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Digital marketing workshop 2013

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Digital marketing workshop 2013

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Workshop
  2. 2. Clients
  3. 3. About You?
  4. 4. Key Learning Points Explore the rapidly evolving digital environment Find out more about the core areas of digital marketing Overview of social media Advice on incorporating digital marketing
  5. 5. Social Media Overview?Marketing in a Digital World
  6. 6. ComScore.com, 2013
  7. 7. Brand Email Subscriptions
  8. 8. Source: ExactTarget, 2011 Email: Why Subcribe
  9. 9. 24 Billion UK searches in 2012! "Do" Transactional Queries - Action queries such  as buy a plane ticket or listen to a song. "Know" Informational Queries - best restaurant in  Belfast, or ‘historical abuse enquiry’  "Go" Navigation Queries - Search queries that  seek a particular online destination, such as  Facebook
  10. 10. Towards ‘Hypercompetition’ in marketing?
  11. 11. Examples
  12. 12. What is your organisation doing to reach and influence consumers online?
  13. 13. Social Media Overview? Digital Marketing Core Areas: Awareness / Attract Convert Retain Analyse
  14. 14. Source: Econsultancy.com, 2012
  15. 15. Social Media Overview?Awareness / Attract
  16. 16. 1. Search Marketing 2. Digital Display 3. Social media display and online PR
  17. 17. This is Your Enemy Online! Low Traffic from search
  18. 18. “Italy holidays from Northern Ireland” “Restaurants Belfast” “construction companies northern ireland” “How to prevent heart disease” “cancer support Northern Ireland” “solicitors Northern Ireland” “Digital Diploma courses Belfast”
  19. 19. Google Keyword tool
  20. 20. Select a small, manageable number of keyphrases to start!
  21. 21. Terms: Search Advertising = Pay Per Click (PPC) What is it: Advertising on the sponsored section of search listings Aim: Attracting relevant leads / traffic to your website
  22. 22. Benefits Market to your customers while they are researching issue / product! Increase quality web traffic for your website Increase sales and leads You completely control budget and campaign period
  23. 23. Local Extensions
  24. 24. Click to Call
  25. 25. Site Links
  26. 26. On Google’s Advertising network
  27. 27. On Google’s Advertising network
  28. 28. Exercise Search for Google Keyword Tool: •Use the keyword tool to search for 3 relevant keyphrases Use Google search engine to search for the 3 keyphrases •Assess your search engine visibility for your organisation •Assess competitor rankings (if applicable)
  29. 29. Definition: SEO is the process of increasing the ranking for your website and web pages in the natural search engine results pages.
  30. 30. SEO Can Bring You.... Cost-effective Customer Acquisition - free to index. Good for high volume phrases Fixed Costs - No ongoing payments for clicks as in PPC Brand Visibility - Closely associates your brand with internet searches
  31. 31. Correct meta data are vitally important for achieving SEO success. The two most important factors in Meta Data are: 1.The Title Tag 2.The Meta Description
  32. 32. Warning: Most websites have incorrect meta information! Look at successful examples of search engine results Insert well written meta information – with the keyphrases you have chosen! Make sure the information is unique! Keywords / Meta Tags have lost importance!
  33. 33. Online PR
  34. 34. Video: Opportunities Increase direct traffic to your website Provide great content to feed social media and email newsletters Great for gaining rankings on search Promote your brand via stories More engagement with social media audiences and stakeholders
  35. 35. Video: Challenges The Myth of the ‘Viral Video’ Resources Getting the stories and formats right Marketing your online video
  36. 36. Artists Profiles
  37. 37. Artist Diary
  38. 38. Events Promotion
  39. 39. CEO Talk / Interview
  40. 40. Vox Pops
  41. 41. User Generated Content
  42. 42. ‘Viral Video’
  43. 43. “A viral video is a video that becomes popular through the process of internet sharing typically through video sharing websites, social media and email” ‘Viral’ Video
  44. 44. How to Market Your Videos
  45. 45. Create a Video Page
  46. 46. 5 Main Ranking Factors
  47. 47. SEO for You Tube Overview
  48. 48. Improving your Channel
  49. 49. Solus Emails
  50. 50. Opportunity to promote videos to important arts journalists “@marielouisemui r check out our new video for one city one book Approach top online influencers
  51. 51. Bloggers
  52. 52. Channel Selection
  53. 53. Online Reputation Management and Monitoring
  54. 54. Social Media Overview?Convert
  55. 55. Your Website Presence
  56. 56. Template Websites
  57. 57. “How does your website actually help us to do something?”
  58. 58. Conversion Optimisation
  59. 59. Definition “The process of improving the overall website usability and experience in order to increase the percentage of visitors who convert to actions.”
  60. 60. Why? Most of your website visitors don’t take actions on your website – 2% average! You need to map out the main marketing actions Encourage them to convert • Sign up to a database • Download a form • Request a call back
  61. 61. Usability
  62. 62. Q. What marketing ‘conversions’ do you want your customers to take? (i.e make a donation, download a form etc) Q. Is your site optimised for conversions? Q. How might you might you improve the site? Quick Exercise
  63. 63. Mobile Experience?
  64. 64. ‘Put your site to the test’ Quick Exercise
  65. 65. Carry out an audit and usability test of your website
  66. 66. Email Marketing
  67. 67. Second only to search marketing as the most effective digital marketing tactic! You can reach substantial numbers of email subscribers who have opted in Over half of Internet users check or send email on a typical day. Email Marketing: Benefits
  68. 68. 1.Driving to a poor website 2.Spam filters 3.Poor Content 4.Email lists 5.Outdated Technology What typically goes wrong with email marketing
  69. 69. How will you gain ‘permission’ emails
  70. 70. Source: Hubspot, 2012
  71. 71. ESP
  72. 72. Source: ExactTarget, 2011 Content?
  73. 73. “A business approach that seeks to create, develop and enhance relationships with carefully targeted customers in order to improve customer value and corporate profitability and thereby maximise shareholder value”. Customer Relationship Management
  74. 74. Social Media Overview?Retention / Engagement
  75. 75. Engage
  76. 76. Key question for social media marketing is…………
  77. 77. “Are you more interesting than my wife*?” *Insert: Mistress Football team Son / daughter Boss ………………….Etc
  78. 78. The following people and brands have social capital online!
  79. 79. Aims To drive footfall back into the city – Immediately Increase trade in shops, bars and restaurants Restore citizen confidence in city centre
  80. 80. How Offers: Deals and promos Stories based on content Shared via Social Media – viral effect in Belfast
  81. 81. Social Proof – Friends and family sharing content via #BackinBelfast
  82. 82. Impact Created an emotional connection to business owners Promoted offers via engaging content 8500 Facebook Followers 9600 Twitter followers
  83. 83. “Find the content that people will connect to. Whether (in our case) it’s strange things about what you have in your fridge, the food that you like to cook in your new oven”
  84. 84. Growth in fans – good content and smart advertising Competitions around relevant products They reply to EVERY customer / fan who talks to them How they do it..
  85. 85. 60% uplift on branded searches. Facebook has driven most of this change. Via: Clever content and engagement Significant rise in conversions Boosting Search Traffic and Sales
  86. 86. Additional Social Media Points
  87. 87. Influencers
  88. 88. Main Social Media Risks for Organisations
  89. 89. “Actually a lot of the success of, say, SEO or Social Media or Email Marketing or Most Forms of Marketing …….. is about creating great content that people will want to read, link to, talk about and share.” Ashley Friedlein, Econsultancy
  90. 90. Whitepapers…
  91. 91. “The term white paper...... refers to documents used by businesses as marketing or sales tools. They argue that the benefits of a particular technology, product or policy are superior for solving a specific problem” (Source: Wikipedia)
  92. 92. Blogs…
  93. 93. Brands as Publishers!
  94. 94. Content is critical in digital marketing •Critique the content you have •Build content marketing into your brand, PR, digital and social marketing
  95. 95. Social Media Overview?Analyse
  96. 96. True Value of ‘Likes and Followers’?
  97. 97. Social Media Overview? Digital Marketing Stragegy, Management / Recommendations
  98. 98. “unfortunately all plans degenerate into work”
  99. 99. Management and Resources
  100. 100. Budgets
  101. 101. Demonstrate how digital and social marketing will help with the 5 S’s: •Sell •Speak •Serve •Save •Sizzle They will listen to you! Convincing the Board
  102. 102. Carry out a digital audit Develop a digital media and marketing strategy across the business Invest in core areas – Website content and conversions, Search, Social and Email
  103. 103. Q. What areas of digital marketing do you use? Q. How might you use them more effectively? Q. Identify the key areas of digital media you could use in the future! Exercise
  104. 104. Paul McGarrity

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  • Explain what I do and services
  • Email remains a fundamental channel for engagement and for ROI, but those practising ‘batch-and-blast’ need to raise their standards. There are still areas where email marketers do not know enough about their campaigns, and many low hanging fruits not being picked. To get the best possible return from email marketing, companies need to get the basics right whilst overcoming challenges preventing increased sophistication