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Treatment Advert

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Treatment Advert

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Treatment Advert

  1. 1. Treatment Written By Oliver Kaplan Working Title Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Advert Synopsis Write a short outline of your story – briefly mentioning the main characters and what happens to them. My Advert is abouta man called Phil,an ordinary officeworker who sees another colleaguewith a Dairy Milk chocolatebar.In the advert we enter into Phil's thoughtprocess as he dreams about stealing the chocolate. Setting Say where and when the story happens – you need to describe the environment in which the action takes place My advertisement is set in an ordinary officebuilding.The officeroom itself and the corridor outsidearethe only two locations used in the advert. The main action consists of Phil stealing the chocolatein the office room and running out into to the corridor. Genre Say what type of programme it will be – will it be naturalistic, melodramatic or comic? The advert will primarily bea serious,action based advertbut will havea comic twist atthe end to ensure that the product and message are left stuck in the audiences heads. NarrativeStructure Say how the programme is broken down - is the story told in chronological order and are there sub plots? The narrativestructureof the advert will notbe in chronological order,as is theusual casewith adverts,but instead will consistof us going back and forth between the main characters thoughts and actual reality.The advert will startoff in the real world then go into Phil’s thought process in the middleand finally back into reality onceagain atthe end. Almost likea circular structurethe advert will startand finish in thesame place,with Phil satathis desk. Vision Explain how the film will look – this will include the style of camerawork, the use of colour and the use of lighting All camera work within my advertisement will be filmed by a camera on a tripod.I have chosen to use a tripod rather than hand hold the camera in order to keep the shots as steady and professional looking as I possibly can.Theadvert will consistof a wide variety of shots ranging from wides to closeups and high and low angles. Although wide shots will beused to establish thesetting, more closeups will be used to convey the action later on in the scene. Sound Explain how you will use sound to help tell the story – how you will combine the four layers of film sound to add to the total effect Only two lines of speech are actually said in my advert between the two characters.Therefore itwill be important to use music and sound effects carefully to help build up the action in my scene. I aimto use a piece of music that will startoff slow and pick up pace as the advert reaches its climax to maximisethe effect on the audience. Editing Explain the cutting of shots and the use of transitions – what kind of pace will you have, and how you move from one scene to the next As my advert is primarily action based I aimto create quite a fastpace when itcomes to cutting my shots together. Therefore I will mainly becutting straightfrom shot to shot without the use of transitions to keep the action of the scene. However transitions will beused to show us moving back and forth from reality to thoughts in order to stop the advert from becoming confusing.This should clearly mark when we aredifferentiating between these two realities.Fades will beused at the beginning and at the end of the advert.