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Office Depot Case Study

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See how Office Depot increased e-commerce conversions by up to 13%.

"OneSpace’s end-to-end content creation workflow provided Office Depot with a seamless process for creating hyper-targeted content and product curations at scale."

With hundreds of thousands of products across a wide variety of categories, Office Depot needed a quick and easy way to help its online customers find the products most relevant to their needs.

OneSpace developed a robust content marketing strategy based on real customer behavior and helped Office Depot create personalized product curations and content at scale.

By using OneSpace to create 363 pieces of highly-targeted content, Office Depot started ranking for 13,000+ new long tail-keywords and increased conversion rates by up to 13%.

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Office Depot Case Study

  1. 1. www.onespace.com | info@onespace.com | (855) 276-9376 1 Office Depot boosted organic traffic and increased e-commerce conversion rates by using OneSpace to create personalized product curations and hyper-targeted content at scale. CASE STUDY
  2. 2. www.onespace.com | info@onespace.com | (855) 276-9376 2 Background Office Depot’s website features hundreds of thousands of SKUs across a wide variety of both office and non-office-related categories. The plethora of options requires customers to apply multiple search filters, scroll through dozens of pages of products, and read several reviews before adding a product to their cart. For example, Office Depot has 1,977 tape and adhesive products available on its website. Customers purchase these products for a variety of uses, from wrapping presents and hanging holiday decor to securing moving boxes and more. So how could Office Depot make it easier for people to find the products they’re looking for based on the exact reasons they buy? Challenges • Provide a more personalized shopping experience. • Boost organic traffic. • Increase e-commerce conversion rates. Why OneSpace? • Provided a robust content marketing strategy based on real customer behavior • Provided a scalable and cost-effective process for creating product curations and content • Provided on-demand access to over 100,000 prequalified freelancers • Provided a virtual workspace to enhance collaboration between internal and external teams Solutions • Create highly targeted product curations. • Create keyword-rich content such as articles and infographics. Results • Published 363 pages of highly- targeted content • Started ranking for 13,000+ new long tail-keywords • Increased conversion rates by up to 13%
  3. 3. www.onespace.com | info@onespace.com | (855) 276-9376 3 Company Office Depot, Inc. Website http://www.officedepot.com Headquarters Boca Raton, FL Size 49,000+ employees Industry Business Supplies & Equipment Company Profile Office Depot, Inc. is a leading global provider of office products, services and solutions. The company has annual sales of approximately $14 billion and serves consumers and businesses in 59 countries with approximately 1,800 retail stores, award-winning e-commerce sites, and a dedicated business-to- business sales organization. Challenges With hundreds of thousands of products across a wide variety of categories, Office Depot needed a quick and easy way to help its online customers find the products most relevant to their needs. Goal #1 Create more personalized shopping experiences. Goal #3 Increase e-commerce conversion rates. Goal #2 Boost organic traffic.
  4. 4. www.onespace.com | info@onespace.com | (855) 276-9376 4 Solutions To accomplish these goals, Office Depot decided to launch a new section of its website called the Ideas Center. The Ideas Center showcases product recommendations, articles and infographics that are tied to specific customer needs and interests. Why OneSpace? OneSpace offered Office Depot an efficient and cost-effective way to execute personalized content marketing campaigns at scale. • With experience in e-commerce and online marketing, OneSpace’s strategic services team was able to develop an extensive content marketing strategy backed by in- depth research of real customer behavior. • OneSpace’s on-demand network of over 100,000 freelancers enabled Office Depot to create content faster and more cost-effectively than using existing internal resources or hiring additional employees or temps. • OneSpace’s virtual workspace made it easy for internal and external teams to collaborate, giving Office Depot staff direct control over project metrics like quality and completion timeframe.
  5. 5. www.onespace.com | info@onespace.com | (855) 276-9376 5 How It Works OneSpace’s end-to-end content creation workflow provided Office Depot with a seamless process for creating hyper-targeted content and product curations at scale. Step 1: Create customer profiles. To lay a solid foundation for the project, OneSpace’s strategic services team developed a robust content marketing strategy based on real customer behavior. With the help of freelance data specialists, they collected and analyzed a variety of search, social and competitive data. The team used these insights, along with Office Depot’s own knowledge of its customer base, to create profiles of shoppers to target with personalized content campaigns.
  6. 6. www.onespace.com | info@onespace.com | (855) 276-9376 6 Step 2: Create relevant topics. Using OneSpace’s topic ideation tools, a trusted team of freelance writers created a list of topics that would appeal to each customer profile. Along with a general description of the topic, freelancers also provided the page title and target keywords. Step 3: Deliver in-depth briefs. Based on the information collected in Steps 1 and 2, OneSpace created detailed campaign briefs that summarized the team’s content recommendations for each customer profile. Every brief included: • Research summary • Profile of target customer • Topics for product curations • Relevant product categories • Topics for supplementary content These briefs were delivered to Office Depot’s internal team for final review and approval.
  7. 7. www.onespace.com | info@onespace.com | (855) 276-9376 7 Step 4: Curate relevant products. With the approved campaign briefs in hand, OneSpace freelancers hand- selected products for each curation based on the topic and customer profile provided. These freelancers ensured every product had favorable customer reviews and possessed attributes that were relevant to both the supplied topic and the target customer profile. To speed up the process, they also provided links, images and titles for all of the chosen products. After a quick quality check from other freelancers, Office Depot’s brand managers reviewed the selected products directly within OneSpace’s virtual work interface, helping their internal team maintain oversight and ensure the ideal products were chosen for each curation. Your Turn In Merchandising 101, you learn to display similar products together to build a personalized shopping experience and encourage a sale. Let’s try it… Curated Products: fire starters marshmallows graham crackers roasting sticks Product Theme: camping Question: What product would you feature next? Answer: Chocolate
  8. 8. www.onespace.com | info@onespace.com | (855) 276-9376 8 Step 5: Create curation page copy. A select group of freelance writers and editors trained in Office Depot’s brand voice and style guidelines created engaging copy for each curation, bringing the pages to life by using emotional language and sensory phrases designed to appeal to the target customer profile.
  9. 9. www.onespace.com | info@onespace.com | (855) 276-9376 9 Step 7: Pass final client review. As a final quality check, Office Depot team members reviewed all content within the OneSpace interface to ensure it complied with all brand, style and legal guidelines. Step 8: Publish and promote. Office Depot published all curations, articles and infographics in a new section of its website called the Ideas Center, offering customers a more personalized shopping experience. To increase the visibility of these new pages, they included callouts and links to the content throughout the website. They also launched a number of targeted advertising and email marketing campaigns. Step 6: Create supplementary content. To support each curation, these freelancers also created informative articles and engaging infographics based on the topics outlined in each campaign brief.
  10. 10. www.onespace.com | info@onespace.com | (855) 276-9376 10 Results Want to see OneSpace in action? Sign up for a live demo. Over the course of a year, OneSpace helped Office Depot publish: • 55 product curations • 264 articles • 44 infographics Thanks to OneSpace’s virtual workspace and on-demand network of prequalified freelancers, Office Depot was able to execute a single curation process in an average of two weeks. Office Depot also started ranking in Google search for an additional 13,568 long-tail keywords, such as: • how to build a home office • how to make people recycle • office organizing tips This content helped Office Depot increase its e-commerce product conversions, with certain pages producing up to a 13% conversion rate.