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  1. Context. Olivia Day
  2. Initial Reaction In terms of my initial thoughts regarding my FMP, I am leaning towards creating a makeup brand and the media components that surround it. For example I will be creating ‘summery’, feminine products with a consistent minimalistic aesthetic and will therefore curate an advert for a product, along with the social media marketing and the website for the brand. Last year, I created a perfume brand a video advert for the product. I believe that in terms of designing the perfume product and maintaining a consistent aesthetic of ‘feminine and floral’, I was successful. However, I am now aware that in order to achieve a higher grade, I must think about many more advertising techniques that go into building a brand, and overall, an empire. After looking at past FMP results from previous students, I know that in order to succeed in creating a convincing and interesting product, I must do heavy research in order to influence the outcome of my product and not miss out on any key elements.
  3. Makeup Brand Website Advert Social Media Account/s Products Light colours Simple layout Catchy phrases Summer vibe Accessible reviews Pages for each genre – face, lips, skin Links to social media Minimalistic – white font Concealer, Foundation, Lip gloss, Bronzer, Eyebrow gel, Lip liner, Eye shimmer, Highlighter Maintain a ‘dewy’, ‘summery’ aesthetic. Product names that stand out e.g. Solar Paint – Liquid Highlight More personal so that buyers feel like they can interact with the supplier. Upkeep the aesthetic of feminine, bubbly, summery etc. Behind the scenes content of photoshoots, adverts etc. ‘Tease’ upcoming products. Summery, holiday setting Group of girls Close up shots Emphasising the glowy natural summer look
  4. Website - Mood Board
  5. Products - Mood Board
  6. Advert - Mood Board
  7. Mood Board Analysis Each mood board consists of a similar colour palette and tone. I am attempting to emulate the femininity of my product however I will also intend to leave space to allow gender-neutral customers to feel intrigued by my product. The mood which I am allowing my products to radiate is wholesome and warm since the brand will be preparing for a summer launch whilst retaining a grungy, retro vibe. I have ensured that my mood boards show that the makeup products will be glowy and light, in comparison to some other brands which market their products as being “heavy duty” and “matte”. The aesthetic of my brand will be minimalistic and each element of production that goes into marketing my products will follow the same minimalistic aesthetic so that my brand will somewhat have a ‘trademark’ and so I will not confuse my audience. The Advert Mood Board, for example, shows a selection of shots which have pink and red tones. This is because I plan on creating an advertisement for a valentines day makeup set and pink and red are often associated with love and valentines day.
  8. Influence/Inspiration Glossier – Website Glossier, a makeup and skincare brand founded by 37-year-old, Emily Weiss, has been hugely successful over the past years as the trend to look “minimal” and “fresh” has come to be. Taking a look at the website of the brand has given me an insight into how the brand chooses to present its products to its audience since online is how glossier make most of their sales. Launched in 2014 with only four products, the makeup brand now boasts over 42 products with the addition of the selection of brand merchandise too. The website appears quite modern and clean in a sense. This is because of the recurring light tones and simple fonts. I found the website very easy to navigate as there are not too many distracting features on the pages and the products are displayed in a neat and orderly manner. I like how the home page displays the brand’s latest released product with large images and the emphasis of the exclamation point in order to sound eager and exciting. When I click on a product, I am welcomed with images such as a close-up of the product and how the product looks on different skin tones. I believe that having a variety of models of different skin tones is great in terms of widening an audience of many ethnicities as it allows customers to feel informed on how the product would look on themselves. In addition to this, the page has information on the product in a clear and obvious text which informs the customers on the formula of the product and ways in which the product can be used. For example, each product has a ‘Good to know’ section which states its traits – the ‘Balm Dotcom’ product states that it is “Conditioning, Cruelty-Free, Moisturising, Soothing, and Vegan’. When I scroll down on this page, I am introduced to a variety of reviews made by previous buyers from all over the world of the product which informs me further on how the product acts on people with different skin types, skin tones and ages.
  9. Influence/Inspiration Rhode Skin - Website Rhode, a skincare brand founded by model Hailey Bieber has risen to success quickly. The website for the brand is immediately aesthetically pleasing to the eye as I am welcomed with a black and white retro-style video of Bieber herself. As she is the face of the brand, I see this feature as fitting. The brand only has five products for sale as of now, however, this has not stopped the website from appearing as a company which is stacked with products would, in the sense that each page is stacked with information. For example, when I click on a product, that page has 11 sections which has exciting information on that product such as its ingredients, application instructions, product sustainability, and customer reviews. Furthermore, there are two pages, accessible by the navigation bar, named ‘About’ and ‘Futures’ which give the customers a chunk of information on the brand and its ‘philosophy’. The ‘About’ page mentions its values and intentions of the brand, and additionally, the cosmetologists and dermatologists which were a huge part of conducting research in order for the products to work efficiently for the customers. The ‘Futures’ page, is incredibly interesting as it reveals that Hailey Bieber has founded a ‘Rhode Futures Foundation’ which invests in supporting 1000 women and their families and Rhode has committed a minimum of 1% of sales to support the women they serve. There are many elements of digital design on this website which I like a lot and plan to applying to my own. For example, when I hover my mouse over a product, it shows the effects it has on the skin. As my brand is going to consist of makeup products, the aftermath of applying the products will appear more evident as a skincare brand like Rhodes does because my products are not translucent/the skin doesn’t absorb it. I believe that the photography of the models on the Rhodes website is done really well. The simple, detailed, closeup shots are great when displaying how the products appear on the skin.
  10. Influence/Inspiration Glossier – Products The Glossier products are targeted at a young, millennial audience that are appreciative of simple and minimal style. Its products are created to provide minimal coverage for a fresh and youthful look, and its packaging manages to convey that message. Although each product is packaged differently, Glossier maintains its minimal aesthetic across its packaging. The balms are packaged in tubes, while the cleanser is in a plastic bottle, and the skin tints are in translucent bottles. Apart from the ‘G’ Glossier logo and basic information about the product, Glossier has kept its packaging text light. It’s not chaotic and doesn’t take away from the design experience, and still manages to provide necessary information about the products. The names of the products are also engaging and fun: ’Balm Dotcom’, ‘Cloud Paint’, and ‘Milky Jelly Cleanser’ are catchy names that are also easy to remember, adding a very unique element to the packaging design. I like how the ‘Cloud Paint’ cream blush is artistically packaged in a tin-like tube, similar to how professional paints are. However, Glossier products are much more minimalistic and feminine as it upkeeps the aesthetic of the brand in their packaging. I plan to follow a similar design approach that Glossier has led with as my products will be very lightweight and brightening, much like Glossier is. However, I will alter my designs so that my brand has a personal ‘trademark’ colour. For example, many of Glossier’s products have pale pink incorporated into the packaging, whereas, since my brand will be preparing for a summer release, my products will have a more summery tone such as peach or yellow.
  11. Influence/Inspiration Charlotte Tilbury – Campaign Video Entrepreneur and famous make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury decided to celebrate her Pillow Talk makeup collection, through the latest advert CT released. The video boasts the products’ ability to define a rosy glow for its customers of every complexion, age and gender. The Pillow Talk collection consists of Multi-Glow Highlighter, Push Up Lashes! Mascara, Beautifying Glow Cheek and Eye Kit and, finally, Luxury Eyeshadow Palette. Charlotte Tilbury has created a ‘slumber party’ themed campaign where everything from the music (Yes Sir, I Can Boogie) to the boudoir set with velvet furniture, sequins and disco ball on the ceiling, recreates the atmosphere of a retro and ultra-glam party. The campaign ad is shot with short, snappy shots of close-ups of the models’ faces along with a sparkle where the light catches the shine of the lip gloss or glittery eyeshadow. Throughout the video, there is a soft pink haze overlay which I believe elevates the feminine, flirty aesthetic of the sequence. The slogan “Everyone’s perfect shade” creates a sense of inclusivity as it widens Charlotte Tilbury’s target audience to everyone, this is something that I plan to incorporate into my own campaign ad as I intend my brand to be accessible to everyone. The Pillow Talk Party video emulates a sense of friendship and innocent fun whilst also managing to have undertones of sultriness from the poses and outfits of the models. Charlotte Tilbury started out as a celebrity makeup artist and has since founded her own, incredibly successful, makeup brand in 2013. Her now award-winning products have been sold in luxury department stores such as Selfridges, Harrods, and Harvey Nichols. Charlotte believes that everyone deserves to look and feel like the most beautiful version of themselves every day through the power of makeup. Today, Charlotte is one of the UK’s most famous makeup industry exports and continues to push boundaries with her award-winning, record-breaking makeup and skincare company.
  12. Influence/Inspiration Kylie Cosmetics – Social media account (Instagram) Kylie Jenner is an internet sensation. With 379 million Instagram followers on her personal account, her internet fame worked wonders when it came to releasing her own cosmetics line. She started with the release of the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Kits’ in 2015 and used her Instagram and Snapchat accounts to promote the launch. Along with this, the Lip Kits were sent to other celebrities as PR packages which were then also posted amongst their social media accounts. 18 months after the first initial launch, Kylie Cosmetics claimed to have brought in $400 million. Since then, the brand has become much more than just a Lip Kit brand and has expanded to create a full face of the makeup line, skincare line and even baby care. @KylieCosmetics on Instagram has reached 25.8 million followers and is regularly keeping the followers updated with new content of product releases and customer impressions. Like most cosmetics brands’ social media pages, their content consists of videos of customers and PR package receivers trying on their products. I like this aspect as it takes away the aspect of professional lighting and airbrushed images which creates a more authentic and personal aspect to the brand. In addition to this, the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page also features images of Kylie Jenner herself wearing the makeup products that are advertised on the page. As she is the face of the brand and most of the customers are fans of Kylie herself, seeing Kylie wear the makeup and knowing that she owns the products for herself may motivate people to make a purchase for themselves so that they have something that they can relate to Kylie with the aesthetics of the Instagram page is professional with hints of authenticity due to the customer’s photographs and dark, vintage-style photography. Due to the time of year, it is apparent that the release of certain collections is seasonal. For example, during the summertime, the page shows more sunny images with light and glossy makeup looks. Whereas in the winter season, more rouge and darker tones are being advertised to the brand’s audience.
  13. Why are you making this project? I have decided to create a makeup brand as my FMP because I know the area of design quite well. As a frequent user of social media, I am constantly being influenced to purchase new makeup products and therefore I know that there is a strong market through social media marketing to branch out to access new customers. Last year for my FMP, I created a short campaign video for a perfume product along with a poster advertisement. I am now aware that there were many sectors to the design that lacked and I could have improved in order to reach better grades. For example, instead of just creating one product, I could have branched out and created a multitude of products to set the tone for my brand and it would’ve given me more opportunities to design and improve my photoshop skills. Therefore, this year I am giving myself a better opportunity to test my knowledge on what I have learnt during my time on this course as I am going to be venturing into web design (Wix), product design (Photoshop), video campaign (PremierPro), and social media marketing (Instagram and TikTok). This allows me to touch bases with many career options in media whilst creating a selection of many products that I hold an interest in.
  14. Strengths and Limitations When it comes to my strengths which will prepare me well for my FMP, I would say that I have art and creative attributes which allow me to have an artistic eye when it comes to designing concepts for my work. This has allowed me to have a good perspective when I explore my photography skills. Photography has always been a small hobby of mine which I enjoy and over the years, I have realised that this hobby has been useful during college and when I shoot images and videos for my projects. A weakness of mine is my lack of information on editing techniques in applications such as Photoshop and PremierPro which result in my work appearing professional. This is because, in previous projects, such as magazines, fanzines and music videos, I have not necessarily required intense and visually pleasing effects. In order to pick up this skill in editing, I will need to research YouTube tutorial videos which give out editing techniques that are used in professional media fields so that I can produce the best work I possibly can. Another weakness of mine is time management. During my time at college, there have been many cases where I have handed my work in last minute or even past the deadline. This has been due to commitments I have in my own time which result in a lack of time to continue working from home. I have also noticed that I work at a pretty low speed, this may be due to my habit of procrastinating. To fix this problem, I will ensure that I have a clear schedule which presents me with enough time to catch up with work that I did not cover in college so that I can meet the deadlines and stay on track.
  15. Potential Research Activities In order to research efficiently for my Final Major Project, I will be producing a research PowerPoint where I will be able to track my research and easily find the information that I have researched throughout the production process that I will find useful. I plan to conduct a survey base on the makeup industry, which I will share online so that I can get opinions and insights on what people may still be searching for in a makeup product. This is because I want to create products which fulfil the needs of my audience so that they will be satisfied with them. In addition to this, I will conduct ‘secondary audience research’ which will consist mainly of statistics and graphs of existing makeup companies and how they market their brand to their audience. This is so that I can then go on to decide which brands I believe have the most success and also has a similar aesthetic to the brand I plan to produce and then research them individually in more detail. Following the market research, I will then follow up with ‘market research’ where I will research individual brands and the many conventions which make that brand itself. As I am creating makeup product designs, a website, social media account/s and a tv advert, there is a lot I need to take into account so researching popular brands/products will allow me to grasp an idea of what is currently trending in the makeup industry.
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