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Job Opportunities for Beginners_By_Lakna Sewmi_ObserverJobs team

Job Opportunities available for the beginners... Everyone needs to start their career somewhere. This outlines jobs available for you at the entry level.

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Job Opportunities for Beginners_By_Lakna Sewmi_ObserverJobs team

  1. 1. Job Opportunities for Beginners
  2. 2. About US
  3. 3. THE PLATFORM for Careers www.OBSERVERJOBS.lk About US
  4. 4. Entry- Level Jobs Definition  Beginner level employment in a firm which usually requires ordinary-level of education, training, and experience qualifications. It gives a recruit the benefit of a gainful occupation, opportunity to learn and gain experience, and serves as a stepping-stone for higher-level jobs.  Recent graduates from high school or college usually take entry-level positions.
  5. 5. Proven Methods to Find Jobs  Company Website  News Paper Method  Career fairs  Post CV for Company Address  Person who knows the Company  Job Agencies and Online Job banks  Ask from HR office  Check Government Gazette for Government Job
  6. 6. Type of Engagement(Local/Global)  Full Time  Contract  Temporary  Part time  Commission
  7. 7. Job Opportunities
  8. 8. S/No Category 1 Auditing / Finance/Accounting 2 Airline / Ticketing 3 Beauty / Cosmetics / Fashion Designing 4 Corporate Management 5 Engineering (Mech./ Civil /Elect/Auto) 6 Healthcare / Nursing 7 IT – Computer Operators / Graphics 8 Management Trainee/Internship 9 NGO and Non Profit Organizations 10 Secretarial / Receptionist / Clerical 11 Advertising / Media / Communication 12 Apparel / Clothing 13 Call Center / BPO / KPO 14 Customer Relations/ Public Relations 15 Foreign Employment
  9. 9. 16 Hospitality & Tourism / Hotel 17 IT – Software / Network / Systems 18 Manufacturing / Operations 19 Agriculture / Dairy / Environment 20 Banking / Leasing / Insurance 21 Construction 22 Drivers /Security / House Keeping & Other 23 Government and Public Administration 24 HR / Training 25 Warehouse / Transport 26 Marketing & Sales 27 Supervisory / Technical 28 Teaching / Academic 29 General
  10. 10. Jobs & Qualifications Job Minimum Qualification Requirement Accounts Assistant G.C.E.(A/L) in Commerce stream/Part Qualification of Accountancy / AAT / Following CA/ACCA/CIMA/English knowledge and computer knowledge / Strong communication skills and personal skills Trainee- Finance CIMA(Part qualified)/Following a Finance degree Airlines- cabin crew IATA/Successful Completion of GCE O/L /Good English Skills recommended/ positive attitude and empathy for others Customer Service Associate Strong communication skills in both written & spoken English /G.C.E.(A/L)/IT qualification Quality Assurance Assistant G.C.E.(A/L) in Science stream/ Undergraduate in a recognized University in the field of Science/Be computer literate
  11. 11. Jobs & Qualifications Asst. Engineer / Supervisor Electrical NDT/ HNDE /TTI Diploma with 1-2 years experience in Industrial/ Commercial building wiring Agri Field Assistant Diploma in Agriculture/ Able to work with major IT Applications Application support Assistant Knowledge of programming languages (C#/NET)/ Data bases & Operating Systems/ skills to move &work efficiently with other teams/ Excellent oral & written communication skills Student Nurses G.C.E(A/L) 3 passes in Bio Science/Physical Science/ G.C.E(O/L) 6 passes with 4 Credits include Mathematics/ English/Science Trainee IT Technicians Diploma in Information Technology/Knowledge in Computer Hardware/Sound education background/Positive attitude
  12. 12. Jobs & Qualifications Trainee Sales Executives A pleasing personality/ good English communication/Part qualification in CIM/ SLIM / School Leavers will be considered Trainee business development Executives Excellent communication skills/Positive attitude/commitment HR Assistants G.C.E(A/L) / Undergraduate from a recognized University/Certificate /Diploma in HR /Good PR skills Intern- Internal Audit/ Audit Trainees Undergraduate from a recognized University/Part qualification in CIA/CIMA Computer literate Banking Assistants GCE (O/L) with a minimum of 5 Credit passes including English & Mathematics/GCE (A/L) with three passes Teachers –(International Schools) Degree or Diploma of a recognized University/Leadership skills/communication skills in English
  13. 13. Jobs & Qualification Trainee cook Certificate in Food Preparation and Cooking/good spoken communication skills/energy and enthusiasm Trainee Stewards Basic English Knowledge /Willing to learn work & grow in hospitality industry Graphic Designer Diploma in Graphic Designing/Must be fluent in English/Photoshop and Illustrator Knowledge/communication skills Receptionist Proficiency in English/ G.C.E(A/L) qualified/ pleasant personality/very good Telephone ethics/ PR skills Telephone Operator Successfully completed G.C.E.(O/L)/Sound communication skills/ should be self motivated
  14. 14. Thank You Email: Careers@ObserverJobs.lk www.twitter.com/observerjobslk www.facebook.com/observerjobs