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Social Media & Digital Education for Schools

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Social Media for Schools is a talk prepared for the Independent Schools Marketing Association of South Africa (ISMA) conference in Cape Town 2012 November.
The talk looks at Social Media, digital education, and its impact of schools, as well as some tips on how to succeed.
The talk was given by our agency group digital technologist, Chris Rawlinson.

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Social Media & Digital Education for Schools

  1. 1. Social Media & Education @ChrisRawlinson
  2. 2. Digital Advertising
  3. 3. Education in the year 2000, as imagined in 1910 by French postcard artistVillemard. Image: National Library of France
  4. 4. What Happened ?
  5. 5. Mass Media
  6. 6. Attention Economy
  7. 7. Online Media Mix
  8. 8. Reading is up! 1980: 7.4 Hours / Day 2008: 11,8 Hours/Day 9.57 zettabytes of data Source: 2009 HMI Report, Global Information Industry Center, University of California, San Diego, Bohn, Short
  9. 9. Web Capacity
  10. 10. • There are over 10million Internet users in South Africa now• Total of approx 8.5 million South Africans access the Internet on their cell phones• Approx. 25% growth internet users year on year in SA• 45% female - 55% Male user base• Ages 15 -24 represent approx. 10% of users
  11. 11. Social Media
  12. 12. Online Media Mix
  13. 13. • 9.34m active users in SA• 52% male / 48% Female• Age10-25 = 52% user base• 13% of users spend Moola• 50m global subscribers
  14. 14.  Approx 8m SA users Approx 6.8m access via Mobile 49% male / 51% Female 69% use daily 170 ave friends 6h30m ave browse time/month Age13-22 = 24% user base (the bulk are aged 22-30)
  15. 15. “Twitter is not a technology. It’s a conversation.And it’s happening with or without you.”@charleneli
  16. 16. • 2.43m SA users• 15.4m tweets per Month• Most active 9am -10am• Most active on Mondays• 52% Male 47%Female
  17. 17. Alexa top sites in SA 1. Google.co.za 2. Facebook 3. Google.com 4. YouTube 5. BidorBuy 6. Yahoo 7. Gumtree 8. LinkedIn 9. Wikipedia 10. News24
  18. 18. So What Now?
  19. 19. "Big breakthroughshappen when what issuddenly possible meetswhat is desperatelynecessary"Thomas Friedman, New YorkTimes 2012
  20. 20. The Flipped ClassroomThe Flip:Content at home < > Problem sets in ClassOn-Demand: Pause and RepeatProgress Reports are Immediate
  21. 21. Because games are fun,and are a great way tolearn.
  22. 22. Set Goals andMeasure What you can’t measure, you can’t manage. - Peter Drucker
  23. 23. Flow•Clear set of goals•Clear set of Rules•Challenge matched to skill or confidence•Clear and Immediate Feedback
  24. 24. Case Study: NikeNike "Connecting used to be, Heres some product, and heres someadvertising. We hope you like it. ’Connecting today is a dialogue.“Nike CEO, Mark Parker
  25. 25. Case Study: Nike
  26. 26. • Teaching administration is taking up almost as much time as the teaching itself.• Teachers are looking for ways to be more productive.• So they’re adopting apps like ClassDojo and Socrative to be more productive.• Mostly without the permission or go-ahead of their school or regional education boards... Due to the free starter version of these tools
  27. 27. Schools Social Media Advice1. Monitor the conversations happening2. Do have an updated Twitter / website / Facebook page3. Make your websites social.4. Try and create shareable and open school resources online.5. Respond to conversations as often as possible.6. Create a social media school policy (Staff/Students)7. If creating a network use existing tools / software.8. If running social media empower the person, or make sure they are already senior staff.9. Continuously learn, unlearn, and re-learn.
  28. 28. Relax and Enjoy
  29. 29. chris.rawlinson@ogilvy.co.za @ChrisRawlinson