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Choosing the Board’s Duty of Foresight

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  2. Choosing The Board’s Duty of Foresight With Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE
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  11. Article: The Next Definition of the Board's Duty of Foresight by Jeff De Cagna
  12. Choosing The Board’s Duty of Foresight JeffDeCagnaFRSAFASAE ExecutiveAdvisor,ForesightFirstLLC T20sDAY1178
  13. today is Day 1,178 of The Turbulent Twenties (T20s)
  14. this session is a plea to you and your boards
  15. what will our successors say about us?
  16. let’s think about March 23, 2013
  17. we have a greater responsibility to those who will follow us
  18. our successors are listening
  19. what is the board’s duty of foresight and why does it matter? QUESTION#1
  20. foresight is an intentional process of learning with the future
  21. the duty of foresight: a brief history thedutyofforesightoriginatedinanarticleinASAE’s AssociationsNowmagazineinthesummerof2014 inthelast8+years,thedutyofforesighthasbecome anextpracticeforstrengtheningboardperformance the“nextdefinition”oftheboard’sdutyofforesight wasreleasedonT20sDay1,000inSeptember2022
  22. the duty of foresight requires association boards to stand up for their successors’ futures through intentional learning, short-term sacrifice, and long-term action
  23. the next definition: part I thenextdefinitionfocusesontheboard’s dutytostandupforsuccessors’futures thenextdefinitionraisesthestakesforlearning tobuild resilience for multiple plausible futures thenextdefinitiongroundsitsauthorityinour sharedhumanityratherthanalegalmandate
  24. the next definition: part II thedutyofforesightdemandsthatboards reclaim theiragencyfrom orthodoxy thedutyofforesightasksboardstocaremore abouttheirsuccessors thanthemselves thedutyofforesightchallengesboardstomake sacrificesforthebenefitofpeopletheywillneverknow
  25. the next definition: part III thedutyofforesighthelpsboardsestablish theirdecision-makinglegitimacyforthefuture thedutyofforesightiscoretosettingahigher standardofstewardship,governing,andforesight[SGF] thedutyofforesightlivesattheheartofthe processofbuildingfit-for-purposeassociationboards
  26. the duty of foresight is an ethical and moral choicethat fit-for-purpose association boards must make every day
  27. how does the duty of foresight amplify the importance of the duties of care, loyalty, and obedience? QUESTION#2
  28. association boards are human systems responsible for guiding human systems into the future
  29. the duty of foresight demands that boards situate fiduciary responsibility in a larger context
  30. fiduciaryresponsibilityandthedutyofforesight thedutyofforesightrequiresthedutyofcareto operateatahigherlevelofanticipationandvigilance thedutyofforesightrequiresthedutyofloyaltytoask deeperquestionsaboutself-interestvs.sharedinterest thedutyofforesightrequiresthedutyofobedience toelevatethecommitmenttoethicalpurpose
  31. throughout this decade, every board decision will have significant ethical dimensions
  32. throughoutthisdecade, thedutyofforesight willbetheboard’s highestresponsibility
  33. Q&A
  34. how can boards build a consistent practice of foresight? QUESTION#3
  35. thinking about foresight thedutyofforesightrequiresassociation boardstostandupfortheirsuccessors’futures theworkofforesightistheactuallearningwith thefutureintheformofscanning,scenarios,etc. thepracticeofforesightiscreatedthroughrepeated worktobuildperformanceanddeepenimpact
  36. consistent practice of foresight: part I aconsistentpracticeofforesightrequires boardstothinkandactbeyondorthodoxy aconsistentpracticeofforesightrequiresadisciplined andrepeatableprocessforlearningwiththefuture aconsistentpracticeofforesightrequiresadiverseand inclusivenetworkofcontributorstotheworkofforesight
  37. consistent practice of foresight: part II aconsistentpracticeofforesightrequires boardstofocustheirattentiononthefuture aconsistentpracticeofforesightrequires boardstousedissentasaresourceforlearning aconsistentpracticeofforesightrequiresa deepcommitmenttoongoingboardreflection
  38. closing remarks
  39. 30-second poll: How did we do?
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  41. closing remarks
  42. myhopeisthatthissession willbeacatalystforyour effortstohelpassociation boardsbecomemore
  43. what will our successors say about us?
  44. there are 2,475 days remaining in The Turbulent Twenties
  45. our successors will continue to listen
  46. “For all of its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future.” --BarbaraJordan
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