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Beaver camp 2017

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Tour Operator Baltic Blues House launched an annual sustainability project – ecological summer camps for orphans and children living in poverty organised in the most beautiful natural park of Lithuania – the Curonian Spit.

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Beaver camp 2017

  1. 1. BEAVER BEN CAMP 2017 Baltic Blues House’ charity project Two ecological and educational summer camps for socially disadvantaged children in the Curonian Spit We bring joy into the life of orphans and children living in poverty and help to reduce the harmful impact of mass tourism to the fragile environment of the Curonian Spit
  2. 2. 2 camps of 11 days July 15th-25th: 14 kids from Vilnius Orphan House Nr 3 7-17 years old July 25th – August 4th: 18 kids from Birzai Social Day Care Centre 6-14 years old 8 excursions 20 educational activities 40 hours of cleaning the Curonian Spit 1000 ..... pleasant memories
  3. 3. Venue – Juodkrantė, the Curonian spit; Location 50 meters from the bay, 1.5 km from the Baltic Sea beach Comfortable accommodation in a local school 4 Meals per day Active program everyday Excellent living conditions
  4. 4. Educational program Cognition of the local environment through practical exercisers and games Learning about environmental protection Team building activities Personal development and getting new social skills
  5. 5. Sundial Sea museum Delphinarium Sea lions show Boat trip Dead dunes Witch's Hill Excursions and Hikes
  6. 6. Environmental awareness Kids made the Curonian Spit cleaner – Collected 9000 liters of garbage in dunes, beach and playgrounds
  7. 7. Board games Huge soap bubbles Water balloons on the beach Hand-made games/souvenirs Volleyball, basketball, football Art classes Entertainment and Sports
  8. 8. In Total 11 days of: Experiential Learning Excursions Recreation Good deeds Fantastic mood and ALL TOGETHER – Amazing holiday for those who need it the most
  9. 9. BIG THANK YOU to our Great Partners:
  10. 10. BIG THANK YOU to our Great Partners: