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Teams healthcare partner webinar ansuman partner

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Teams healthcare partner webinar ansuman partner

  1. 1. Microsoft Teams in Healthcare Product updates April 7th Ansuman Acharya Senior Product Manager
  2. 2. To provide our patients the best care possible. The ultimate goal of health care providers
  3. 3. Use M365 & Microsoft Teams to help empower care teams to deliver the best possible care Connect everyone together Fragmented systems brought together into a single collaboration canvas that can be customized and extended to fit your needs and provide valuable insights. Provide enterprise- grade security and compliance A breach of data is a breach of trust, that’s why Microsoft Teams is backed by advanced security to help you meet or exceed regulatory compliance needs. Streamline organizational processes Patient hand-offs can be streamlined, and more informed diagnosis and treatment decisions can be made by accessing electronic health records. Transform care team collaboration Clinicians can share the right information, at the right time, through encrypted messaging, voice and video calling, and meetings.
  4. 4. Teams – The Engagement Hub of Microsoft Azure Authoring Content & Intranet Analytics Dynamics MicrosoftGraph Suite-wide intelligence connecting people and content Securityand Compliance Centralized policy management
  5. 5. Healthcare communication architecture Medical records • Lab Results • Radiology • PACS/Dicomm Labs • Patient Records • Patient Orders • Patient History • Vital SignsEHR Data • Population • Genomics • BI/Analytics Communication • Chat 1:1/Group • Urgent Msg • Scheduling • On-CallChat • VOIP/Direct • Physical Phones • Operators Calling Care Mgmt. • Documents • Care Paths • Dashboards Collab • Virtual/Phys • Training • Rounding • MDT/ReferralsMeetings • Vitals/IOT • Lab Updates • ADT Mesg Alerting Processes/Portals • HR/Benefits • Intranet • Labs/Imaging Portals • IDC10 • Care Paths • Procedures KB’s • Overhead • Pagers/Bleeps • Code GroupsPaging
  6. 6. Latest product updates Secure messaging Tags, Status note v2, Message escalation, shift based tags and more Virtual Consults Bookings and Teams integration, roadmap, partner opportunities and more Others Healthcare policy packages, Tasks in Teams
  7. 7. Virtual visits in Teams Powered by Microsoft bookings
  8. 8. Sources: “2017 U.S. Telemedicine Industry Benchmark Survey,” REACH Health, http://reachhealth.com/wp-content/uploads/2017-US-Telemedicine-Industry-Benchmark-Survey- REACH-Health.pdf, Service Line Strategy Advisor research and analysis. P&S Market Research https://www.psmarketresearch.com/market-analysis/telemedicine-market Expected market size by 2022 $58.6B 18.7% CAGR Virtual visits: Trends and Opportunity Source: Reach Health, Advisory Board Top Virtual visits Objectives for Healthcare Delivery Organizations 14% 15% 33% 34% 38% 39% 46% 46% 53% 55% 61% 64% 66% 70% 78% 86% Supporting research or clinical… Reducing EMS bypass Increasing revenue Improving image in the… Capturing market share from… Providing access to new… Providing 24x7 access to… Improving specialist efficiency Reducing cost of care delivery Reducing hospital readmits Reducing unnecessary… Improving leverage of limited… Improving patient convenience Increasing patient engagement Providing remote patients with… Improving patient outcomes Trends • Looming physician shortages, aging populations, costs are on the rise, and communities lack local healthcare facilities • Increased and changing patient expectations for service, including a competitive new landscape • Virtual visits is beginning to prove its worth in the form of cost reduction • Legislation continues to indicate growing confidence in Virtual visits • Innovations and technological breakthroughs including real-time video communications ease accessibility and engagement with patients
  9. 9. Top Use Cases Strategic Goals Primary Care • Direct-to-consumer virtual visits • Multidisciplinary care team consultations • Enhance access to preventive care • Manage retail, competitive threats Outpatient • Specialty diagnosis and treatment input • Post-discharge follow-up visits • Expand coverage, reduce no-shows • Promote adherence to discharge plans Emergency • Specialty consults (e.g., tele-stroke, covid) • Emergency triage • Reduce avoidable patient transfers • Improve patient throughput Inpatient • Virtual specialty, hospitalist consults • Tele-ICU or tele- sitter monitoring • Improve available specialist expertise • Reduce average length-of-stay Virtual visits: Poised for explosive growth
  10. 10. Covid-19 US Opportunity Sources: https://www.ashp.org/Advocacy-and-Issues/Key-Issues/Other-Issues/Issue-Brief-COVID-19 https://medcitynews.com/2020/04/fcc-adopts-200m-telehealth-program-for-covid-19/
  11. 11. Microsoft Teams for External Communications in Health Telecollaboration Virtual patient visits Enabling health professionals to collaborate and communicate across organization boundaries with Guest Meeting Join capabilities allowing any clinician to participate in an interaction Patient-to-provider interactions with Guest Meeting Join. Seamless join for patients on any device to communicate with Health professionals in Microsoft Teams in a secure & compliant way
  12. 12. Solution: A convenient solution that helps reduce travel times, improves access, and is simple to use Challenge: In person visits are hard to schedule and travel to. Specialists are only available in the big cities and its impossible to get on their calendars for months. Patient experience
  13. 13. Improving the patient experience Intuitive and customized email invitation Patients receive details about the appointment and a Microsoft Teams Meeting link to join. Providers can also send reminder emails. Simple one-click join with no account needed Patients can join the virtual visit in one-click from their desktop web browser or from the Teams mobile app. Patients do not need a Teams license to join. Virtual lobby and HD video experience Patients can wait in a virtual lobby prior to the provider joining, and once in the visit they can engage in HD video conferencing from the comfort of their home.
  14. 14. Patient join – Mobile Email
  15. 15. Patient join – Teams Mobile
  16. 16. Patient in-meeting and post-meeting – Teams Mobile
  17. 17. Challenge: With an overwhelming patient load, it’s challenging to provide the best possible care. Often, a quick follow up is needed but patients must go through multiple hoops to reach their doctors. Solution: Patient communication can be improved, more timely care provided, and both clinicians and patients satisfaction improved Provider experience
  18. 18. Enabling providers to meet with patients and remote clinicians Virtually engage with patients Through easy to join scheduled virtual visits, clinicians can use meetings capabilities like screen share, cloud recording, live captions, and more. Virtually engage with remote clinicians Easily bring in remote clinicians, like specialists for a consultation, or into the patient virtual visit, through scheduling and meetings capabilities. Consistent experience everywhere Meet across desktop, mobile and room devices, from your office, examination room, mobile care environment, and other locations, all on Teams
  19. 19. Provider join Teams
  20. 20. Challenge: Looking for options to reduce costs, streamline care, and help meet security and compliance regulations Solution: More patients can be seen with shorter appointment times and reduced overhead, all with the peace of mind of strong security and compliance Clinical Ops experience
  21. 21. Lessening administrative burden with simple scheduling experience Flexible scheduling with self-service pages Create self-service scheduling pages to make available directly to patients for more flexible scheduling. Simple tool for creating virtual appointments Create categories for the types of visits, input notes for the clinician, and select automatic reminders for the patient. Multi-department and staff scheduling Easily schedule on behalf of clinicians and staff across departments with clear free/busy availability.
  22. 22. Admin settings O365 Admin Center
  23. 23. How it works … Provider: Teams Client Enterprise Boundary Bookings or Online Meeting Graph API Cloud App for Programmatic Meeting Creation EHR Scheduling and Join Embedded Mobile AV Control Anonymous Join Anonymous Join Anonymous Join Embedded Web AV Control Configurable Web Meeting Join Provider: Embed Email and SMS reminder Browser join from email Patient portal join Portal Mobile App embed join Patient: Browser Unique bridge/meeting ID per visit
  24. 24. Leverage the Graph API for Online Meetings https://graph.microsoft.com Integration and customization of meeting workflows for industry https://graph.microsoft.com/app/onlinemeetings Add Meeting Join Links to any App Add Meeting Join Links in Portals and Apps Optionally integrates with Outlook Cloud Scheduling Service Build backend apps for creating Scheduled or Ad-hoc meetings
  25. 25. A range of certified devices in every size, for every space and healthcare scenario paired with services to enable existing video investments and conduct virtual visits. Personal devices Shared devices Cloud Video Interoperability partners
  26. 26. What’s coming next?
  27. 27. Investment areas Clinician to Clinician Telecollaboration Virtual Visits: Provider to Patient Room Systems and Devices EHR Integrations Advanced Phone Calling and Call Center Learning and Training Patient and Family Member Interactions Intelligent Meetings and AI
  28. 28. Virtual visits: Image annotation
  29. 29. Australia IRAP | UK BS1596 | Article 29 WP | Singapore MTCS | Netherlands NEN7510 Certifications & Compliance Agreements Provider Life sciences & pharmaceuticals Payor ISO 27001/ISO 27018 HITRUST HIPAA BAA FedRAMP EU Model Clause EU GDPR ISO 27001/ISO 27018 HITRUST HIPAA BAA EU Model Clause EU GDPR ISO 27001/ISO 27018 HITRUST HIPAA BAA EU Model Clause EU GDPR ISO 27001/ISO 27018 HITRUST HIPAA BAA FDA 510 (k) Pharma Compliance Program (GXP) EU GDPR Public health & social services
  30. 30. Microsoft 365 & Teams can help give you peace of mind Meeting healthcare compliance Microsoft Teams is built on the Office 365 hyper-scale, enterprise- grade cloud, delivering advanced security and compliance capabilities. Teams is Tier-D compliant, which includes standards like HIPAA, SOC I, SOC 2, EU Model Clauses, and more. Data loss prevention Data loss prevention is a compliance feature of Microsoft 365 that is designed to help you prevent the intentional or accidental exposure of sensitive information Audit logs To efficiently respond to regulatory, litigation, and investigation data discovery requests, you can use built-in AI capabilities to find the most relevant data with corresponding audit logging e-Discovery Microsoft 365 can help identify sensitive information and define security and controls with integrated e-discovery, classification, labeling, and policy-based protection capabilities. Meetings and Calls included!
  31. 31. Data Residency Our Promise If Customer provisions its tenant in Australia, Canada, the European Union, India, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, South Korea , South Africa, UAE, Germany, Switzerland, France or the United States, Microsoft Teams will store the following Customer Data at rest only within that geo: • Microsoft Teams chats, channel messages, images, voicemail, and contacts • SharePoint Online site content and the files stored within that site • Files uploaded to OneDrive for Business Canada east North Central US East Asia Southeast Asia Amsterdam UK West AMERICAS EMEA APAC 181 countries | 40 languages (NOTE: Hebrew and Arabic RTL languages now supported) East USUS Gov Arizona US Gov Texas Canada central UK South Chennai Pune Japan East Japan West Australia East Australia Southeast In region In country US Gov Marseille Paris Cape Town Johannesburg Dubai Abu Dhabi Dublin
  32. 32. HIPAA One Whitepaper Clinicians and Clinical IT leaders feel safe using Microsoft Teams for sharing PHI • Learn about how Microsoft Teams and Office 365 meet each HIPAA control in detail • Share with your customers to create trust for using PHI on Teams
  33. 33. M365 Security & Compliance + Teams healthcare features = Secure Messaging
  34. 34. Microsoft Teams – A secure messaging platform Priority Notifications Secure image sharing Federated Messaging Read Receipts Manual tags and targeting Status note v2 Message escalate Priority Notifications v2
  35. 35. Status Note V2 • Ability to @ mention people • Custom expiration • Visibility in 1xN chats with direct ability to escalate
  36. 36. Tags – Create, manage and use • Tags allow you to classify users within Teams or group them based on a common attribute • Current feature list: • CRUD Tags in Manage Tags UX • Send a group message to the tag as a group chat • Mention a Tag in a channel conversation within a team • Coming later this year: • Graph API CRUD • DLs and Tags interoperability • Usage of Tag in people picker
  37. 37. Combination of Shift Group Name & On Shift Designation, will be addressable via Teams Chat and @mention in Channels
  38. 38. Shift-aware tags UX for the Teams Members with grayed out tags
  39. 39. Priority Notifications V2 Message modality escalation “If John does not read the message on Teams within 5 minutes, send him an SMS” Person to person escalation “If John does not read the message within 10 minutes, send the message to Julia” Priority notifications V2 ensures that messages for emergent issues are heard by their recipients through escalation of message modalities or failing that, escalation to a different person.
  40. 40. Policy Packaging • Streamline your policy assignments with policy packaging • Built to simplify and provide consistency when managing policies for groups of users across your organization • Healthcare Packages available today in MOPO and Powershell: • Clinical worker • Healthcare IW aka.ms/TeamsPolicyPackages
  41. 41. Microsoft ConfidentialMicrosoft ConfidentialMicrosoft Teams Tasks in Teams Microsoft ConfidentialMicrosoft Confidential • Both personal and team tasking in a single app • Aggregate views to keep you focused on your tasks • Create tasks from messages, files and other objects so that you never miss out on the context • Manage your team’s workload with channel specific task lists and tasks • Planner: Team tasks • To-Do: Personal tasks • Access your tasks anytime and anywhere from your mobile device • Real-time notifications, so that you’re always up to date on tasks assigned to you and those you care about
  42. 42. Teams clinical use cases • Secure Messaging • Chat 1:1 & Group, Channels, Secure Image Sharing • Priority Messaging - Standard, Important and Urgent • Knowledge Bots – Directory Bot, FAQ+ Bot, Company Communicator, IDC10 • Scheduling – Shifts & Kronos App • Meetings & Video • Scenarios: • ICD10 codes - Easy access to knowledge • Collaboration/co-author of secure docs • Huddles and Projects • Board/company meetings • Patient wound care • Notifications - bots, adaptive cards for lab updates or ADT signals • Patient’s List – Patient’s App, excel lists, PowerApps, manage specific patient cases • Data/Dashboard/Action – PowerBI, hospital quality & process improvement, Planner/Tasks, 360 visibility • Scenarios: • Hand Hygiene Huddle • Rounding • Lab Notifications • Virtual Tumor Board/MDT • Outpatient Risk Management • Length of Stay Reduction/Discharge Mgmt • Recording/Transcription – Meetings recording and transcription (search) • Patient experience – Simple one click join on Chrome or Edge & mobile join • Physician Scheduling – Virtual Visits App in TAP • Scenarios: • Home Care – virtual visits • Remote Monitoring (of patients in/outpatient) • Remote Specialist Consult • Rural Care – follow up appointments • Military or Prison – Remote consults • Mental Health – Virtual consults
  43. 43. Resources Custom solutions on Teams Better with Office 365 – Partner solution catalog Microsoft Teams developer platform Microsoft Teams Virtual Rounding IT Pro and end user blog on Teams commitment to Security, privacy and compliance.