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2 GSMA Mobile World Congress Mobile World Congress 2015: Full Recap

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GSMA Mobile World Congress is the
world’s biggest and most influential
mobile event with 93,000+ attendees
from 200 countries. Hosted in the
Mobile World Capital Barcelona for the
10th year, attendees are treated to a
wealth of learning, product showcases
and inspiring keynotes
About Why are we there?
With all the hype, commotion and can-not-miss
content flowing throughout the 4 day event we
want to find the answers to the one thing on the
top of all of our minds, “What does all of this
mean for my brand?”
Digital@Ogilvy broke down the 2015 Mobile
World Congress into larger thematic takeaways
and trends that every brand should know. We
looked at the bigger picture and implications of
technology moving forward and unveiled the
opportunities at hand over the course of the
four day conference.
Mobile World Congress 2015

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