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Cepler 2013

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Cepler 2013

  1. 1. The Perfect Storm of Legal Education Jon Harman                                                :  h$p://uk.linkedin.com/in/jonharman1075                          :  @kao:coddchild      
  2. 2. Neuro Babble Bingo
  3. 3. “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” W.B.Yeats
  4. 4. Are  We  Doing  This?  
  5. 5. 45%  of  students     "did  not  demonstrate  any  significant  improvement  in  learning"   during  the  first  two  years  of  college  in  the  US.      -­‐  Arum  &  Roksa
  6. 6. Do we think MOOCS are the big revolution in higher education?
  7. 7. MOOCS 1.0 •  Auto-didactic course vending machines •  If it’s free, you’re the product •  One size fits all transmission model •  Is this revolutionary? •  Is this personalised?
  8. 8. Isn’t This: Still This:
  9. 9. We’re not in the industrial age anymore…. We’re not in the information age either….
  10. 10. We’re  in  the  connected  or   interconnected  age  
  11. 11. Time for New Pedagogic Strategies? Connectivism ? Rhizomatic Learning ?
  12. 12. Is Not A
  13. 13. It  is  a  machine  though.     A  Machine  with  limited  resources.     Limited  cogniJve/  computaJonal/     informaJon  processing  capability.     This  leads  us  to  being  intelligent.  
  14. 14. Lecture  Vs  Sleep  –  Eric  Mazur  
  15. 15. We  did  this  to  the  LPC  in  2004!  
  16. 16. Nine Ways to Reduce Cognitive Load in Multimedia Learning – Mayer and Moreno (2003)  
  17. 17. Learning   Media   Learning   Design  &   InteracJon   Design   Learning   Technology   Delivery   PlaOorm  
  18. 18. Learning Media Development PresentaJon  Layer/   InteracJon  Design   Media  and  Content   Players     Media    ProducJon/   NarraJve  Design   Video/  Audio/   AnimaJon/  Hi   Fidelity  Graphics   Content  Authoring/   InstrucJonal  Design   XML  Content   Authoring  CMS   System   AcJvity/  Learning   Design   Design/  Planning  Tool  
  19. 19. Digital  tools  and  challenges  to  insJtuJonal   tradiJons  of  learning  –  Saljo  (2010)   to learn something is to be able to convert information stored in the expanding external symbolic storages of our social memory into something that is new, interesting and consequential for a practice or an issue. The implications of such a metaphorical construction of learning will have to be worked out within the educational system and its instructional practices. It does not follow from a mere introduction of new technologies.  
  20. 20. Design/   Planning  Tool   Learning  design  refers  to  a  range  of  ac:vi:es  associated  with  be$er   describing,  understanding,  suppor:ng  and  guiding  pedagogic  design   prac:ces  and  processes.      
  21. 21. Design/   Planning  Tool   A  tool  to  aid  and   assist  design  and   planning  
  22. 22. Video/  Audio/   AnimaJon/  Hi   Fidelity  Graphics   Media  Content  Produc:on  
  23. 23. Rethinking  Content  Strategies.  
  24. 24. Rethinking  Content  Strategies.  
  25. 25. Learning  Meet  Big  Data  
  26. 26. Data  Based  Course  Design  
  27. 27. Learning  Analy:cs   Cloud Repository: ability to measure effectiveness per individual piece of content, such as lessons, video clips, specific topics, and interactions. LMS: Analyze student activity and performance patterns over time Identify at-risk student behaviour based on usage and performance Measure student learning outcomes against course grades and learning standards and objectives Assess compliance with teaching requirements Monitor and analyse trends to enact or validate curriculum and pedagogical change Establish and track KPIs through institutional dashboards to measure strategic goals Provide immediate access to pertinent performance information Decrease reliance on customized and static reports and queries  
  28. 28. Course  Modelling  Process  1  
  29. 29. Course  Modelling  Process  2  
  30. 30. Course  Review  Process  
  31. 31. Learning  Game  Design  
  32. 32. Why  is  this  All  Important?   • Scalability • Agility • Extensibility • Pedagogy
  33. 33. Connected  Brings  Complexity  
  34. 34. We Drive Into The Future, Using Only Our Rear View Mirror - Marshall McLuhan
  35. 35. LWOWx   An all-virtual, synchronous learning experience that includes both rhizomatic education and a sense of community developed through in-person interaction. Join a community of 300+ change agents, including lawyers, subject matter experts, academics, creatives, and venture capitalists. Push the boundaries of virtual education. LWOW X is the ultimate challenge and newest chance to break through the walls of traditional legal education and practice. http://www.lawwithoutwalls.org/lwow-x/
  36. 36. That’s  All  Folks!   e: kaoticoddchild@gmail.com Skype: kaoticoddchild