What We Learned at CES 2013 and What Every Brand Should Know - Final Recap

17 Jan 2013

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What We Learned at CES 2013 and What Every Brand Should Know - Final Recap

  1. What we learned at CES & WHAT EVERY BRAND SHOULD KNOW Ogilvy & Mather 2013 INTERNATIONAL CES
  2. Overview WHAT WE LEARNED AT CES The 2013 International CES topped 150,000 attendees, covered 1.92 million square feet of exhibit space, unveiled 20,000 new products and showcased hundreds of speakers discussing the state of the technology industry in just four days. But with all the hype, commotion and can-not-miss content flowing throughout the 4 day event, we wanted to find the answers to the one thing on the top of all of our minds, “What does all of this mean for my brand?” Ogilvy & Mather broke down the 2013 International CES into bite size chunks of the most important brand takeaways and trends that you’ll find compiled within “What We Learned at CES & What Every Brand Should Know”. Enjoy.
  3. The Trends WHAT EVERY BRAND SHOULD KNOW • Trend 1: Life connected • Trend 4: Humanizing technology • Trend 7: TV is no longer passive • Trend 2: Social product networks • Trend 5: Emotional content distribution • Trend 8: Screen size doesn’t matter • Trend 3: Endless CRM opportunities • Trend 6: Home automation • Trend 9: Bend it. Flex it. Wrap it. Twist it.
  4. Trend One LIFE CONNECTED Passive objects like your scale or fork are now quietly analyzing your every waking moment. Technology is enabling products and services to connect to eachother, record new types of data and sync our physical selves to our digital selves. These new insights into consumer behaviors gives us the ability to reach them more effectively and make more adaptive products and services.
  5. Withings - Wifi Body Scale Hapilabs - Hapifork Trend One CES EXAMPLES CES 2013
  6. Trend Two SOCIAL PRODUCT NETWORKS Objects in your day-to-day life are not only analyzing your actions but can “talk” with you via mobile devices. Your plant now has the ability to text and let you know how it feels. Swap in your product and this gives us a new mode of communication to consumers. Through consistent product-to-consumer contact, we might start seeing social product networks on the rise.
  7. Moneual - Smart Plant Care Moneual - Smart Plant Care Trend Two CES EXAMPLES CES 2013
  8. Trend Three ENDLESS CRM OPPORTUNITIES As more of our digital devices talk, this will open up new CRM channels and opportunities for your brand to leverage. CRM can be found everywhere, from the push notifications on mobile phones to LIVE conversation analysis over FaceTime that can provide users with contextually relevant information. With new improvements in digital comes new CRM oppportunities.
  9. Expect Labs - MindMeld Urban Airship - Push Messaging Platform Trend Three CES EXAMPLES CES 2013
  10. Trend Four HUMANIZING TECHNOLOGY Voice recognition. Facial recognition. Hand gestures. Next year we’ll probably see smell. But until then, the Human User Interface is upon us. No more GUI. It’s all about your user-experience and making device UX a priority. How will your marketing go beyond a click of a banner?
  11. LG - Gesture Cam Fitbit - User Experience and Interface Trend Four CES EXAMPLES CES 2013
  12. Trend Five EMOTIONAL CONTENT DISTRIBUTION What if you could distribute your content based on how your consumer was feeling at an exact moment in time? And, what if we said you could capture this emotional data in the form of biometrics? Happy, sad and angry are about to become part of every markter’s toolkit. With these future distribution and data capture techniques, how will it affect your marketing decisions and KPI’s?
  13. Technicolor - Content Research + Development Intel - Perceptual Computing Trend Five CES EXAMPLES CES 2013
  14. Trend Six HOME AUTOMATION More and more homes will become “smart homes.” This is a huge opportunity for brands, especially CPG brands, to add a new layer of utility, data capture and CRM between interconnected devices and appliances. Brand utility can now be thought of as a 360 degree experience that provides tools, content and automated control from your mobile device to appliances and connected products in your home.
  15. Samsung - Smart Home Samsung - Smart Oven Trend Six CES EXAMPLES CES 2013
  16. Trend Seven TV IS NO LONGER PASSIVE Television has become truly active. It’s not just a content portal but a smart app portal, a connected home portal and a device portal. The TV is now your lifestlye portal.
  17. Panasonic - My Home Screen LG + Google TV - Content Discovery Trend Seven CES EXAMPLES CES 2013
  18. Trend Eight SCREEN SIZE DOESN’T MATTER What’s the difference between a 120” screen and the screen that sits neatly in your pocket? It’s not the size. What matters is the content, utility, data and accessibilty you give consumers across these screen experiences. And it’s not just providing rich experiences across displays but providing these experiences based on the location of your consumer.
  19. Sharp - 85” 8k TV Flingo - Samba, second-screen interactive TV Trend Eight CES EXAMPLES CES 2013
  20. Trend Nine BEND IT. FLEX IT. WRAP IT. TWIST IT. Flexible-display technology will cover more objects than just televisions, tablets and mobile devices moving forward. Imagine this tech covering your products, branded objects, or apparel. Your brand creative will have more addressable consumer interactions than ever before.
  21. Samsung - Youm, flexible-display Samsung - Youm, flexible display Trend Nine CES EXAMPLES CES 2013