developer.salesforce.com Better Together - Roadmap Q4 FY20 Joint Salesforce and MuleSoft offerings planned for release GA
  12. 12. MuleSoft Anypoint Platform On-Premise Legacy modernization Process orchestration Shared services Hybrid Process orchestration 180+ Connectors Data synchronization APIs Full life-cycle: Design, Simulate Solicit feedback Validate & Publish
  14. 14. 26 hours 0 . 5 1.5 2 2 1 1 8 hours with MuleSoft Setup Design Implement Unit test Deploy Manage & Monitor 4 5 4 4 4 5 Comparison done by a leading financial services firm in partnership with a major system integrator 26 hours Decreases development time by: for a medium complexity for a high complexity for a low complexity38% 47% 67% Head-to-head comparison vs. legacy middleware
  15. 15. Leverage out-of-the-box connectors to IBM mainframes, mid-range systems, legacy CRM and ERP, and more. Build high-availability, high- performance applications leveraging API policies to meet peak workloads without compromising system integrity. Unblock skill bottlenecks by rapidly federating fine-grained access to legacy system services and data. MULESOFT’S ANYPOINT PLATFORM: Your Partner for Legacy Modernization “MuleSoft was able to help us build legacy system interfaces that used to take 3 months and multiple people's time in less than a few days of work.” - Dustin Laun, Senior Advisor, Innovation & Technology, FCC 5X faster legacy system connectivity 66% reduction in maintenance costs 4X faster application development speed
  16. 16. Unified Platform for Full API Lifecycle ManagementUnified Platform for Full Lifecycle Management
  17. 17. Anypoint ExchangeStudio API Designer Connector DevKit Runtime Manager API Manager Analytics Mule Runtime Engine Anypoint Connectors Runtime services Hybrid cloud Anypoint Design Center Anypoint Management Center Anypoint Platform
  18. 18. Managed File Transfer Application Integration API Design API GatewayAPI Development API Testing API Portal Messaging & Queues Encryption/Tokenization ESB Edge Security B2B/EDI CI/CD Data Integration ContainerizationLog Management Compliance Compute Network Storage High Availability App Performance Mgmt. What Would Your Stack Look Like Without Anypoint Platform?
  19. 19. Demo Anypoint Studio Overview
  20. 20. Hands-on Salesforce2Salesforce connection

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Now, everything is connected. And why machine connection is important? Because you can connect with your customer through these machines. And even COVID19 has showed efficient effects how remote, on-demand service provision is important.
  • Just take any company for example, it can be even a small company or a giant one, with global multinational employees.
    All of them are using systems, and big ones use in average more than 900+ applications, that is more than thousand system endpoints.
    As you heard, distributed systems are okay, but distributed and unsynced data is not okay.
    You cannot say where is the Source of truth, you cannot run projects with accurate targeting. So, you need to sync all them.
  • As Customer 360 is becoming buzzword not only between Salesforce related business, everyone says about other products a lot, but they stood on the Mulesoft’s icon and just say API or Integration.
    So why “API and Integration” so important while building Custome 360 platform?
    Because Mulesoft is not just only API and Integration.
    Let’s dive deeper
  • This is a traditional image when you heard API or Integration, right?
  • Benefits of MuleSoft Anypoint Platform - Ecosystem for connection
    - Connect applications, data, and even devices
    - Can work both on-premises and in the cloud - Design new APIs based on reusable assets
    - Increase agility with an application networks
    - Develop secure and compliant integrations that grow from development
  • MuleSoft Accelerators for Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud:
    - SAP, Jira, ServiceNow, PIM

  • Service Oriented Application