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Responsive Web Design: Life After Desktop

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What good is a website if your visitors can’t find it or can’t read it? Recent studies show that nearly 1.5 billion people access websites on their mobile devices. Don’t miss out on all those potential customers!
Oneupweb offers top-notch mobile marketing services to brands wanting to look good and stay relevant on all devices – smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Non-responsive websites don’t just look bad to the user; search engines don’t like them either! Google actually penalizes websites that assume everybody is still using a desktop computer. Check out our white paper at http://www.oneupweb.com/responsive to see why responsive design and adapting to your mobile audience is absolutely necessary for success

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Responsive Web Design: Life After Desktop

  1. 1. RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN: LIFE AFTER DESKTOP GLOBAL POPULATION 7 BILLION 2.4 BILLION INTERNET USERS HALF ARE MOBILE CHEW THAT’S 1.2 BILLION PEOPLE ON THIS ARE YOU REACHING THEM? WILL TURN TO A COMPETITOR SITE AFTER A BAD MOBILE EXPERIENCE 84 % 1 IN 57 / WON’T RECOMMEND A BUSINESS WITH A POORLY DESIGNED MOBILE SITE OF MULTI-SCREEN SHOPPING EXPERIENCES INCLUDE MOBILE AS THE FIRST OR SECOND INTERACTION WITH THE BRAND MOBILE SEARCHES RESULT IN VALUABLE BUSINESS OUTCOMES 3 CONVERSION, CONTACT, PHONE CALL, ETC. SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES THEN IF IF YOUR SITE IS NOT FULLY MOBILE COMPATIBLE THEN YOU ARE NOT CONSIDERED RELEVANT IF YOU DON'T OFFER A SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE FOR USERS THEN YOU ARE LOSING BRAND AUTHORITY IF YOUR MOBILE SITE DOES NOT LOAD IN 3 SECONDS OR LESS THEN YOU COULD FACE A SEARCH ENGINE PENALTY IF YOU HAVE A DESKTOP-ONLY SITE THEN YOU WILL RANK LOWER IN MOBILE SEARCH IF YOU RUN GOOGLE ENHANCED CAMPAIGNS ON A NON-RESPONSIVE SITE THEN YOU RISK PAYING MORE FOR FEWER CLICKS DUE TO DECREASED QUALITY SCORE AND AD RANK WHAT DO YOU DO NOW? YOU GET responsive Do you need a complete redesign to get responsive design? No. Chances are your current web properties can be updated with a responsive design build-out. An industry-leading digital marketing agency would certainly be able to bring your overall web presence into the rewarding realm of responsive design. Do it for your customers. Do it for the search engines. Do it for your business. © 2013 Oneupweb, All Rights Reserved. Sources: themobileplaybook.com/en-us/#/home support.google.com/adwords/answer/2454010 adwords.blogspot.com/2013/10/improving-ad-rank.html ONEUPWEB.COM 1.877.568.7477 INFO@ONEUPWEB.COM searchenginenews.com/se-news/content/your-practical-guide-to-mobile-seo-part-1 searchenginenews.com/se-news/content/the-practical-guide-to-mobile-seo-part-2 visual.ly/mobile-internet-taking-over-desktop-usage